Peach Garden Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello Peach Garden lovers, are you looking for the latest Peach Garden Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of  Peach Garden Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Peach Garden Menu Prices Singapore

Peach Garden Menu Singapore With Prices List

Dim Sum

At Peach Garden Singapore, the menu offers a delectable selection of steamed and deep-fried dumplings and rolls. Indulge in the savory Steamed Fresh Prawn Dumpling, the delightful Steamed Siew Mai with Fish Roe, or the spicy Steamed Dumpling in Sichuan Spicy Sauce. For a unique taste, try the Deep-fried Bean Skin Roll with Seaweed or the Deep-fried Crispy Prawn Roll with Banana. Each dish is carefully crafted, ensuring a burst of flavors with every bite. Enjoy these delicious treats at an affordable price of S$6.65 per dish. Peach Garden’s menu promises a delightful culinary experience for all food enthusiasts.


Peach Garden Singapore’s appetizers offer a delightful range of chilled and fried delicacies. Start your meal with the refreshing Chilled Chinese Yam with Sour Plum or the tangy Chilled Marinated Jellyfish with Chef’s Special Sauce. For a unique twist, try the Chilled Crystalline Ice Plant with Sesame Sauce or the zesty Chilled Chicken in Spicy Sauce. Seafood lovers can savor the Chilled Petite Abalone with Cloud Fungus for a delectable treat. If you prefer fried delights, indulge in the Fried Carrot Cake with XO Chili Sauce or the Crisp-fried Honshimeji Mushroom with Truffle Oil

Barbecue Selection

Peach Garden Singapore’s roasted specialties offer a tantalizing array of flavors and textures. For a truly indulgent experience, try their Roasted Golden Suckling Pig, available in both half and whole portions, or opt for the Roasted Suckling Pig with Preserved Bean Paste. If you’re craving duck, the Roasted Crispy Peking Duck and Roasted Crispy Duck are sure to satisfy. For a mix of delectable treats, the Barbecue Combination Platter includes Crispy Pork Cube, Char Siew, and Crispy Duck. Complete your meal with their savory Roasted Crispy Chicken served with fresh fruits and Rojak Sauce

Shark’s Fin / Bird’s Nest

Indulge in Peach Garden Singapore’s exquisite selection of premium soups and delicacies. For a luxurious treat, try the Flambé Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall, a delightful fusion of flavors. For an elevated dining experience, savor the Braised Baby Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Lobster and Truffle Oil or the Stir-fried Superior Shark’s Fin with Fresh Crab Meat and Egg White. The restaurant’s mastery extends to the Double-boiled Baby Superior Shark’s Fin Soups, such as the one infused with Korean Ginseng for a unique twist. Each dish showcases the finest ingredients and skillful preparation, promising an unforgettable dining journey.


Abalone & Seafood

Peach Garden Singapore offers an opulent selection of braised abalone dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds. Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the Braised Whole 1-Head Abalone with Asparagus or the Braised Whole 2-Head Abalone with Sea Cucumber. For a luxurious treat, try the Braised Whole 3-Head Abalone with Morel Mushroom in Black Truffle Sauce. If you’re craving a unique and flavorful experience, opt for the Deep-fried Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Foie Gras Sauce, a dish that perfectly marries indulgent ingredients. Each dish is expertly prepared to ensure a memorable and delightful dining experience.


Experience a gourmet seafood journey at Peach Garden Singapore with their delectable dishes. The Wok-baked Baby Lobster with Bacon and Cheese, as well as the Wok-baked Baby Lobster with Superior Stock and Broccoli, are must-tries for lobster enthusiasts. Seafood lovers will adore the Steamed Fillet of Sea Perch with Trio Mushrooms and ‘Mui Choy’, and the Pan-fried Fillet of Sea Perch with Mango and Plum Sauce. For a delightful crunch, savor the Crisp-fried Prawn with options of Wasabi Salad Cream or Salted Egg Yolk. Indulge in the Pan-fried Tiger King Prawn with Superior Soya Sauce for two. For an exquisite combination of flavors, try the Sautéed Scallop with Prawn and Fresh Lily Bulb in XO Sauce, and the Steamed Scallop with Luffa and Vermicelli.


Vegetable & Beancurd

Delight your taste buds with a delightful array of vegetable and beancurd dishes at Peach Garden Singapore. For a satisfying experience, try the Braised Homemade Beancurd with Local Spinach and Baby Abalone, or indulge in the rich flavors of the Braised Homemade Beancurd with Seafood and Truffle Oil in Casserole. For a seafood twist, savor the Braised Broccoli with Fresh Crab Meat and Bean Skin, or the Poached ‘Kau Kee’ with Golden Mushroom in Superior Stock. The Stir-fried Kai Lan with Yam Cube offers a perfect blend of textures and flavors, while the Braised Baby Cabbage with Assorted Mushrooms and Dried Scallop promises a delightful taste. Don’t miss the delectable Sautéed Twin Asparagus with XO Sauce, or the Poached Local Spinach with Golden Mushroom and Trio Eggs for a refreshing choice. For a delightful Sichuan-style option, the Stir-fried French Bean with Minced Meat and Preserved Olive will not disappoint.

Rice & Noodles

Indulge in a delectable variety of fried rice and noodle dishes at Peach Garden Singapore. Savor the delightful Fried Rice with Diced Scallop, Prawn, and ‘Choy Sum’, or enjoy the rich flavors of the Fried Rice with Fresh Crab Meat, Egg White, and Dried Scallop. For a unique twist, try the Fried Rice with Shredded Duck and ‘Mui Choy’ in Casserole. Delight in the Stewed Baby Lobster Noodle with Collagen Sauce, or the Steamed Mian Xian and Baby Lobster with Egg White and Chinese Wine for a luxurious treat. Enjoy the flavorful Stewed Ee-Fu Noodle with Prawn and Collagen Sauce, or the Crispy Hor Fun with Seafood in Egg Gravy. For a delightful seafood choice, savor the Crispy Noodle with Scallop in Egg Gravy. Indulge in the savory Wok-fried Hor Fun with Sliced Beef, or the Fried Mian Xian with Assorted Diced Seafood for a delightful meal.


Who Is The Owner Of Peach Garden in  Singapore ?

Angela Ho and Veronica Tan are The Owner Of Peach Garden in  Singapore .

Is Peach Garden Halal In Singapore ?

Peach Garden Singapore is not certified halal, meaning they serve pork and are not suitable for Muslim diners.

How Many Locations Have Peach Garden In Singapore ?

Ddd Has More Than 5 Outlets In Singapore .

What Peach Garden Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! Peach Garden Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore .

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