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llaollao Menu Singapore

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Why is llaollao so popular?

Why is llaollao such a hit with people everywhere? Well, it’s all about their fantastic Frozen Yogurt! This delightful treat is not only incredibly delicious but also boasts a natural and wholesome appeal. Packed with healthy properties and abundant nutritional value, it’s no wonder why llaollao has gained immense popularity worldwide. So, if you’re looking for a scrumptious and guilt-free indulgence, llaollao’s Frozen Yogurt is the way to go!

Which country made llaollao?

Llaollao, pronounced as Yao Yao, hails from sunny Spain, precisely from Denia in the province of Alicante. It’s a delightful frozen yogurt franchise brand that has grown rapidly, with over 180 establishments as of March 2016. So, next time you indulge in that creamy goodness, you know it’s all the way from Spain! Enjoy your sweet treat!

Is Llaollao dairy free?

“Is llaollao dairy-free?” Well, the good news is that llaollao® takes pride in crafting their frozen yogurt using skimmed milk and natural sugar-free yogurt. This means their products maintain a creamy and delicious taste while being mindful of those seeking dairy-free options. Though the nutritional values may vary from country to country, rest assured, they still share similar wholesome characteristics.

Is llaollao halal certified?

Well, I have some exciting news to share with you on my blog! Recently, llaollao has obtained the coveted halal certification from JAKIM, Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development. This certification assures Muslim consumers that all of llaollao’s products, including their preparation methods and ingredient sources, comply with Islamic guidelines, making it perfectly suitable for consumption by the Muslim community. Now, all yogurt lovers can enjoy their favorite treats with the peace of mind that it meets the halal requirements!

Who owns llaollao?

The ownership of llaollao, the popular frozen yogurt franchise, has seen significant growth in Malaysia. The majority of llaollao stores in the country are under the ownership of Woodpeckers Group, who act as joint venture partners and licensees. Woodpeckers Group holds the position of Master Licensor for llaollao in Malaysia, and they directly own Pebble, another entity associated with the brand. This strategic expansion has contributed to the widespread presence of llaollao outlets, making it a favorite frozen treat destination for many.

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