Arnold’s Fried Chicken Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello Arnold’s Fried Chicken lovers, are you looking for the latest Arnold’s Fried Chicken Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Arnold’s Fried Chicken Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Arnold's Fried Chicken Menu Singapore

Arnold’s Fried Chicken Menu Singapore With Prices List


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New Item

Combo Meals

Chicken Boxes

Arnold’s Fried Chicken Menu Singapore! Their menu offers mouthwatering options like the 5 Piece Box for just S$20.30, the 9 Piece Box for S$35.40, and the 15 Piece Box for S$57.40. Treat yourself to a finger-licking feast at Arnold’s!

Ala Carte Menu

Their Whole Spring Plate, a mouthwatering medley of flavors, comes at a reasonable price of S$ 21.30, while the 1/2 Spring Plate offers a satisfying option for just S$ 11.90. For seafood enthusiasts, the Fish & Chips at S$ 12.80 will surely delight your taste buds. Don’t miss out on their scrumptious Chicken Piece at an affordable S$ 4.30.

Side Order

From the crispy and flavorful Potato Platter to the mouthwatering Chicken Popcorn and Chicken Tenders, each dish is a treat for your taste buds. Don’t forget to try their signature Spiral Fries and delectable Cheese Dip, perfect complements to your meal. With affordable prices starting from S$ 1, this restaurant offers a fantastic dining experience without breaking the bank.


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Where is Arnold’s chicken from?

“Where does Arnold’s chicken come from?” Well, let me tell you, it hails from none other than Singapore! This locally-owned fried chicken fast food joint has been satisfying taste buds since 1984, gaining a reputation for its unique southern-style fried chicken. What sets Arnold’s apart is their secret blend of in-house herbs and spices mixed into the batter, giving their crispy and tender fried chicken a flavor that you won’t find in other franchises.

Is arnolds a Singapore brand?

Is Arnold’s a Singapore brand? Yes, indeed! Let me share with you the fascinating story of Arnold’s Fried Chicken, a true pioneer among Halal eateries in Singapore. With a remarkable journey spanning three decades, Arnold’s Fried Chicken has established itself as a prominent presence in the local food scene. Despite the passage of time, one thing that hasn’t changed is their unwavering commitment to serving customers with nothing but the freshest and most delicious food.

Who is the founder of Big Chicken?

Who’s behind the mouthwatering venture known as Big Chicken? Well, none other than the legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal! This fast-casual restaurant chain, located in the United States, was brought to life by Shaquille O’Neal in collaboration with JRS Hospitality and Authentic Brands Group. At Big Chicken, you can relish delectable Louisiana-style fried chicken sandwiches, and Cheez-It macaroni, and indulge in cookies as big as basketballs.

Where did Arnolds originate from?

In tracing the origins of Arnolds, we find its earliest recorded appearance in Francia during the 7th century. Initially, it was sometimes confused with the name Arnulf, as seen in the case of bishop Arnulf of Metz, also known as Arnoald. This historical tidbit sheds light on the roots of the name and its early associations in that region.

What is the history of Arnold’s?

The establishment’s roots trace back to 1838 when Susan Fawcett laid its foundation, initially functioning as a “whorehouse,” as mentioned by Cincinnati historian Mike Morgan. However, in 1861, a change of ownership occurred, and Simon Arnold transformed it into a bar, simultaneously using the upper floors as his residence.

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