Young Tea Menu Prices Singapore 2023

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Young Tea Menu Prices Singapore

Young Tea Menu Singapore With Prices List


Young Tea’s menu on their Singapore website presents an array of delightful tea choices that cater to diverse preferences. Experience the rich and invigorating flavors of Assam Black Tea (阿萨姆红茶) starting from S$3.33, or savor the zesty twist of Assam Lemon Black Tea (阿萨姆柠檬红茶) for S$3.96. For a touch of sweetness, indulge in the Assam Honey Black Tea (阿萨姆蜂蜜红茶) also available from S$3.96. Delve into the enchanting world of Oolong with the Golden Oolong Tea (黄金乌龙茶) starting at S$3.33. The aromatic allure of Jasmine Green Tea (茉莉绿茶) is also a tempting option at S$3.33. For a harmonious blend, try the Wintermelon Tea (冬瓜茶), renowned for its hydrating and health benefits, starting at S$3.33. Immerse yourself in a captivating tea journey as Young Tea brings you a selection that promises both taste and refreshment.

Premium Brewed Tea

Indulge in a symphony of exquisite tea flavors at Young Tea’s Singapore menu. Experience the robust essence of Assam Black Tea (阿萨姆红茶) for as low as S$3.33, or delight in the tangy infusion of Assam Lemon Black Tea (阿萨姆柠檬红茶) starting at S$3.96. For a harmonious blend of taste and sweetness, Assam Honey Black Tea (阿萨姆蜂蜜红茶) is a choice worth considering from S$3.96. Delve into the world of Oolong with the Golden Oolong Tea (黄金乌龙茶) starting at S$3.33. Discover the captivating allure of Jasmine Green Tea (茉莉绿茶) also beginning at S$3.33, or elevate your experience with Jasmine Lemon Green Tea (茉莉柠檬绿茶) available from S$3.96. Savor the revitalizing Wintermelon Tea (冬瓜茶) for a soothing experience starting at S$3.33. Dive into the aromatic embrace of Wintermelon Green Tea (冬瓜绿茶) with prices ranging from S$3.69 to S$4.10, or tantalize your taste buds with Wintermelon Lemon Tea (冬瓜柠檬茶) starting at S$4.23. Embark on a journey of tea exploration with Young Tea’s delightful selection.

Milk Tea Series

Fruit Tea Premium

Milk Foam Series

Young Tea alternatives in Singapore

Who Is The Owner Of Young Tea in  Singapore ?

LIANG CHA  Is The Owner Of Young Tea in  Singapore .

Is Young Tea Halal In Singapore ?

We Are Not Sure If Young Tea Is Halal In Singapore Or Not.

How Many Locations Have Young Tea In Singapore ?

Young Tea Has More Than 25 Outlets In Singapore .

What Young Tea Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! Young Tea Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore.

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