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El Fuego Menu Prices Singapore Eat Zeely

El Fuego  Menu Singapore With Prices List


Main Courses

My recent culinary adventure at El Fuego’s Singapore website was a true gastronomic delight! The exquisite menu showcased an array of delectable options that catered to every palate. The Baked Chilean Seabass (S$31.68, was S$39.60) was a melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece, offering a perfect blend of flavors. The Grilled Salmon Trout (S$27.84, was S$34.80) provided a succulent and satisfying choice, while the Pan-Roasted Barramundi (S$24.96, was S$31.20) showcased the restaurant’s expertise in seafood. The Slow Cooked U.S. Beef Short Rib (S$33.60, was S$42) and Australian Free Ranch Lamb Rack (S$33.60, was S$42) were a carnivore’s dream come true, and the Roots Regenerative Beef Striploin (S$31.68, was S$39.60) and Roots Regenerative Ribeye Steak (S$33.60, was S$42) highlighted El Fuego’s commitment to sustainability and quality. The Sous Vide Chicken Supreme (S$21.12, was S$26.40) provided a succulent and flavorful poultry option, while the Honey Glazed Duck Breast (S$24, was S$30) added a touch of elegance to the menu. El Fuego’s offerings are a testament to their culinary finesse, and I can’t wait to explore more of their creations on my next visit!


My experience exploring the El Fuego menu on their Singapore website was a journey of culinary excellence! The array of charcoal-grilled dishes showcased their mastery of flavors and techniques. The Charcoal-Grilled Japanese Squid (S$23.04, was S$28.80) was a delightful blend of smokiness and tenderness. The Salt-Baked Threadfin (S$43.20, was S$54) was a true seafood indulgence, while the Chicken Casserole (S$40.32, was S$50.40) provided a comforting and hearty option. For an extravagant carnivore’s delight, the Charcoal-Grilled Australian Lamb Shoulder (S$84.48, was S$105.60), Black Angus Beef Short Rib (S$94.08, was S$117.60), and Black Angus Tomahawk Steak (S$142.08, was S$177.60) were unparalleled in taste and presentation. El Fuego’s commitment to quality and innovation shone through in each dish, leaving me excited to explore more of their exceptional offerings during my next visit!



Signature Drinks

Twisted Tea

Aerated Mix

Juice, Soft Drinks & Water

Refreshing beverages at El Fuego’s Singapore website elevated my dining experience to another level. The selection of classic fruit juices – Apple (S$2.56, was S$3.20), Orange (S$2.56, was S$3.20), Lime (S$2.56, was S$3.20), Cranberry (S$2.56, was S$3.20), and Mango (S$2.56, was S$3.20) – offered a burst of natural flavors that perfectly complemented the menu. The lineup of popular soft drinks – Coke (S$1.76, was S$2.20), Coke Light (S$1.76, was S$2.20), A&W Root Beer (S$1.76, was S$2.20), Sprite (S$1.76, was S$2.20), and Ginger Ale (S$1.76, was S$2.20) – provided a refreshing and fizzy option to quench the thirst. Not forgetting the Distilled Water (S$1.76, was S$2.20) that catered to those seeking a pure and hydrating choice. El Fuego’s beverage offerings truly enhanced my dining adventure, providing a perfect accompaniment to their delectable dishes.

El Fuego Menu Prices Singapore

El Fuego alternatives in Singapore

Who Is The Owner Of El Fuego in  Singapore ?

Chef Collin Ho founded the chain in 2012, introducing a concept that provides well-balanced meals comprising charcoal oven-grilled meats, carb options, and fiber-rich sides, all derived from premium Western cuisine.

Is El Fuego Halal In Singapore ?

A contemporary Halal European restaurant providing an upscale Halal choice that caters to both Muslim and non-Muslim patrons, delivering exceptional Western cuisine.

How Many Locations Have El Fuego In Singapore ?

El Fuego Has More Than 40 Outlets In Singapore .

What El Fuego Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! El Fuego Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore.

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