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Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia With Prices List


Narayana Tea Stall offers a diverse range of Indian snacks and beverages in Malaysia. The Masala Tea is a must-try for tea lovers, providing a perfect blend of spices and tea. For snacks, the Onion Pakoda and Aloo Parotta are excellent choices for vegetarians. The Chicken Kothu Parotta is a spicy and flavorful dish that will satisfy meat lovers. Additionally, the Vegetarian Nasi Lemak Biasa and Masala Dhosa offer a unique taste of Indian cuisine. Prices are reasonable, with Masala Tea starting from RM 8.10 and dishes like Chicken Kothu Parotta at RM 15.30.

Masala Teafrom RM 8.10
CA01. Onion PakodaRM 7.30
G24. Chicken Kothu ParottaRM 15.30
F01. Vegetarian Nasi Lemak BiasaRM 7.60
G01. Aloo ParottaRM 6.90
A05. Masala DhosaRM 8.50
Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia

Breakfast & Dinner

Narayana Tea Stall is the perfect spot for South Indian food lovers in Malaysia. Offering a wide range of dosas, including plain, masala, vegetarian curry, chicken curry, mutton curry, and onion varieties. The menu also features Veetu Dosas, Uthappams, and Rava Dosas. You can also indulge in some Indian-style bread such as Capati, Bhatura, and Poori. All the items are reasonably priced, with most dishes costing between RM 3.60 to RM 18.30. If you are looking for a quick bite, try their Onion Pakoda, Masala Tea or Nasi Lemak. The restaurant’s casual atmosphere and friendly service make it a great place to enjoy a tasty meal with family and friends.

A14. Chicken Curry DhosaRM 13
E02. Capati SetRM 6.30
A08. Plain DhosaRM 3.60
C05. Plain Rava DhosaRM 6.30
E04. Poori SetRM 6.30
D08. Podi UthappamRM 5.50
C03. Masala Rava DhosaRM 12.30
A16. Egg DhosaRM 5.50
D05. Onion Tomato UthappamRM 7
D07. Plain UthappamRM 3.60
A01. Butter DhosaRM 8.50
A02. Banana DhosaRM 6.30
A03. Cheese DhosaRM 8.50
A04. Ghee DhosaRM 8.50
A05. Masala DhosaRM 8.50
A06. Mushroom Cheese DhosaRM 18.30
A07. Onion DhosaRM 5.20
A09. Paper DhosaRM 3.60
A10. Podi DhosaRM 5.50
A11. Vegetarian Curry DhosaRM 8.50
A12. Vegetarian Chicken DhosaRM 13
A13. Vegetarian Mutton DhosaRM 13
A15. Mutton Curry DhosaRM 16.80
A17. Onion Egg DhosaRM 7
B01. Butter Veetu DhosaRM 8.50
B02. Cheese Veetu DhosaRM 8.50
B03. Ghee Veetu DhosaRM 8.50
B04. Onion Veetu DhosaRM 5.20
B05. Plain Veetu DhosaRM 3.60
B06. Podi Veetu DhosaRM 5.50
B07. Egg Veetu DhosaRM 5.50
B08. Onion Egg Veetu DhosaRM 7
C01. Cheese Rava DhosaRM 11.50
C02. Ghee Rava DhosaRM 11.50
C04. Onion Rava DhosaRM 7.80
C06. Podi Rava DhosaRM 8.20
C07. Egg Rava DhosaRM 8.50
C08. Onion Egg Rava DhosaRM 10
D01. Butter UthappamRM 8.50
D02. Cheese UthappamRM 8.50
D03. Ghee UthappamRM 8.50
D04. Onion UthappamRM 5.20
D06. Tomato UthappamRM 5.50
D09. Egg UthappamRM 5.50
D10. Onion Egg UthappamRM 7
E01. BhaturaRM 6.30
Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia


If you’re looking for a place to enjoy some delicious parotta dishes in Malaysia, then Narayana Tea Stall is definitely worth checking out. Their menu includes a wide variety of parottas, from classic Plain Parotta (RM 3) to unique options like Mushroom Cheese Parotta (RM 18.30) and Milo Parotta (RM 5.20). Vegetarians can also enjoy options like Vegetarian Chicken Parotta (RM 13) and Vegetarian Mutton Parotta (RM 13). Non-parotta options include Roti Empat Segi (RM 3) and Roti Susu (RM 6.30).

