No.5 Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello No.5 Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge lovers, are you looking for the latest No.5 Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of  No.5 Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge Menu 2023 Singapore with prices.

No.5 Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge Menu Singapore With Prices List


No.5 Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge offers a delightful range of frog dishes on their menu. One of their standout offerings is the “AA3 宫 保 田 鸡 2只送1只 Spicy Food Buy 2 Free 1” where you can enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of spicy frog and get one extra serving for free. For those who prefer a ginger spring onion twist, the “BB3 姜 葱 田 鸡 2只送1只 Ginger Spring Onion Frog Buy 2 Free 1” option is a delectable choice. With their generous buy-free offers, you can savor the scrumptious “宫保鸡肉 Dry Chilli Chicken” and relish the unique taste of “BB2 姜 葱 田 鸡 3只送2只 Ginger Spring Onion Frog Buy 3 Free 2.” No.5 Bukit Timah is indeed a haven for frog lovers, offering a diverse selection of flavorsome dishes that will leave your taste buds satisfied.


No.5 Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge presents a delightful array of frog dishes, sure to entice any food enthusiast. For those craving a spicy kick, their “AA” series offers tantalizing options such as “AA1 宫 保 田 鸡 4只送3只 Spicy Frog Buy 4 Free 3” and “AA2 宫 保 田 鸡 3只送2只 Spicy Food Buy 3 Free 2.” If you prefer a ginger spring onion twist, explore the “BB” series, featuring delectable choices like “BB1 姜 葱 田 鸡 4只送3只 Ginger Spring Onion Frog Buy 4 Free 3.” For a blend of flavors, their “CC” series offers customizable options with different levels of spiciness. Additionally, don’t miss their signature dishes like “Frog Leg Porridge 田鸡粥1只,” “Ginger Fried Frog 姜丝炸田鸡,” and “Thai Style Mango Fried Frog 泰式芒果田鸡.” With a diverse and enticing menu, No.5 Bukit Timah is a true gem for frog lovers and food enthusiasts alike.



Zhu Chao

No.5 Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge offers an enticing selection of Chinese dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. Dive into their delectable appetizers like “Signature Tofu 招牌豆腐” and “Fried Dumpling 炸水饺,” or savor the flavorful mains such as “Marmite Chicken 妈咪鸡” and “Garlic Crispy Chicken 蒜香炸鸡排.” For seafood enthusiasts, their “Prawn Paste Chicken 虾酱鸡” and “Sambal Sotong 叁巴苏东” are must-tries. Those seeking unique flavors can explore dishes like “Thai Style Mango Sliced Fish 芒果鱼片” and “Pepper Seasoned Fried Fish Skin 椒盐鱼皮.” With an array of delicious choices, No.5 Bukit Timah delights diners with authentic Chinese cuisine served with warmth and hospitality.


Where is frog porridge from?

Frog Porridge, a beloved Singaporean delicacy, features tender frog legs that are marinated in a fragrant sauce made of soy sauce, cornstarch, and spring onions. The dish is traditionally served with congee, a comforting rice gruel that forms the base. The combination of the flavorful frog legs and the soothing porridge creates a delightful and satisfying culinary experience. As one of Singapore’s signature dishes, Frog Porridge showcases the country’s rich culinary diversity and is a must-try for food enthusiasts looking to explore unique and delicious flavors.

What is frog porridge in Chinese?

S7 Live Frog Porridge, located in Geylang Lorong 7, is a beloved Singaporean eatery known for serving the classic Chinese dish, Frog Leg Porridge. This delightful delicacy has become a tradition among locals, especially those who enjoy late-night dining. The restaurant takes pride in offering fresh and live frog legs, which are marinated in a flavorful sauce before being cooked to perfection. The tender and succulent frog legs are then served over a comforting bowl of rice porridge, creating a satisfying and wholesome meal. S7 Live Frog Porridge has become a go-to spot for both locals and visitors seeking an authentic taste of Singapore’s culinary heritage.

Where is porridge most popular?

Porridges are a beloved comfort food enjoyed in various cultures around the world. Some of the most popular porridges include:
Arroz Caldo – Philippines: A rice porridge made with chicken, ginger, and garlic, often garnished with green onions and fried garlic.
Pirão – Brazil: A fish-based porridge made with fish broth and cassava flour, commonly served with seafood.
Bubur Ayam – Java: A popular Indonesian dish consisting of rice porridge topped with shredded chicken, soy sauce, and condiments.
Upma – Tamil Nadu: A savory porridge made from semolina, flavored with spices, vegetables, and often served with chutney.
Grits – Southern United States: A classic dish made from ground corn, cooked to a creamy texture, and often served with butter or cheese.
Shrimp and Grits – Southern United States: A variation of grits, where shrimp is added to the dish for a delicious seafood flavor.
Mămăligă – Romania: A cornmeal porridge served as a side dish, often accompanied by cheese, sour cream, or meat.
Polenta – Lombardy: Another cornmeal-based porridge, usually cooked until thick and creamy, and served as a versatile accompaniment to various dishes.
These porridges offer a delightful array of flavors, textures, and regional influences, making them cherished dishes in their respective cultures.

Is frog meat like chicken?

Frog legs are often described as having a mild flavor, similar to chicken, and a texture that is reminiscent of chicken wings. Some people even say that frog meat tastes like a combination of chicken and fish, with a tender and delicate consistency. Due to these similarities, frog legs are sometimes humorously referred to as “chicken of the swamp.” These amphibian delicacies are enjoyed in various cuisines around the world, particularly in countries with a tradition of consuming frog meat.

How does frog porridge taste like?

The Cantonese-style frog porridge is prepared to be smooth and gooey, with the rice grains completely disintegrated. For those who have not tried frog meat before, it has a taste similar to chicken thigh meat, but with a more delicate and tender texture compared to chicken. The frog meat absorbs the flavors of the sauce very nicely, making it a delicious and flavorful dish. The combination of tender frog meat and the well-seasoned porridge creates a delightful culinary experience for those who enjoy this unique delicacy.

Is eating frog healthy?

Indeed, frog meat is known for its high nutritional value. It is rich in protein, providing a great source of essential amino acids with a chemical score above 1.0, which indicates excellent protein quality. Additionally, frog meat has a low lipid and sodium content, making it a healthy option for those conscious of their fat and salt intake. Moreover, it is a low-calorie food, making it suitable for those watching their calorie intake. With its excellent protein content and essential nutrients, frog meat can be a nutritious and tasty addition to one’s diet.

Who eats frog meat?

Absolutely! Frogs’ legs are considered a delicacy in various culinary traditions worldwide. In French cuisine, they are a well-known and popular dish, often prepared in a variety of delicious ways. Similarly, in Chinese cuisine, frog legs are highly appreciated, and you can find them in various flavorful dishes, showcasing the culinary expertise of the region. Other countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Portugal, and Spain, also have their unique and creative ways of incorporating frog legs into their cuisine, making it a sought-after and cherished ingredient in many cultures around the globe.

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