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Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia offers a varity of amazed by their exceptional menu of authentic Japanese cuisine. The X10.Salmon Ara Tama Jiru was an absolute standout dish, a hearty soup filled with chunks of fresh salmon that only cost RM 16.85. For those looking for perfectly grilled fish, the P02.Saba Shioyaki / Teriyaki was a great option, with perfectly cooked mackerel that was both savory and delicious. The G02.Salmon Mentai Island Roll was another standout dish, with a perfect balance of flavors and only costing RM 35.96. The E04.Salmon Sashimi [5pcs] dish was also a great option for anyone craving fresh and succulent salmon. For those looking for an appetizer, the A07. Yaki Gyouza was a perfect choice, and the B01.Soft Shell Crab To Salmon Skin No Sarada was an excellent dish for seafood enthusiasts.

X10.Salmon Ara Tama JiruRM 16.85
P02.Saba Shioyaki / TeriyakiRM 20.22
G02.Salmon Mentai Island RollRM 35.96
E04.Salmon Sashimi [5pcs]RM 31.46
A07. Yaki GyouzaRM 12.36
B01.Soft Shell Crab To Salmon Skin No SaradaRM 32.58
Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia


If you’re looking for some delicious appetizers to start off your meal at Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant, there are plenty of options to choose from. The Atsuyaki Tamago, a classic Japanese omelette, is a great way to start your meal. The California Roll, filled with crab meat, avocado, and cucumber, is a must-try for sushi lovers. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Takoyaki, a ball-shaped snack filled with diced octopus and topped with savory sauce and bonito flakes, is a great choice. Other great options include the Horenso To Nameko Mentai Ae, a spinach and mushroom dish, and the Yaki Gyouza, crispy pan-fried dumplings filled with meat and vegetables. Whether you’re looking for something light or filling, Edo Ichi has got you covered.

A02.Atsuyaki TamagoRM 11.24
G07.California RollRM 21.35
A03. TakoyakiRM 11.24
A01. Horenso To Nameko Mentai AeRM 11.24
A05.Horenso OhitashiRM 8.99
A05.Horenso Goma AeRM 8.99
A06. Yude EdamameRM 10.11
A07. Yaki GyouzaRM 12.36
A08. Pari Pari Kyuri No Miso ZoeRM 10.11
A09. NattoRM 10.11
A10. Kawahagi Mirin BoshiRM 19.10
A11.Chinmi Santen MoriRM 16.85
A12. Ko Ebi KaraageRM 13.48
A13.Nama Tako WasabiRM 13.48
Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia


B01.Soft Shell Crab To Salmon Skin No SaradaRM 32.58
B02.Salmon Oyako No SaradaRM 32.58
B04.Kani To Tako No SaradaRM 25.84
B05.Chinmi No SaradaRM 25.84
Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia


If you’re a sushi lover looking for fresh and delicious sashimi, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant’s menu in Malaysia is a must-try! With a variety of options available, you can indulge in high-quality sashimi such as the Salmon Sashimi, Ikura Sashimi, Hotategai Sashimi, and many more. Each serving consists of five pieces of premium sashimi, including the Tuna Sashimi and Tako Sashimi, all expertly prepared to perfection. So, whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a full meal, make sure to include Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant’s sashimi menu in your next dining experience!

E04.Salmon Sashimi [5pcs]RM 31.46
E05.Ikura SashimiRM 44.94
D01.Toro Sashimi [5pcs]RM 157.30
E01.Amaebi Sashimi [5pcs]RM 39.33
E02.Hotategai Sashimi [5pcs]RM 44.94
E05.Maguro Sashimi [5pcs]RM 37.08
E06.White Tuna Sashimi [5pcs]RM 37.08
E07.Tako Sashimi [5pcs]RM 28.09
Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia


If you’re a sushi lover, you won’t want to miss the delicious temaki options at Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia. The California Temaki and Ebi Ten Temaki are great choices for those who love crispy textures, while the Salmon Oyako Temaki and Soft Shell Crab Temaki are perfect for seafood lovers. For something classic, try the Maguro Temaki or Salmon Temaki, and for a unique flavor, the Unagi Temaki and Salmon Skin Temaki are excellent options. With so many delicious choices, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one!

