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Hello Sweetree Restaurant lovers, are you looking for the latest Sweetree Restaurant Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Sweetree Restaurant Menu 2023 Malaysia with prices.

Sweetree Restaurant Menu Malaysia With Prices List


If you’re looking for a taste of Korea in Malaysia, Sweetree Restaurant is the place to go. Their menu features a variety of authentic Korean dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The Sweetree Kimbab is a must-try, with its delicious blend of rice, vegetables, and meat rolled into a tasty package. The Ramyeon Topoki is another crowd-pleaser, offering a combination of spicy noodles and rice cakes that will leave you wanting more. For those looking for something more substantial, the Yang Ji Kimchi Jjigae and Kkan Pung Gi are both hearty and satisfying dishes that are sure to please.

Sweetree KimbabRM 21.09
Ramyeon Topokifrom RM 27.45
Jap ChaeRM 36.99
Yang Ji Kimchi Jjigaefrom RM 33.81
Bulgogi KimbabRM 20.03
Kkan Pung GiRM 33.81

Kimchi Jjigae

Original Kimchi Jjigaefrom RM 28.51
Yang Ji Kimchi Jjigaefrom RM 33.81
Chikin Kimchi Jjigaefrom RM 30.63
Sweetree Restaurant Menu  Malaysia

Sun Dubu Jjigae

Original Sun Dubu Jjigaefrom RM 29.57
Yang Ji Sun Dubu Jjigaefrom RM 35.93
Kimchi Sun Dubu Jjigaefrom RM 31.69

Guk Mul Yori

Seol Long TangRM 36.99
Gal Bi TangRM 38.05
Yuk Gae JangRM 31.69
Miyeok GukRM 35.93
Sagol Miyeok Gukfrom RM 38.05
Sweetree Restaurant Menu  Malaysia

Jjigeul Jjigeul Deob Bab

Dak Gal BiRM 29.57
Chikin Bulgogi Deob BabRM 28.51

Jung Hwa Yori

Chikin Tang Su YukRM 33.81
Kkan Pung GiRM 33.81
Jja Jang MyeonRM 27.45
JjambongRM 33.81
Sweetree Restaurant Menu  Malaysia

Bokkeum Bab & Bibimbab

Kimchi Bokkeum BabRM 26.39
Dolsot Bibimbabfrom RM 29.57
Buldak Chikin BibimbabRM 29.57

Il Pum Yo Ri

Jap ChaeRM 36.99
Kodungo Guifrom RM 23.21


Bajirak Kal Guk SuRM 28.51
Bul Dak Ramyeon + Jumeok BabRM 26.39


Beef BologneseRM 31.69
CarbonaraRM 31.69


If you’re craving for delicious Korean fried chicken, Sweetree Restaurant in Malaysia has got you covered with a variety of options to choose from. Their Huraid Chikin, Yang Nyeom Chikin, and Bul Dak Chikin are perfect for those who love spicy flavors, while the Honey Butter Chikin offers a sweet and savory twist. For seafood lovers, the Yang Nyeom Nalgae and Bul Dak Nalgae are a must-try. They also have a range of drumette and combo options such as Ban Ban Chikin and Ban Ban Combo. And for those who can’t get enough of cheese, Sweetree’s Cheese Chikin is the ultimate indulgence. With reasonable prices, you can enjoy a mouth-watering Korean fried chicken feast at Sweetree.

Huraid ChikinRM 33.81
Yang Nyeom ChikinRM 38.05
Bul Dak ChikinRM 38.05
Honey Butter ChikinRM 38.05
Yang Nyeom NalgaeRM 26.39
Bul Dak NalgaeRM 26.39
Honey Butter NalgaeRM 26.39
Yang Nyeom DrumetteRM 26.39
Bul Dak DrumetteRM 26.39
Honey Butter DrumetteRM 26.39
Ban Ban ChikinRM 40.17
Ban Ban ComboRM 50.77
Cheese ChikinRM 69.85


Cheese Topokifrom RM 28.51
Ramyeon Topokifrom RM 27.45
Haemul Topokifrom RM 30.63
Pizza TopokiRM 30.63
Hayan TopokiRM 29.57


Cheese Haemul PajeonRM 39.11
Haemul PajeonRM 36.99
Haemul Kimchi JeonRM 38.05


Bulgogi KimbabRM 20.03
Kimchi KimbabRM 21.09
Sweetree KimbabRM 21.09
Tuna KimbabRM 20.03


Sweetree Restaurant’s Korean street food menu offers a range of delicious and affordable options. The Kim Mari (seaweed roll) is a great starter, with a crispy texture and a savory taste. For a spicier option, try the Jjukumi Twikim (fried squid) or Ojingo Twikim (fried squid tentacles) coated in a tangy sauce. Vegetarians can enjoy the Tteok Kko Chi (rice cake skewers) and Goguma Twikim (sweet potato fries). The Mandu (dumplings) are also a popular choice, available in pork or vegetarian options. End your meal with the Mix Twikim (a combination of fried seafood and vegetables) for a flavorful and satisfying experience. All these dishes are available at affordable prices, making Sweetree Restaurant a must-visit destination for Korean street food enthusiasts in Malaysia.

Kim MariRM 17.91
Tteok Kko ChiRM 13.67
ManduRM 12.61
Jjukumi TwikimRM 22.15
Goguma TwikimRM 12.61
Ojingo TwikimRM 22.15
Mix TwikimRM 22.15

Add On Only

RiceRM 6.25
SeaweedRM 6.25

Soft Drinks

Coca ColaRM 6.25
SpriteRM 6.25
100PlusRM 6.25
Mineral WaterRM 4.35


Mango BingsuRM 38.05
Ttal Gi BingsuRM 40.17
Nok Cha BingsuRM 33.81
Oreo BingsuRM 33.81


HotteokRM 11.55

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Sweetree Restaurant Menu Malaysia Eat Zeely
Sweetree Restaurant Menu Malaysia
Sweetree Restaurant Menu Malaysia

Who is the owner of Sweetree Restaurant in Malaysia?

Selamat Hari Raya is the owner of Sweetree Restaurant in Malaysia.

What Sweetree Restaurant accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Sweetree Restaurant accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

How many branches have Sweetree Restaurant in Malaysia?

Sweetree Restaurant has more than 40 outlets in Malaysia.

Is Sweetree Restaurant halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Sweetree Restaurant is halal in Malaysia.

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