G08. Plain ParottaRM 3
G03. Cheese ParottaRM 7
G09. Planta ParottaRM 6.30
G17. Onion Egg ParottaRM 6.30
G16. Egg ParottaRM 5.20
G01. Aloo ParottaRM 6.90
G02. Banana ParottaRM 5.50
G04. Ghee ParottaRM 7.80
G05. Milo ParottaRM 5.20
G06. Mushroom Cheese ParottaRM 18.30
G07. Onion ParottaRM 5.20
G10. Roti BomRM 6.30
G11. Roti Empat SegiRM 3
G12. Roti TissueRM 6.30
G13. Roti SusuRM 6.30
G14. Vegetarian Chicken ParottaRM 13
G15. Vegetarian Mutton ParottaRM 13
G18. Sardine ParottaRM 10.20
G19. Chicken Masala ParottaRM 13
G20. Mutton Masala ParottaRM 16.80
Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia

Kothu Parotta

G21. Vegetarian Kothu ParottaRM 12
G24. Chicken Kothu ParottaRM 15.30
G23. Mutton Kothu ParottaRM 18.60
G22. Egg Kothu ParottaRM 14.40
Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia

A La Carte Vegetarian

If you’re looking for delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food in Malaysia, Narayana Tea Stall’s menu is definitely worth checking out. From spicy and flavorful Paneer Butter Masala to tangy and crunchy Gobi 65, there are plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds. Some must-try dishes include the Mushroom 65, Chilli Paneer, and Palak Spinach Paneer. Vegetarians will appreciate the extensive vegetable options, such as the Sauteed Mixed Vegetable and Bhindi Pyaz. Prices are reasonable, with most dishes ranging between RM 20 to RM 35, making Narayana Tea Stall an affordable option for tasty and authentic Indian cuisine.

K01. Aloo Gobi MasalaRM 22.30
K16. Paneer Butter MasalaRM 35.10
K07. Mushroom 65RM 15.60
K14. Paneer BhurjiRM 26.80
K12. Paneer 65RM 23.80
K35. Vegetable Chicken VaruvalRM 23.10
K36. Vegetable Pepper ChickenRM 23.10
K02. Gobi ManchurianRM 20.80
K06. Mushroom ManchurianRM 20.80
K31. Chana MasalaRM 20.80
K18. Bendi JaipurRM 18.60
K25. Mixed Fried VegetableRM 17.10
K03. Gobi 65RM 17.10
K04. Chilli GobiRM 20.80
K05. Kadai MushroomRM 28.30
K08. Mushroom MasalaRM 20.80
K09. Pepper MushroomRM 18.60
K10. Chilli PaneerRM 27.60
K11. Kadai PaneerRM 28.30
K13. Paneer MasalaRM 27.60
K15. Palak Spinach PaneerRM 32.10
K17. Paneer Tikka MasalaRM 35.10
K19. Bhindi PyazRM 22.30
K20. Sauteed BendiRM 18.60
K21. Baby Corn MasalaRM 27.60
K22. Chilli Baby CornRM 27.60
K23. Pepper Baby CornRM 27.60
K24. Kadai VegetableRM 26.80
K26. Mixed Vegetable MasalaRM 22.30
K27. Mixed Vegetable Oyster SauceRM 27.60
K28. Sauteed Mixed VegetableRM 23.10
K29. Vegetable ManchurianRM 22.90
K30. Aloo Mutter MasalaRM 22.90
K32. Fried DalRM 19.30
K33. Green Peas MasalaRM 20.80
K34. Rajma MasalaRM 20.80
K37. Vegetable Mutton VaruvalRM 23.10
K38. Vegetable Pepper MuttonRM 23.10
K39. Vegetable Fish VaruvalRM 23.10
Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia

A La Carte Non-vegetarian

Narayana Tea Stall in Malaysia offers a wide variety of Indian cuisine to choose from, such as Chicken 65, Butter Chicken, and Chilli Fish, to name a few. The restaurant’s menu is filled with flavorful dishes that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Each item is carefully prepared and cooked with high-quality ingredients, making it worth every penny. If you’re looking for a satisfying meal that is sure to impress, Narayana Tea Stall’s Indian cuisine is a must-try.

