En Sushi Menu Prices Singapore 2023

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En Sushi Menu Prices Singapore

En Sushi Menu Singapore With Prices List



Embarking on a culinary journey through En Sushi’s Singapore website was an absolute delight, where a diverse range of appetizers awaited to tantalize my taste buds. The Wakame Kyuri Su (S$5.80) and Tako Su (S$7.10) offered refreshing bursts of flavors, while the Fugu Mirin Boshi (S$17.50) and Eihire (S$9.50) showcased unique and delectable options. The Edamame (S$6.30) and Age Kaisen Tofu (S$7.40) provided a satisfying start, complemented by the tantalizing Age Dashi Tofu (S$5.10) and Pitan Tofu (S$6.30). The Tori Karaage (S$9.80) and Amaebi Karaage (S$7.90) boasted flavorful bites, while the Uni Ikura Onsen Tamago (S$13.30) and Green Daikon Salad (S$11.80) elevated the experience with their exquisite textures. En Sushi’s menu also offered treasures like the Cha Soba Salad (S$19.80) and Salmon Hamachi Carpaccio (S$20.30), satisfying both eyes and palate.


My exploration of the En Sushi menu on their Singapore website was a delightful discovery of their exquisite maki offerings. The California Maki (S$12.80) provided a classic yet flavorful choice, while the Salmon Aburi Mentai Maki (S$23.40) introduced a fusion of savory delights. The Tekka Maki (S$8.70) and Kappa Maki (S$5.90) showcased traditional simplicity at its best, while the Negitoro Maki (S$21.80) boasted a perfect balance of flavors. The Softshell Futomaki (S$21.50) and Spicy Salmon Maki (S$8.60) added a burst of excitement to the palate, followed by the delightful Spicy Maguro Maki (S$8.60) and Unagi Avocado Futomaki (S$22.90). Unveiling even more unique combinations, the Unagi Cheese Salmon Aburi Maki (S$25.30), Ebi Fry Salmon Aburi Maki (S$24.90), and Soft Shell Crab Salmon Aburi Maki (S$25.90) delivered an explosion of taste.


Diving into the En Sushi menu on their Singapore website was a captivating journey through a sea of sashimi offerings. The Otoro Sashimi (S$47.30) provided an indulgent and luxurious choice, while the Chutoro Sashimi (S$34.50) offered a harmonious blend of flavors. The Akami Sashimi (S$22.80) and Shimaaji Sashimi (S$16.90) showcased an exquisite display of freshness, followed by the Madai Sashimi (S$16.90) and Hirame Sashimi (S$16.90) delivering delightful textures. The Hamachi Sashimi (S$9.80) and Hamachi Belly Sashimi (S$11.10) tantalized the palate with their buttery richness, while the Salmon Sashimi (S$7.40) and Salmon Belly Sashimi (S$9.80) provided a symphony of oceanic delights. For a burst of flavors, the Maguro Sashimi (S$7.40) and Mekajiki Sashimi (S$9.80) presented an array of taste sensations.


Embarking on a culinary adventure through En Sushi’s menu on their Singapore website revealed a captivating array of sushi creations. The Otoro Sushi (S$18.10) offered a sublime indulgence, while the Chutoro Sushi (S$14.60) showcased a harmonious balance of flavors. The Akami Sushi (S$9.90) and Shima Aji Sushi (S$8.70) showcased the essence of freshness, followed by the Madai Sushi (S$8.70) and Hirame Sushi (S$8.70) delivering delightful textures and tastes. The Hamachi Sushi (S$3.60) and Hamachi Belly Sushi (S$4.60) delighted with their exquisite richness, while the Salmon Sushi (S$2.95) and Salmon Belly Sushi (S$3.60) provided a symphony of oceanic delights. For a burst of flavors, the Maguro Sushi (S$2.90) and Mekajiki Sushi (S$4.20) presented an array of taste sensations. The Hotate Sushi (S$4.70) and Tako Sushi (S$2.90) showcased the artistry and passion that En Sushi embodies.