F03.California TemakiRM 10.11
F10. Ebi Ten TemakiRM 10.11
F01.Salmon Oyako TemakiRM 13.48
F02. Soft Shell Crab TemakiRM 13.48
F06.Maguro TemakiRM 8.99
F07.Salmon TemakiRM 8.99
F08. Unagi TemakiRM 10.11
F11. Salmon Skin TemakiRM 8.99
Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia

Special Roll

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant’s sushi roll selection features some unique and creative options that are sure to impress sushi enthusiasts. The Twin Salmon Roll, priced at RM 35.96, combines salmon sashimi, salmon roe, and cucumber, while the Unagi Crispy Roll, also priced at RM 35.96, pairs crispy eel with avocado and cucumber. The Salmon Mentai Island Roll is another popular choice, featuring salmon and mentaiko mayo wrapped with seaweed and rice, priced at RM 35.96. For those who like a bit of spice, the Volcano Roll offers a fiery kick with its combination of spicy tuna, avocado, and tempura flakes, priced at RM 30.34. These sushi rolls, along with others such as the Spider Roll, Una Cheese Roll, and Salmon Tataki Roll, offer a wide range of flavors and textures to satisfy any sushi craving.

G08.Twin Salmon RollRM 35.96
G09.Unagi Crispy RollRM 35.96
G01.Spider RollRM 30.34
G02.Salmon Mentai Island RollRM 35.96
G03.Volcano RollRM 30.34
G05.Una Cheese RollRM 38.20
G06.Nishoku Salmon RollRM 35.96
G12.Salmon Tataki RollRM 33.71

Nigiri Sushi

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant offers an impressive selection of sushi and sashimi dishes that are perfect for sushi lovers. The restaurant has a wide range of sushi options to choose from, including H01. Toro Sushi, H02. Maguro Sushi, and H08. Ama Ebi Sushi. For those who prefer sashimi, the restaurant offers dishes such as E04. Salmon Sashimi, E05. Ikura Sashimi, and D01. Toro Sashimi. The restaurant also serves creative sushi rolls, such as G01. Spider Roll, G03. Volcano Roll, and G06. Nishoku Salmon Roll. Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant’s sushi and sashimi dishes are made with fresh and high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delicious and satisfying dining experience.

H19. Ikura GunkanRM 13.48
H01. Toro SushiRM 31.46
H02. Maguro SushiRM 7.87
H04. Shake SushiRM 4.49
H05. Hotate SushiRM 8.99
H06. Salmon Harasu SushiRM 8.99
H07. Shiro Maguro SushiRM 7.87
H08. Ama Ebi SushiRM 13.48
H09.Tako SushiRM 5.62
H10. Salmon Harasu Aburi SushiRM 8.99
H11 .Unagi SushiRM 7.87
H12. Kaori Bako Kani SushiRM 4.49
H13. Ebi SushiRM 4.49
H14. Tamago SushiRM 3.37
H15. Inari SushiRM 3.37
H18. Tobiko GunkanRM 5.62
H20. Ebiko GunkanRM 3.37
H21. Hotate Mentai Aburi SushiRM 10.11
H22. Salmon Mentai Aburi SushiRM 5.62
H23. Ebi Mentai Aburi SushiRM 5.62
H24. Tamago Mentai Aburi SushiRM 4.49
H25. Kaori Bako Kani Mentai Aburi SushiRM 5.62
H26. Salmon Yuzu Aburi SushiRM 5.62
H27. Hotate Yuzu Aburi SushiRM 10.11
H28.Kaori Bako Kani Yuzu Aburi SushiRM 5.62
H29. Tamago Yuzu Aburi SushiRM 4.49
H30. Ebi Yuzu Aburi SushiRM 5.62
H31. Hana Ebiko SushiRM 8.99
H32. Hana Chuka Kuraage SushiRM 10.11
H33. Hana Chuka Iidako SushiRM 10.11
H34. Hana Tobiko SushiRM 10.11
H35. Hana Ikura SushiRM 16.85


If you’re a sushi lover, you should definitely try Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant’s maki selection. The Kappa Maki, made with refreshing cucumber, is perfect for those who prefer a light and crunchy taste. For a richer flavor, you can’t go wrong with the Negitoro Maki, filled with fatty tuna and chopped spring onions. If you’re feeling adventurous, give the Natto Maki a try – this fermented soybean roll may take some getting used to, but its unique flavor is definitely worth a try. And of course, classics like the Salmon Maki and Tekka Maki are always a safe and delicious choice. With Edo Ichi’s quality ingredients and skilled chefs, you can be sure that every roll is a treat for your taste buds.