L04. Chicken 65RM 18.60
L01. Butter ChickenRM 24.60
P05. Fried FishRM 21.60
L02. Chicken MasalaRM 22.30
L03. Chicken Tikka MasalaRM 24.60
L05. Chicken ChukkaRM 22.30
L06. Chicken VaruvalRM 22.30
L07. Chicken PeratalRM 22.30
L08. Chilli ChickenRM 22.30
L09. Ginger ChickenRM 22.30
L10. Kadai ChickenRM 24.60
L11. Palak Spinach ChickenRM 24.60
L12. Pepper ChickenRM 22.30
N01. Mutton ChukkaRM 28.50
N02. Mutton PeratalRM 28.50
N03. Mutton VaruvalRM 28.50
N04. Mysore MuttonRM 28.50
N05. Kadai MuttonRM 28.50
N06. Palak Spinach MuttonRM 28.50
N07. Pepper MuttonRM 28.50
Q01. Chilli PrawnRM 28.30
Q02. Kadai PrawnRM 30.60
Q03. Palak Spinach PrawnRM 30.60
Q04. Prawn 65RM 25.30
Q05. Prawn MasalaRM 28.30
Q06. Prawn VaruvalRM 28.30
Q07. Prawn Tikka MasalaRM 29.80
Q08. Pepper PrawnRM 28.30
P01. Chilli FishRM 25.30
P02. Fish CurryRM 26.10
P03. Fish Tikka MasalaRM 26.80
P04. Fish VaruvalRM 25.30
P06. Fish 65RM 23.10
P07. Kadai FishRM 26.80
P08. Palak Spinach FishRM 26.80
P09. Pepper FishRM 25.30
P10. Thava FishRM 22.30


If you’re a fan of Indian bread, Narayana Tea Stall has got you covered with their variety of naans, rotis, and parathas. The standouts include the flavorful Kashmiri Naan, the aromatic Methi Naan, and the crispy Lachha Paratha. But the real winner here is their Garlic Cheese Naan – a must-try for cheese and garlic lovers. Prices are reasonable, with the Plain Naan and Roti starting at RM 6, while the Garlic Cheese Naan is priced at RM 13.50. The bread is served fresh and warm, making it a perfect accompaniment to any of the restaurant’s curries.

BA05. Kashmiri NaanRM 9.70
BA01. Butter NaanRM 8.10
BA04. Garlic NaanRM 8.20
BA03. Cheese NaanRM 11.20
BA12. Plain NaanRM 6
BA08. Methi NaanRM 6.70
BA13. Plain RotiRM 6
BA02. Butter RotiRM 8.10
BA06. Lachha ParathaRM 9.70
BA07. Masala KulchaRM 11.20
BA09. Onion KulchaRM 6.70
BA10. Paneer KulchaRM 14.20
BA11. Plain KulchaRM 6
BA14. Pudina RotiRM 6.70
BA15. Tandoori Aloo ParathaRM 9
BA16. Garlic Cheese NaanRM 13.50

Tandoori Specials

Tandoori Chickenfrom RM 15.60
BB01. Paneer TikkaRM 27.60
BB02. Chicken TikkaRM 22.30
BB03. Fish TikkaRM 26.10


J01. Claypot Mixed Vegetables CurryRM 26.10
J02. Claypot Navratan KormaRM 35.10
J03. Claypot Vegetable Chicken MasalaRM 26.10
J04. Claypot Vegetable Mutton MasalaRM 26.10
J05. Claypot Vegetable Fish CurryRM 26.10
J06. Claypot Chicken MasalaRM 29.10
J07. Claypot Mutton MasalaRM 35.10
J08. Claypot Fish CurryRM 32.10
J09. Claypot Prawn MasalaRM 32.10
J10. Claypot Egg MasalaRM 26.10

