Hunan Cuisine Restaurant Menu Prices Singapore 2023

Hello Hunan Cuisine Restaurant lovers, are you looking for the latest Hunan Cuisine Restaurant  Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of  Hunan Cuisine Restaurant  Menu 2023 Singapore with prices.

Hunan Cuisine Restaurant Menu Prices Singapore

Hunan Cuisine Restaurant  Menu Singapore With Prices List


Cold Dishes 凉菜

Seafood & Frog 海鲜田鸡

Cattle & Sheep 牛羊

Pork 猪肉

Bacon 腊肉

Chicken 鸡肉

Vegetarian Dishes 素菜


Staple Food 主食

Canned Beverage 罐装饮料

Hunan Cuisine Restaurant Menu Prices Singapore

What is Hunan cuisine famous for?

Hunan cuisine, also called Xiang cuisine, originates from the Xiang River area, Dongting Lake, and western Hunan Province in China. It’s part of the Eight Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine and is famous for its spiciness, delightful fragrance, and vibrant colors. The cooking methods often involve stir-frying, steaming, and braising. Hunan dishes are loved for their bold and hot flavors, making it a favorite for those who enjoy spicy food.

What is the best Hunan dish?

Hunan Cuisine, also known as Xiang Cuisine, is renowned for its hot, spicy, and salty flavors. Some notable dishes in this cuisine include:
Steamed Fish Head with Chopped Chili: A spicy dish featuring tender fish meat.
Steamed Preserved Meat: A flavorful steamed dish made with preserved meats.
Chairman Mao’s Red Braised Pork: A famous dish with succulent pork cooked in a rich, red braising sauce.
Fried Pork with Chili: Crispy pork served with a spicy chili sauce.
Tasty Lobster: Delicious and spicy lobster preparation.
Changsha Stinky Tofu: A local delicacy of fermented tofu with a strong aroma.
These dishes showcase the bold and fiery nature of Hunan Cuisine.

What style of food is Hunan?

The BEST Hunan Chicken is a flavorful and spicy dish that you can easily customize according to your heat preference. To make it ahead, you can marinate the chicken in a mixture of soy sauce, cornstarch, and spices, then store it in the refrigerator until ready to cook. For freezing, prepare the chicken without adding the sauce, place it in an airtight container, and freeze. When you’re ready to cook, simply thaw and follow the recipe. Hunan Chicken pairs well with steamed rice or noodles for a satisfying meal. Enjoy the bold and tangy flavors of this classic dish from the heart of Chinese cuisine!

What type of food is Hunan?

Hunan Chicken is a mouthwatering stir-fry dish originating from China’s Hunan province. The region is famous for its love of chili peppers and tangy tastes. In this delightful dish, the sauce is infused with the hot and sour flavors characteristic of Hunan cuisine, creating a perfect balance of spiciness and tartness. Along with tender chicken, the dish features an abundance of flavorful vegetables that add texture and taste. It’s a delicious and satisfying way to experience the bold and unique flavors of the Hunan region in one delightful meal.

What is Hunan hot sauce?

Hunan sauce is a delectable combination of flavors, featuring spicy elements like sambal or sriracha, as well as the rich taste of chicken broth. It also includes the savory notes of soy sauce and oyster sauce, along with the depth of Shaoxing rice wine. The sauce gains a touch of sweetness from sugar and richness from Hoisin sauce. The star ingredient, Pixian douban jiang sauce, hails from China’s Pixian region, renowned for its spiciness and heat. This sauce, crafted from a blend of chilies and soybeans, adds an extra kick to the Hunan chicken dish, making it an enticing and unforgettable culinary experience.

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