I10.Kappa MakiRM 6.74
I08.Kani Mayo MakiRM 6.74
I02.Negitoro MakiRM 20.22
I03.Tamago MakiRM 6.74
I04.Oshinko MakiRM 6.74
I05.Natto MakiRM 8.99
I07.Salmon MakiRM 8.99
I09.Tekka MakiRM 8.99

Sushi Ippin

J01.Edo Ichi PizzaRM 39.33
J02.Negitoro DonRM 47.19
J04.Salmon CombinationRM 51.69
J05.Tekka DonRM 37.08
J06.Kaisen Saikoro DonRM 42.70
J07.Salmon Oyako DonRM 37.08

Nabe Mono

L02.Salmon Ara KonabeRM 39.33
L03.SukiyakiRM 47.19
L04.Kaisen KonabeRM 50.56

Yaki Mono

If you’re looking for delicious Japanese grilled dishes, Edo Ichi has a great selection to choose from. Their Unagi Kabayaki is a must-try, with its perfectly grilled eel and sweet sauce. For seafood lovers, the Gindara Shioyaki or Teriyaki, Salmon Shioyaki or Teriyaki, and Surume Ika Sugata Yaki are all flavorful and satisfying. Meat eaters will enjoy the Chicken Teriyaki and Gyuniku Amiyaki, both tender and flavorful. And for something unique, the Kaki Kinoko Mentai Cheese Yaki and Hotate Kinoko Mentai Cheese Yaki offer a mouth-watering combination of flavors.

P01.Unagi KabayakiRM 47.19
P02.Saba Shioyaki / TeriyakiRM 20.22
P03.Kaki Kinoko Mentai Cheese YakiRM 30.34
P04.Chicken TeriyakiRM 20.22
P05.Hotate Kinoko Mentai Cheese YakiRM 28.09
P06.Gindara Shioyaki / TeriyakiRM 73.03
P07.Salmon Shioyaki / TeriyakiRM 29.21
P11.ShishamoRM 10.11
P13.Surume Ika Sugata YakiRM 33.71
P14.Gyuniku AmiyakiRM 28.09
P15.Salmon Mentai Cheese YakiRM 33.71
P16.Salmon Toro TeriyakiRM 37.08


If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine and looking for some delicious tempura options, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant has got you covered! Their menu features a wide range of tempura dishes to choose from, including their popular Q01. Ebi Tempura, which is a must-try for all seafood lovers. In addition to that, they also offer other mouth-watering tempura dishes like Q02. Soft Shell Crab Karaage and Q03. Jumbo Ebi Tempura. For those who prefer vegetarian options, Q04. Yasai Tempura and Q05. Satsuma Imo Tempura are excellent choices. Whether you want to indulge in some classic tempura or try something new, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant has plenty of options to satisfy your cravings!

Q01.Ebi TempuraRM 31.46
Q11.Wakatori KaraageRM 20.22
Q09.Agedashi TofuRM 13.48
Q02.Soft Shell Crab KaraageRM 39.33
Q03.Jumbo Ebi TempuraRM 61.80
Q04.Yasai TempuraRM 20.22
Q05.Satsuma Imo TempuraRM 19.10
Q10.Kaki FuraiRM 28.09
Q12.Tempura MoriawaseRM 30.34

Ippin Ryori

If you’re looking for a variety of Japanese dishes to indulge in, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant has a great selection of options to choose from, including their mouth-watering R menu. Some of our favorites include the Gyuniku Teriyaki, which has a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors, and the Asari To Hotate No Butter Sauce Ni, a dish packed with buttery goodness. For those who love mushrooms, you can’t go wrong with the Kinoko Garlic Saute or the Gyu Enoki Maki.

R04.Kinoko Garlic SauteRM 24.72
R01.Gyuniku ShogayakiRM 29.21
R02.Kimuchi Sui GyozaRM 16.85
R05.Gyuniku TeriyakiRM 33.71
R07.Asari To Hotate No Butter Sauce NiRM 29.21
R08.Hotate Kinoko To Asparagus No Butter ItameRM 31.46
R09.Kamo Aburi YakiRM 25.84
R10.Gyu Enoki MakiRM 30.34
R11.Enoki Butter YakiRM 14.61
R12.Yasai ItameRM 14.61

Ishiyaki Ryori

S01.Ishiyaki Sutamini Una DonRM 58.43
S02.Ishiyaki Mabo Nasu MeshiRM 28.09
S03.Ishiyaki Kimuchi Cheese MeshiRM 28.09
S04.Ishiyaki Kimuchi UdonRM 35.96
S05.Ishiyaki Chicken Katsu Curry Cheese MeshiRM 35.96
S06.Ishiyaki Unagi Tataki MeshiRM 56.18