A La Carte

CA05. Spring RollRM 5.20

Nasi Lemak Vegetarian

F05. Vegetarian Nasi Lemak + Vegetarian Mutton VaruvalRM 18.50
F01. Vegetarian Nasi Lemak BiasaRM 7.60
F02. Vegetarian Nasi Lemak + Vegetarian Chicken PeratalRM 18.50
F03. Vegetarian Nasi Lemak + Vegetarian Chicken VaruvalRM 18.50
F04. Vegetarian Nasi Lemak + Vegetarian Mutton PeratalRM 18.50

Nasi Lemak Non-vegetarian

F10. Nasi Lemak + Mutton VaruvalRM 23.50
F08. Nasi Lemak + Chicken VaruvalRM 18.50
F06. Nasi Lemak BiasaRM 9.10
F07. Nasi Lemak + Chicken PeratalRM 18.50
F09. Nasi Lemak + Mutton PeratalRM 23.50


H01. Chicken BiryaniRM 26.90
H03. Mutton BiryaniRM 33.50
H05. Prawn BiryaniRM 33.50
H08. Plain BiryaniRM 17.50
H02. Tandoori Chicken BiryaniRM 36.50
H04. Fish BiryaniRM 33.50
H06. Egg BiryaniRM 22
H07. Omelette BiryaniRM 24.20

Wok Specials

As a foodie, I must say that Narayana Tea Stall in Malaysia has an impressive range of fried rice and noodle dishes on its menu. From Mushroom Fried Rice to Chicken Kuey Teow, every dish seems to be perfectly priced and loaded with flavors. The Vegetable Fried Rice with Chilli Baby Corn and Prawn Fried Maggi are my personal favorites. If you’re looking for some quick bites, then the Mushroom Fried Noodle and Paneer Kuey Teow are definitely worth trying. Overall, Narayana Tea Stall’s menu is perfect for those who love to experiment with different types of fried rice and noodle dishes.

T06. Chicken Fried RiceRM 17.10
S03. Vegetable Fried Rice with Chilli PaneerRM 31
T05. Vegetable Mutton Fried RiceRM 20.10
T08. Mutton Fried RiceRM 20.10
T04. Vegetable Chicken Fried RiceRM 17.10
W03. Vegetarian Fried MaggiRM 14.10
S01. Vegetable Fried Rice with Gobi ManchurianRM 23.50
S02. Vegetable Fried Rice with Chilli GobiRM 23.50
S04. Vegetable Fried Rice with Chilli Baby CornRM 31
S05. Vegetable Fried Rice with Chilli MushroomRM 23.50
S06. Vegetable Fried Rice with Mushroom ManchurianRM 23.50
S07. Vegetable Fried Rice with Chilli ChickenRM 28
S08. Vegetable Fried Rice with Chilli PrawnRM 32.50
S09. Vegetable Fried Rice with Chili FishRM 31
T01. Mushroom Fried RiceRM 20.10
T02. Paneer Fried RiceRM 24.60
T03. Vegetable Fried RiceRM 14.10
T07. Egg Fried RiceRM 15.60
T09. Prawn Fried RiceRM 20.10
W01. Mushroom Fried MaggiRM 20.10
W02. Paneer Fried MaggiRM 24.60
W04. Chicken Fried MaggiRM 17.10
W05. Egg Fried MaggiRM 15.60
W06. Mutton Fried MaggiRM 20.10
W07. Prawn Fried MaggiRM 20.10
X01. Mushroom Kuey TeowRM 20.10
X02. Paneer Kuey TeowRM 24.60
X03. Vegetable Kuey TeowRM 14.10
X04. Chicken Kuey TeowRM 17.10
X05. Egg Kuey TeowRM 15.60
X06. Mutton Kuey TeowRM 20.10
X07. Prawn Kuey TeowRM 20.10
Y01. Mushroom Fried MacaroniRM 20.10
Y02. Paneer Fried MacaroniRM 24.60
Y03. Vegetable Fried MacaroniRM 14.10
Y04. Egg Fried MacaroniRM 15.60
Y05. Chicken Fried MacaroniRM 17.10
Y06. Prawn Fried MacaroniRM 20.10
Y07. Mutton Fried MacaroniRM 20.10
U01. Mushroom Fried NoodleRM 20.10
U02. Paneer Fried NoodleRM 24.60
U03. Vegetable Fried NoodleRM 14.10
U04. Chicken Fried NoodleRM 17.10
U05. Egg Fried NoodleRM 15.60
U06. Mutton Fried NoodleRM 20.10
U07. Prawn Fried NoodleRM 20.10

