The Soup Spoon Union  Menu Prices Singapore 2023 

Hello The Soup Spoon Union lovers, are you looking for the latest The Soup Spoon Union Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of  The Soup Spoon Union Menu 2023 Singapore with prices.

The Soup Spoon Union  Menu Prices Singapore

The Soup Spoon Union Menu Singapore With Prices List


Bundle Promotions

Souper Value Sets

Looking for delicious and wholesome meals? The Soup Spoon Union offers a fantastic variety of sets that will satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. Indulge in their Sourdough Cake Set, Red Rice Set, Steamed Corn Set, Steamed Broccoli Set, and Creamed Spinach Set, all ranging from S$10.88 to S$14.50. If you’re in the mood for sandwiches or salads, their Sandwich Set, Salad Set, Flatbread Set, and Sourdough Breadbowl Set, priced between S$12.60 to S$16.80, are perfect choices. Craving something heartier? The Potpie set and The Soup Spoon Party for 2, starting from S$12.60 to S$33.10, will surely delight your taste buds.

SouperRice Set

JULY 2023 SouperChef Specials

A La Carte Soups

If you’re a soup lover looking for delightful flavors, The Soup Spoon Union has got you covered! Indulge in their tangy and spicy Tangy Tomato w Basil, or savor the comforting taste of their Roasted Pumpkin soup. For a meatless option, try the delicious Meatless Minestrone or the velvety Mushroom Stroganoff. If you prefer heartier options, their Tokyo Chicken Stew, SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout, Beef Goulash, and Boston Clam Chowder will surely satisfy your cravings. With prices ranging from S$7.80 to S$13.70, you can enjoy these amazing soups without breaking the bank.


Side Salads

If you’re in the mood for fresh and delicious salads, The Soup Spoon Union has an enticing selection to choose from! Enjoy the classic Caesar Salad or try the flavorful Asian Tofu Salad and Kale Salad. For a delightful combination, go for the Cranberry Chicken Fusilli Salad or the Glass Noodles w Teriyaki Chicken Salad. If you prefer heartier options, their Caesar Salad with Herb Chicken Breast, Kale Salad with Herb Chicken Breast, Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon, and Kale Salad with Smoked Salmon will leave you satisfied. With prices ranging from S$5.47 to S$12.20, you can enjoy these scrumptious salads at an affordable price.


Ready-to-eat Chilled Soup Packs

The Soup Spoon Union offers a tempting variety of Take-Home Soup Packs that are perfect for a comforting and convenient meal at home. From the tangy and flavorful Tangy Tomato with Basil to the rich and creamy Roasted Pumpkin and Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff, there’s a soup pack for every palate. Indulge in the hearty Tokyo Chicken Stew or the delightful SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout. For seafood lovers, the Boston Clam Chowder and Beef Goulash are sure to satisfy. They also have unique options like the Black Pepper Crab Sauce and Chilli Crab w/ Egg Sauce Pack, perfect for adding a burst of flavor to your dishes. For those seeking meat-free alternatives, the Quorn Buttery Tikka Masala is a delicious choice. Elevate your homemade meals with The Soup Spoon Union’s Premium Soup Stocks, available in various flavors like Chicken Collagen, Tomato, SG-Style Laksa, Salmon Miso, and Red Snapper Chicken. With prices ranging from S$8.18 to S$17.90, you can enjoy a restaurant-quality soup experience in the comfort of your home.


The Salad Fork

The Salad Fork offers a delightful selection of Soupervalue Sets and Nourish Bowls that are both delicious and satisfying. For solo diners, The Salad Fork Soupervalue Set for 1 is a great choice, priced at only S$11.02 (original price S$14.70). If you’re looking to share a meal with a loved one, The Salad Fork Party for 2 is the perfect option, priced at S$21.98 (original price S$29.30). For those seeking a nourishing and flavorful bowl, the Freedom Bowl is available at a discounted price of S$14.02 (original price S$18.70). Don’t miss out on the Pura Vida Bowl at S$9.45 (original price S$12.60) and the Warrior Bowl with its spicy dressing, priced at S$10.65 (original price S$14.20). If you’re a fan of spicy dishes, the Harvest Bowl containing Togarashi at S$11.77 (original price S$15.70) and the Hola Hello Bowl at S$13.95 (original price S$18.60) are sure to delight your taste buds.

