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The Halal Corner Menu Singapore

The Halal Corner Menu Singapore With Prices List



Indulge in an exquisite array of pasta dishes, from the scrumptious Sambal Balado Beef Pasta to the mouthwatering Mac & Cheese Truffle Chicken. Don’t miss out on the cheesy goodness of Samyang Cheesy Chicken and the luxurious Truffle Cream Chicken.

Mr. John

Indulge in the rich and creamy Carbonara Beef or savor the fiery kick of Balado Beef – both priced at just S$11. For chicken lovers, the Chicken Cheese Mushroom and Lemak Chilli Api Chicken, priced at S$10 and S$10.50 respectively, will leave your taste buds delighted.

Butter Rice Sets

The Halal Corner Menu Singapore! I recently tried their Lemak Chilli Api Chicken Chop, Chicken Wings, Geprek Cutlet, and Dory Battered Fish, all priced at just S$8.50 each. The flavors were delightful, and the portions were satisfying.


Burgers & Sausage

Their mouthwatering offerings include the flavorful Mac & Cheese Chicken Burger for just S$10.50 and the tempting Fish Burger priced at S$9. Don’t miss out on their Cheesy Sausage, Carbonara Bacon Sausage, Lemak Chilli Api Sausage, and Mentaiko Sausage, all ranging from S$7.50 to S$8. Satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank at The Halal Corner Menu Singapore.

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For a more luxurious experience, indulge in the Truffle Parmesan Wings at just S$10. And that’s not all, they have a variety of mouthwatering fries like Classic Fries (S$6.50), Cheese Fries (S$7.50), and the irresistible Truffle Fries (S$9.50). But wait, there’s more! Don’t miss out on the Balado Beef Fries and Carbonara Bacon Fries, both priced at S$10, or the delightful Mentaiko Fries for just S$8.

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Is halal food easily available in Singapore?

“Are you wondering about the availability of halal food in Singapore? Well, good news for the Muslim community and travelers looking for halal options! Singapore offers a wide variety of halal food choices across the island, thanks to its sizable Muslim population. You’ll find an abundance of delicious dishes that adhere to Islamic law, making it easy for you to enjoy your meals with peace of mind.”

How many branches does The Halal Corner in Singapore?

The Halal Corner is located at 63 Haji Lane. The popular Western fusion stall has 2 existing outlets in Bedok and Yishun.

Who is the owner of The Halal Corner in Singapore?

While only one hawker stall remains, they prospered by opening a youthful cafe at one of Singapore’s most popular tourist destinations, Haji Lane. Kaleemullah Saffarullah, co-owner of The Halal Corner, shared the restaurant’s progression and what drives them to be what they are now.

Does The Halal Corner accept credit cards?

Yes! The Halal Corner accepts credit cards.

Is The Halal Corner halal?

The Halal Corner halal or not has been a topic of discussion among many people. While some argue that it is halal, others hold a different view. Ultimately, the decision to consume it or not depends on personal interpretation and beliefs. It’s essential to respect each individual’s choice and allow them to decide for themselves.

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