Oriental Kopi Menu Malaysia 2024

Hello Oriental Kopi lovers, are you looking for the latest Oriental Kopi Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Oriental Kopi Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Oriental Kopi Menu Malaysia
Oriental Kopi Menu Malaysia

Oriental Kopi Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable meal, I highly recommend checking out Oriental Kopi’s website. With options like their signature nasi lemak and hainanese chicken rice for under $20, you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget to try their famous oriental egg tart for dessert. Whether you prefer your coffee cold or hot, they’ve got you covered with their Oriental Kopi (L) 华阳咖啡 (大) option starting at just $9.90. And if you’re in the mood for something a bit more hearty, their Oriental Curry Laksa Mee is a must-try at only $37.60.

Oriental Kopi (L) 华阳咖啡 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
801. Oriental Signature Nasi Lemak 华阳经典椰浆饭RM 18.90
802. Oriental Fried Chicken Meat Nasi Lemak 华阳炸鸡腿肉椰浆饭RM 16.90
500A. Oriental Egg Tart 华阳酥皮蛋挞RM 16.90
702. Oriental Curry Laksa Mee 华阳咖哩叻沙面RM 37.60
601. Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭RM 17.90

Oriental Signature 华阳特色

500A. Oriental Egg Tart 华阳酥皮蛋挞RM 37.60
502. Oriental Polo Bun 华阳冰火菠萝包RM 7.90
503. Oriental Honey Polo Bun 华阳蜂蜜菠萝包RM 7.90

Nasi Lemak 椰浆饭

801. Oriental Signature Nasi Lemak 华阳经典椰浆饭RM 18.90
802. Oriental Fried Chicken Meat Nasi Lemak 华阳炸鸡腿肉椰浆饭RM 16.90
803. Nanyang Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak 南洋咖喱鸡椰浆饭RM 17.90

Mee Siam 米暹

851. Oriental Signature Mee Siam 华阳经典米暹RM 18.90
852. Fried Chicken Meat Mee Siam 炸鸡腿肉米暹RM 16.90
853. Nanyang Curry Chicken Mee Siam 南洋咖喱鸡米暹RM 17.90

Kampung Mee Hoon 家乡米粉

881. Oriental Signature Kampung MeeHoon 华阳经典家乡米粉from RM 18.90
882. Fried Chicken Meat Kampung MeeHoon 炸鸡腿肉家乡米粉from RM 16.90
883. Nanyang Curry Chicken Kampung MeeHoon 南洋咖喱鸡家乡米粉RM 17.90

Traditional Toast 传统烤面包

901. Kaya Butter Toast 咖椰牛油烤面包自制咖椰RM 5.50
902. Margarine Sugar Toast 菜油砂糖烤面包RM 3.90
903. Peanut Toast 花生酱烤面包RM 7.40
904. Egg Mayo Toast 美乃滋蛋烤面包RM 7.40
905. Half Boiled Egg Toast 半生熟蛋烤面包RM 8.90

Sandwiches 三文治

920. Oriental Sandwich 华阳特色三文治RM 14.90
921. Oriental Volcano Sandwich 华阳熔岩三文治RM 14.90

Curry 咖喱

701. Nanyang Curry Chicken Rice 南洋咖喱鸡饭RM 17.90
702. Oriental Curry Laksa Mee 华阳咖哩叻沙面RM 16.90
703. Dry Curry Chicken Mee Pok 干咖喱鸡面薄RM 16.90
704. Nanyang Curry Chicken Toast 南洋咖喱鸡土司RM 13.90

Noodles 面类

752. Penang Char Kuey Teow 槟城炒粿条RM 17.90
751. Oriental Chicken Hor Fun 华阳鸡丝河粉RM 17.90
753A. Oriental Penang Prawn Mee 华阳槟城虾面RM 19.90

Mains 主食

a variety of rice dishes to choose from, including Hainanese Chicken Rice and Fried Rice options like Kampung Fried Rice and Yang Zhou Fried Rice, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re in the mood for something a bit heartier, try their Chicken Herbal Soup with Rice or their Sweet Sour Chicken with Rice. Prices for these dishes start at just $17.90 and go up to $21.90 for their prawn-fried rice. Whether you’re a fan of spicy food or prefer something a bit sweeter, Oriental Kopi has you covered.

601. Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南鸡饭RM 17.90
602. Chicken Herbal Soup with Rice 滋补药材炖鸡汤饭RM 19.90
603. Sweet Sour Chicken with Rice 酸甜鸡丁饭RM 17.90
604. Gong Bao Chicken with Rice 宫保鸡丁饭RM 17.90
605. Kampung Fried Rice 家乡炒饭RM 18.90
606. Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭RM 18.90
607. Prawn Fried Rice 虾仁蛋炒饭RM 21.90
608. Malay Fried Rice 马来经典炒饭from RM 19.90

Vegetarian 素食

651. Vegetarian Minced Rice 素燥饭RM 16.90
653. Gong Bao Mushroom Rice 素宫保猴头菇饭RM 16.90
654. Black Pepper Mushroom Rice 素黑椒猴头菇饭RM 16.90
655. Sweet Sour Chicken Rice 素酸甜鸡丁饭from RM 16.90
656. Satay Mutton Rice 素沙爹羊肉饭RM 16.90

Snacks 小吃

401. Half Boiled Kampung Egg 甘榜生熟蛋RM 4.60
402. Fried Chicken Meat 炸鸡腿肉RM 13.90
403. Curry Fish Balls 咖喱鱼蛋RM 10.90
404. Penang Fruit Rojak 槟城水果啰吒RM 15.90
405. Salted Fried Chicken 盐酥鸡RM 13.90
406. Traditional Homemade Chwee Kueh 传统手工水粿RM 8.90
407. Fried Fish Balls 炸鱼丸RM 7.90
410. French Fries 炸薯条RM 10.90
411. Sweet Potato Fries 甘梅地瓜条RM 12.90
413. Fried Fish Cake 炸鱼饼RM 7.90

Mango Series 芒果系列

231. A Mango Ice 粒芒果冰RM 17.90
232. Mango Pomelo 杨枝甘露RM 15.90
233. Mango Pomelo & Ice Cream 雪霜杨枝甘露RM 17.90
234. Mango Sago 芒果西米露RM 12.90
235. Mango Sago & Grass Jelly 芒果仙草露RM 13.90
236. Mango Sago & Aloe Vera 芒果芦荟露RM 13.90

Desserts 甜品

280. Snow Swallow & Peach Gum Dessert 养颜桃胶桂圆炖雪燕RM 13.90
281. Peach Gum & Snow Fungus Dessert 养颜桃胶红枣炖雪耳from RM 12.90
282. Snow Fungus & Snow Pear Dessert 润肺莲子银耳炖雪梨from RM 11.90
283. Longan Sea Coconut Dessert 清热龙眼海底椰from RM 11.90
284. Tang Yuan in Ginger Soup 黑糖姜汁汤圆RM 9.90
285. Tang Yuan in Black Glutinous Rice 黑糯米汤圆RM 9.90
286. Tang Yuan in Red Bean Soup 红豆汤圆RM 9.90
287. Gui Ling Gao 祖传秘方龟苓膏RM 8.90
385. Cendol 煎蕊RM 8.90

Beverages 饮料

If you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, you have to check out Oriental Kopi’s website. They offer a wide variety of beverages to choose from, including all your favorite coffee and tea options like Kopi O, Teh C, and Hainanese Cham. They also have a range of cold and hot options starting at just $7.90, so you can enjoy your drink no matter the weather. For something a bit sweeter, try their Milo O or Milo C, or go for a refreshing lemon tea or honey lemon. And if you’re in the mood for something a bit more unique, they offer special beverages like gula melaka soya and longan luo han guo. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Oriental Kopi has a drink for you.

Oriental Kopi (L) 华阳咖啡 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Kopi O (L) 咖啡乌 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Kopi C (L) 咖啡 C (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Teh (L) 奶茶 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Teh O (L) 茶乌 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Teh C (L) 奶茶 C (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Hainanese Cham (L) 海南鸳鸯 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Milo (L) 美禄 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9
Milo O (L) 美禄乌 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Milo C (L) 美禄C (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Oriental White Coffee Classic (L) 华阳白咖啡经典 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Oriental White Coffee Roasted (L) 华阳白咖啡炭烧 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Lemon Tea (L) 柠檬茶 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 8.90
Honey Lemon (L) 蜂蜜柠檬 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 9.90
Fresh Soya Milk (L) 鲜豆浆 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 7.90
Cincau (L) 仙草 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 7.90
Fresh Soya Cincau (L) 鲜豆浆仙草 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 8.90
Gula Melaka Soya (L) 椰糖鲜豆浆 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 8.90
Longan Luo Han Guo (L) 桂圆罗汉果 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 7.90
387. Coke 可乐RM 5.30
388. 100 Plus 100号RM 5.30
389. Mineral Water 矿泉水RM 4.20

Special Beverages 特调饮料

Oriental Mocha (L) 华阳摩卡 (大) (Cold/Hot)from RM 11.90
253. Iced Golden Lime Plum 金桔柠露RM 11.90
254. Iced Sour Plum 青柠梅子RM 11.90

Fresh Fruit Juices 果汁

221. Fresh Orange Juice 鲜榨橙汁from RM 12.90

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Oriental Kopi Menu Malaysia

Who owns oriental kopi Malaysia?

CunFry and  Johor Bahru are the owners of oriental kopi Malaysia.

What oriental kopi Malaysia certified halal?

We are not sure about it but according to some resources, it is certified halal.

What oriental kopi Malaysia accepts credit cards?

Yes! oriental kopi Malaysia accepts credit cards.

How many outlets have oriental kopi in Malaysia?

Oriental Kopi has more than 30 outlets in Malaysia.

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