Murugan Idli Shop Menu Prices Singapore 2024

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Murugan Idli Shop Menu Prices Singapore

Murugan Idli Shop Menu Singapore With Prices List


If you’re craving the authentic flavors of South Indian cuisine in Singapore, Murugan Idli Shop is the place to go! Their menu offers a delightful selection of dishes, including the mouthwatering Masal Dosai at S$7.06, filled with flavorful spiced potato filling. For a comforting and wholesome option, try the Ghee Pongal at S$5.24, a perfect blend of rice and lentils cooked to perfection. The Plain Dosai and Ghee Dosai, priced at S$5.35 and S$6.74 respectively, are classic favorites that won’t disappoint.For those with a sweet tooth, the Sweet Pongal at S$5.24 offers a delightful dessert option. If you’re in the mood for a scrumptious and hearty meal, the Ghee Podi Onion Uttapam at S$9.74 is a top recommendation, featuring the perfect combination of flavors.


If you’re in search of an authentic South Indian culinary experience in Singapore, look no further than Murugan Idli Shop’s menu! Their extensive selection of idlis and dosais caters to every palate. Start with the classic Idli at just S$2.68 or indulge in the flavorsome Ghee Podi Idli at S$3.42. For dosa lovers, the options are endless, from the scrumptious Plain Dosai at S$5.35 to the rich and flavorful Ghee Podi Masal Dosai priced at S$9.74. The Uttapam selection is equally enticing, with the Butter Onion Uttapam and Ghee Podi Onion Uttapam among the top favorites. Don’t miss the Medu Vadai and Sambar Vadai, priced at S$2.68 and S$3.75 respectively, for a delightful addition to your meal.



Murugan Idli Shop Menu Prices Singapore

Who is the owner of Muruga idli shop?

S. Manoharan, the founder of Murugan Idli Shop, recalls the humble beginnings of the now popular eatery. It all started when his mother began making idlis, a traditional South Indian dish, which quickly gained popularity. With the growing demand and appreciation for her idlis, S. Manoharan saw an opportunity and decided to establish Murugan Idli Shop. Since its inception, the restaurant has flourished, becoming renowned for its delicious and authentic idlis. Today, it continues to attract food enthusiasts and idli lovers alike, serving delightful dishes that celebrate the rich flavors of South Indian cuisine.

Who is the founder of Murugan Idli Kadai?

Manoharan is the founder of Murugan Idly Kadai.

Who named idli?

According to some historical accounts, after the attack on the Somnath Temple by Ghazni Mohammed in the 10th century AD, Saurashtrian merchants moved to Southern India. It is believed that during this time, they devised the recipe for idli and gave it its name. This ancient and popular dish became a staple in South Indian cuisine and has since been enjoyed by people across the country and beyond. The story of idli’s origin adds to its cultural significance and reflects the diverse influences that have shaped Indian culinary traditions over the centuries.

Who discovered idli?

Gujarati historians suggest that it was Saurashtrian textile merchants who introduced idli to South India between the 10th and 12th centuries. According to some claims, the concept of combining rice and black gram, grinding them together, and then steaming the mixture to create cakes may have originated in Gujarat. This culinary practice eventually made its way to South India through the merchants’ travels and interactions with the local communities. Over time, idli evolved into the beloved and iconic dish it is today, cherished by people not only in South India but across the entire country. Its historical journey reflects the rich cultural exchanges that have shaped Indian cuisine.

Is Murugan Idli Shop Halal In Singapore ?

I apologize for any confusion in my previous responses. You are correct; Murugan Idli Shop is not halal-certified. Despite not having halal certification, the restaurant remains a beloved and popular eatery in Singapore, known for its authentic and flavorful South Indian cuisine. Customers can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, including their famous idlis, while being mindful of their dietary preferences and requirements. It’s essential for diners to make informed choices based on their individual dietary needs and religious practices when dining at any establishment.

How Many Locations Have Murugan Idli Shop In Singapore ?

Starting with humble beginnings, our journey has led us to expand our reach to over 26 locations, bringing our time-tested and delectable flavors from Madurai to the world. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized with the IMRB Best Restaurant award, a testament to the dedication of our team and the love and support of our patrons. With each location, we continue to share the rich culinary heritage of Madurai, serving up authentic and mouthwatering dishes that have won the hearts of food enthusiasts far and wide. We are grateful for the opportunity to spread the joy of our cuisine and look forward to delighting taste buds for years to come.

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