Exploring En Sushi’s diverse menu on their Singapore website unveiled a delightful world of rice bowls. The Chirashi Don (S$35.90) presented a harmonious blend of fresh ingredients, while the Bara Chirashi Don (S$28.90) offered a vibrant medley of flavors. The Mekajiki Goma Zuke Don (S$26.20) and Salmon Ikura Don (S$32.60) showcased exquisite pairings that delighted the palate. The Salmon Don (S$28.60) and Salmon Aburi Mentai Don (S$29.90) provided a symphony of textures and tastes, while the Mekajiki Aburi Don (S$27.30) and Mekajiki Aburi Mentai Don (S$28.80) elevated the experience with their unique flair. The Hamachi Goma Zuke Don (S$28.80) and Salmon Mekajiki Don (S$28.80) offered a delightful contrast of flavors, and the Negitoro Don (S$29.90) showcased the artistry that En Sushi is known for. The Unagi Don (S$30.90) provided a satisfying indulgence, while the Aburi Chirashi Don (S$38.80) presented a symphony of aburi goodness. Lastly, the Buta Kakuni Don (S$29.70) exemplified culinary craftsmanship that En Sushi prides itself on. My rice bowl journey at En Sushi was a delectable adventure, and I eagerly await my next visit to savor more of their exquisite rice bowl creations!

Hot Food

En Sushi’s menu on their Singapore website presents an array of delectable cooked dishes that promise to satisfy diverse cravings. The Salmon Pan-fried (S$20.80) offers a succulent and flavorful option, while the Wakatori (S$20.80) showcases a delightful culinary creation. The Buta Kakuni (S$21.90) brings forth tender and rich flavors, while the Steak (S$33.90) offers a hearty indulgence. Exploring beyond traditional offerings, the Curry Katsu Spaghetti (S$15.90) and Chicken Katsu Rice (S$15.90) provide a fusion of flavors that captivate the taste buds. For those seeking a classic favorite, the Chicken Katsu Curry Rice (S$17.90) delivers a comforting and satisfying experience. The Oyakodon (S$25.30) and Tori Katsudon (S$25.80) present a harmonious blend of ingredients that create a symphony of tastes. Accompanying these delightful dishes, the Miso Soup (S$4.60) and Salmon Fish Head Miso (S$8.60) provide a soothing and wholesome touch. The Hamburg Don (S$27.80) and Tori Nanban Don (S$24.80) offer unique and delectable options, while the Tamagoyaki (S$4.10) serves as a perfect accompaniment to complete the culinary journey. En Sushi’s cooked dishes are a testament to their commitment to culinary excellence, offering a diverse and flavorful range to satisfy every palate.


En Sushi’s menu on their Singapore website offers an exciting selection of grilled delicacies that tantalize the senses. The Hotate Bacon Yaki (S$11.70) presents a delightful combination of flavors, while the Enoki Bacon Yaki (S$10.80) showcases a unique and appetizing creation. The Yakitori (S$8.60) provides a classic and satisfying choice, and the Ika Shio (S$19.90) offers a savory delight seasoned to perfection. For those who prefer a touch of sweetness, the Ika Teriyaki (S$19.90) and Salmon Teriyaki (S$18.50) offer a harmonious blend of flavors. The Salmon Shio (S$18.50) presents a savory option, while the Salmon Mentai (S$21.80) takes indulgence to a new level with its rich and creamy sauce. The Gindara Saikyo (S$22.70) showcases a delicate and exquisite taste experience, and the Unagi Kabayaki (S$28.90) promises to satisfy with its perfectly grilled goodness. Lastly, the Salmon Fin Yaki (S$9.80) provides a flavorful and satisfying finale to the grill selection. En Sushi’s mastery of grilling techniques is evident in each dish, offering a range of options that will surely leave guests craving for more.


En Sushi Menu Prices Singapore

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Who Is The Owner Of En Sushi in  Singapore ?

EN Group was established in 2000 by Managing Director Raymond Ng and his brother Peter Ng. Since its inception, the group has grown and nurtured brands like Aburi-EN.

Is En Sushi Halal In Singapore ?

We Are Not Sure If En Sushi Is Halal In Singapore Or Not.

How Many Locations Have En Sushi In Singapore ?

En Sushi Has More Than 15 Outlets In Singapore

What En Sushi Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore ?

Yes! En Sushi Accepts Credit Cards In Singapore .

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