Narayana Tea Stall Kadai Specials

Narayana Tea Stall Menu in Malaysia offers a wide range of delicious and affordable Kadai Fried Rice, Noodles, Maggi, Kuey Teow, and Macaroni dishes. Their menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, such as Kadai Mushroom Fried Rice, Kadai Chicken Fried Noodle, and Kadai Prawn Fried Macaroni. Prices range from RM 17.10 to RM 27.60, making it an affordable option for those who are looking for a satisfying meal on a budget. Visit Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia’s website to view their full menu and satisfy your cravings today!

AA03. Kadai Vegetarian Fried RiceRM 17.10
AA01. Kadai Mushroom Fried RiceRM 23.10
AA02. Kadai Paneer Fried RiceRM 27.60
AA04. Kadai Vegetarian Chicken Fried RiceRM 20.10
AA05. Kadai Vegetarian Mutton Fried RiceRM 23.10
AA06. Kadai Chicken Fried RiceRM 20.10
AA07. Kadai Egg Fried RiceRM 18.60
AA08. Kadai Mutton Fried RiceRM 23.10
AA09. Kadai Prawn Fried RiceRM 23.10
AB01. Kadai Mushroom Fried NoodleRM 23.10
AB02. Kadai Paneer Fried NoodleRM 27.60
AB03. Kadai Vegetarian Fried NoodleRM 17.10
AB04. Kadai Chicken Fried NoodleRM 20.10
AB05. Kadai Egg Fried NoodleRM 18.60
AB06. Kadai Mutton Fried NoodleRM 23.10
AB07. Kadai Prawn Fried NoodleRM 23.10
AC01. Kadai Mushroom Fried MaggiRM 23.10
AC02. Kadai Paneer Fried MaggiRM 27.60
AC03. Kadai Vegetarian Fried MaggiRM 17.10
AC04. Kadai Chicken Fried MaggiRM 20.10
AC05. Kadai Egg Fried MaggiRM 18.60
AC06. Kadai Mutton Fried MaggiRM 23.10
AC07. Kadai Prawn Fried MaggiRM 23.10
AD01. Kadai Mushroom Fried Kuey TeowRM 23.10
AD02. Kadai Paneer Fried Kuey TeowRM 27.60
AD03. Kadai Vegetarian Fried Kuey TeowRM 17.10
AD04. Kadai Chicken Fried Kuey TeowRM 20.10
AD05. Kadai Egg Fried Kuey TeowRM 18.60
AD06. Kadai Mutton Fried Kuey TeowRM 23.10
AD07. Kadai Prawn Fried Kuey TeowRM 23.10
AE01. Kadai Mushroom Fried MacaroniRM 23.10
AE02. Kadai Paneer Fried MacaroniRM 27.60
AE03. Kadai Vegetarian Fried MacaroniRM 17.10
AE04. Kadai Egg Fried MacaroniRM 18.60
AE05. Kadai Chicken Fried MacaroniRM 20.10
AE06. Kadai Prawn Fried MacaroniRM 23.10
AE07. Kadai Mutton Fried MacaroniRM 23.10