The Hand Burger

Indulge in The Handburger’s enticing Soupervalue Sets and delectable burger creations. If you’re dining solo, The Handburger Soupervalue Set for 1 is a must-try, offering a delightful meal at just S$12.60 (original price S$16.80). For a delightful dining experience with a loved one, The Handburger Party for 2 is the perfect choice, priced at S$24.53 (original price S$32.70). Discover the classic THB Original burger at a discounted price of S$7.88 (original price S$10.50) or opt for the meat-free option, The Oppa, at S$9.07 (original price S$12.10). The A.C.T, Black Pepper Beef, The Makcik, and The Shrooms burgers are also available for S$9.07 each (original price S$12.10), each offering unique and delicious flavors

The Grill Knife


Enhance your meal with delectable side dishes from The Handburger’s menu. Try the delightful Basil Pesto Rice or the nutritious Steamed Broccoli with Dukkah, both at an irresistible price of S$2.63 (original price S$3.50). Savor the natural sweetness of Steamed Corn and the wholesome goodness of Red Rice, both available at S$2.63 (original price S$3.50). Indulge in the creamy delight of Creamed Spinach or treat yourself to the garlicky goodness of Garlicky Foccacia, both priced at S$2.63 (original price S$3.50). For a satisfying snack, the QUORN Meat-Free Nuggets (6pcs) are a great choice, priced at S$4.72 (original price S$6.30). Spice things up with the Spicy Wedges or enjoy the Cheesy Wedges, both available for S$4.72 (original price S$6.30). For a hearty portion of fries, try the Chunky Fries (standard) or the Cheesy Fries, both priced at S$6.15 (original price S$8.20). For a unique and tasty combination, don’t miss the Corn Chips with Creamed Spinach Dip, available for S$6.52 (original price S$8.70).



The Soup Spoon Union  Menu Prices Singapore

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Who owns the soup spoon?

The Soup Spoon is a homegrown brand founded in 2002 by three university friends – Andrew Chan, Anna Lim, and Benedict Leow. Despite facing tough challenges, they persevered and successfully established their home-based business.

When was soup spoon founded?

In 2002, The Soup Spoon’s founders aimed to prove that soup can be the star of a meal. They take pride in using only natural ingredients without any preservatives. This quick-casual dining chain offers a variety of wholesome soups that are both healthy and hearty.

Is the soup spoon halal?

As of June 1, 2019, all 26 outlets of The Soup Spoon, including The Soup Spoon Union, have received official halal certification. This means that The Soup Spoon’s offerings are now halal compliant.

What soup can Muslims eat?

During Ramadan, it is highly recommended to include the following soups in your Iftar meals to replenish nutrients lost during fasting:
Lentil Soup: A staple on Iftar tables during Ramadan, lentil soup provides a good source of protein and essential nutrients.
Chicken Soup: Chicken soup is not only comforting but also rich in vitamins and minerals, helping to restore energy after a day of fasting.
Indonesian Chicken Soup: Known for its flavorful broth, this soup is a nourishing option packed with goodness.
Tomato Soup: Tomato soup is a light and refreshing choice that offers vitamins and antioxidants to support overall health.
Mushroom Soup: Full of earthy flavors and nutrients, mushroom soup adds variety and goodness to your Iftar menu.
Including these soups in your Ramadan meals can help ensure a balanced and nutritious diet during the fasting period.

Is soup spoon really healthy?

In 2002, The Soup Spoon’s founders embarked on a mission to showcase the prominence of soup in a meal. They took pride in using only natural ingredients without any preservatives. This quick-casual dining chain offers a diverse selection of wholesome soups, which are not only healthy but also heartwarming. Their commitment to quality and freshness has earned them a reputation for serving delicious and nourishing soups to their customers.

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