Bits & Bites

CA01. Onion PakodaRM 7.30
CA02. French FriesRM 7.30
CA04. Potato WedgesRM 7.30
CA07. SamosaRM 3.70
CA08. Chicken PakodaRM 15.70
CA09. Fish FingerRM 17.50
CA10. Popcorn ChickenRM 12.40


If you’re looking for a cozy little spot to grab some tasty egg dishes and rice, Narayana Tea Stall in Malaysia is definitely worth a visit. Their menu includes a variety of egg dishes like Chilli Egg, Egg Masala, and Fried Egg, all reasonably priced. You can also indulge in some fluffy Basmati Rice or try out their Half Boiled Egg or Omelette. Don’t miss out on the Egg 65, a popular dish that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds. The Narayana Tea Stall menu is perfect for anyone looking for delicious and affordable egg dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

R11. Basmati RiceRM 5.10
R01. Chilli EggRM 19.30
R02. Egg 65RM 17.10
R03. Egg MasalaRM 17.10
R04. Egg PodimasRM 10.30
R05. Egg VaruvalRM 17.10
R06. Fried EggRM 4.50
R07. Half Boiled EggRM 4.50
R08. OmeletteRM 8.20


EA01. Banana Walnut CakeRM 5.20
EA02. Carrot Cheese CakeRM 9
EA03. Chocolate BrowniesRM 5.20
EA04. Chocolate IndulgenceRM 19.50
EA05. NTS Weekly Special CakeRM 19.50
EA06. Orange Flavoured CakeRM 4.50


If you’re a tea lover looking for a refreshing drink, Narayana Tea Stall in Malaysia has a vast selection of teas to choose from. They offer classic Black Tea, Masala Tea, and Cardamom Tea, but if you’re looking for something different, try their Ginger Tea or Sukku Tea. For those who prefer a sweeter taste, the Honey Lemon Tea or Ginger Lime Black Tea might be just what you need. All the teas are priced reasonably, starting from RM 3.30, and the quality and taste are excellent. Narayana Tea Stall’s menu has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a classic tea or something unique and flavorful.

Teafrom RM 4.30
Masala Teafrom RM 8.10
Sukku Teafrom RM 7.80
Lemon Black Teafrom RM 5.10
Black Teafrom RM 3.30
Ginger Teafrom RM 7.30
Ginger Black Teafrom RM 4.80
Ginger Ofrom RM 5.10
Ginger Limefrom RM 5.80
Ginger Lime Black Teafrom RM 8.10
Masala Black Teafrom RM 7
Cardamom Teafrom RM 7.80
Cardamom Black Teafrom RM 6.70
Sukku Black Teafrom RM 6.70
Mint Teafrom RM 5.80
Mint Black Teafrom RM 4.80
Honey Lemon Teafrom RM 8.10
Honey Lemonfrom RM 7.30

Fresh Milk Variances

If you’re looking for a tea stall with a wide variety of milk-based teas and coffees, Narayana Tea Stall is definitely worth a visit. The Pasum Paal Tea is a must-try, with its creamy and rich taste that can be enjoyed for just RM 8.80. For something with a little kick, the Pasum Paal Sukku Tea infused with dried ginger is also available for just RM 10.60. If you’re a coffee lover, the Pasum Paal Bru Coffee with its smooth texture is a great option for just RM 10.30. Be sure to check out their selection of milk-based beverages, including the Pasum Paal Horlicks for RM 10.80 and the Badam Paal for RM 11.50.

Pasum Paal Teafrom RM 8.80
Fresh Milkfrom RM 8.50
Pasum Paal Masala Teafrom RM 11.10
Pasum Paal Cardamom Teafrom RM 10.80
Pasum Paal Sukku Teafrom RM 10.60
Pasum Paal Bru Coffeefrom RM 10.30
Pasum Paal Nescafefrom RM 11.10
Pasum Paal Milofrom RM 10.80
Pasum Paal Neslofrom RM 11.10
Badam Paalfrom RM 11.50
Pasum Paal Horlicksfrom RM 10.80

The Juice Boxes

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink to quench your thirst, Narayana Tea Stall in Malaysia has a wide variety of options to choose from. Enjoy a classic Buttermilk or a freshly squeezed Orange, Red Apple, Green Apple, or Pineapple Juice. Feeling adventurous? Try the unique Rabbit’s Carrot Juice or the Carrot Orange Juice. For something a little more fizzy, the Lime Mint Cool or the Lime Soda Salt and Sweet are perfect choices. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try the Syrup, Syrup Lime, or Syrup Bandung. Narayana Tea Stall also offers a signature drink, the NTS Sarbath Iced, and the Guava for You, which is a must-try. Don’t forget to warm up on a chilly day with the NJ10H Lime Juice Hot. Narayana Tea Stall’s beverage menu has something for everyone.

Buttermilkfrom RM 4.60
Orange Juicefrom RM 16.20
Red Apple Juicefrom RM 16.20
Green Apple Juicefrom RM 16.20
Grape Juicefrom RM 19.20
Pineapple Juicefrom RM 16.20
Watermelon Juicefrom RM 16.20
Rabbit’s Carrot Juicefrom RM 16.20
Carrot Orange Juicefrom RM 16.20
Lime Juicefrom RM 5.80
Lime Mint Coolfrom RM 15.40
Lime Soda Saltfrom RM 9.60
Lime Soda Sweetfrom RM 9.60
Syrupfrom RM 4.30
Syrup Limefrom RM 5.10
Syrup Bandungfrom RM 5.80
NJ17C. NTS Sarbath IcedRM 14.80
Guava for Youfrom RM 16.20
NJ10H. Lime Juice HotRM 5.80

Love for Lassi

NL04. Mango LassiRM 14.80
NL01. Sweet LassiRM 12.60
NL02. Salted LassiRM 12.60
NL03. Banana LassiRM 14.80
NL05. Grape LassiRM 14.80
NL06. Orange LassiRM 14.80
NL07. Plain LassiRM 12.60

Coffeeholics & Chocofans

Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia offers a wide range of coffee and hot beverage options that are perfect for any time of the day. From the classic Bru coffee and Nescafe to the aromatic Masala Coffee and Ginger Coffee, their menu has something for every coffee lover. Guests can also try their unique blends such as Sukku Coffee and Neslo. Prices are affordable, with options starting from RM 3.30, making it a great spot to grab a quick coffee fix without breaking the bank.

Bru Coffeefrom RM 5.80
Horlicksfrom RM 5.80
Coffeefrom RM 4
Black Coffeefrom RM 3.30
Bru Coffee Ofrom RM 4.30
Nescafefrom RM 6.60
Nescafe Ofrom RM 5.10
Milofrom RM 6.60
Neslofrom RM 7.30
Ginger Coffeefrom RM 5.80
Ginger Coffee Ofrom RM 4.30
Sukku Coffeefrom RM 7.30
Sukku Coffee Ofrom RM 6.60
Masala Coffeefrom RM 7.60


MS01. Vanilla MilkshakeRM 21.60
MS02. Chocolate MilkshakeRM 21.60
MS03. Strawberry MilkshakeRM 21.60
MS04. Mango MilkshakeRM 21.60
MS05. Orange MilkshakeRM 21.60
MS06. Grape MilkshakeRM 21.60

Narayana Tea Stall Alternative Restaurants

Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia
Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia
Narayana Tea Stall Menu Malaysia

Who is the owner of Narayana Tea Stall in Malaysia?

Narayana Tea Stall, a popular tea destination in Malaysia, owes its existence to Mr Bakhi, the visionary behind this iconic tea shop. With his passion for tea and the desire to offer quality beverages to customers, Mr. Bakhi started the Narayana Tea Stall, which has now become a household name in Malaysia.

Is Narayana Tea Stall halal in Malaysia?

According to some resources, Narayana Tea Stall is halal in Malaysia is halal but we are not sure.

What Narayana Tea Stall accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Narayana Tea Stall Accepts Credit Cards In Malaysia.

How many branches have Narayana Tea Stall in Malaysia?

Narayana Tea Stall has more than 20 outlets in Malaysia.

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