Yo Fu Kurimu Ryori

T04.Kurimu Yaki SobaRM 29.21

Wagyu Ryori

If you are looking for high-quality Wagyu beef dishes, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia is the perfect destination. The restaurant offers a variety of Wagyu dishes, such as Wagyu Sashimi, Wagyu Nigiri Sushi, and Wagyu Teppanyaki. If you are a fan of grilled meat, try their Ishiyaki Wagyu Steak Don or Wagyu Yaki Meshi, both made with tender and succulent Wagyu beef. For a unique and delicious twist on a sushi roll, go for their Wagyu Tataki Roll. Another must-try is their Wagyu Aburi Udon/Soba, a flavorful and satisfying noodle dish topped with seared Wagyu beef. With such a fantastic selection of Wagyu beef dishes, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant is the ideal place for meat lovers who want to indulge in a premium dining experience.

U01.Wagyu SashimiRM 143.82
U02.Ishiyaki Wagyu Steak Don (100gm)RM 200
U03.Wagyu Nigiri SushiRM 31.46
U04.Wagyu Yaki MeshiRM 50.56
U06.Wagyu Teppanyaki (100gm)RM 200
U07.Wagyu Tataki RollRM 98.88
U08.Tanoshi Wagyu Aburi Yaki (100gm)RM 188.76
U09.Wagyu Aburi Udon / SobaRM 98.88


If you’re looking for authentic and delicious Japanese noodle dishes, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia has a range of options for you to try. The V01. Tempura Udon/Soba and V04. Nabeyaki Udon/Soba are excellent choices for those who love thick and chewy udon noodles, while the V05. Zaru Somen and V06. Cha Soba are perfect for those who prefer thin and delicate soba noodles. The restaurant also offers unique and flavorful options such as the V11. Kunsei Kamo Udon/Soba, which features smoked duck, and the V10. Mentai Yaki Udon/Soba, which has a spicy cod roe topping. Come and enjoy the delicious Japanese noodle dishes at Edo Ichi!

V01. Tempura Udon/SobaRM 30.30
V12. Niku Udon/SobaRM 30.30
V11. Kunsei Kamo Udon/SobaRM 28.10
V02. Kimuchi Nabeyaki Udon/SobaRM 30.30
V04. Nabeyaki Udon/SobaRM 29.20
V05. Zaru SomenRM 20.20
V06. Cha SobaRM 21.40
V07. Zaru SobaRM 19.10
V08. Yaki Udon/SobaRM 28.09
V10. Mentai Yaki Udon/SobaRM 32.60


If you’re looking for authentic Japanese dishes, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia is the perfect place to visit. Their menu offers a wide selection of Japanese cuisine, including their popular W17 Chicken Katsu Curry Rice and W02 Salmon Teriyakijyu. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, try their V05 Zaru Somen or V06 Cha Soba. The restaurant also offers a variety of rice dishes such as W08 Tenjyu and Gohan for those who prefer rice-based meals. All of their dishes are reasonably priced, and the quality is top-notch. If you’re a fan of Japanese food, Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

W17.Chicken Katsu Curry RiceRM 31.46
W13. Ninniku YakimeshiRM 10.11
W01.Una TamajyuRM 50.56
W02. Salmon TeriyakijyuRM 33.71
W04. Chicken KatsujyuRM 30.34
W05.OyakojyuRM 26.97
W06. Soft Shell CrabjyuRM 41.57
W07. Gyu AmiyakijyuRM 33.71
W08. TenjyuRM 32.58
W09. Gyuniku TamajyuRM 33.71
W10. UnajyuRM 44.94
W11. Chicken TeriyakijyuRM 28.09
W12.Gyokai YakimeshiRM 15.73
W14. Kamo YakimeshiRM 13.48
W15. Nameko YakimeshiRM 12.36
W17. Beef Katsu Curry RiceRM 40.45
GohanRM 5.62

Ouran Mono / Mushi Mono

X02.Kankoku Fu No Salmon Ara Kimuchi JiruRM 16.85
X03. Asari Miso ShiruRM 14.61
X04. Ikura ChawanmushiRM 28.09
X07. ChawanmushiRM 11.24
X08.Nameko Miso SoupRM 10.11
X09.Hotate Miso SoupRM 14.61
X10.Salmon Ara Tama JiruRM 16.85
X11.Miso SoupRM 4.49

Bento & Sushi Moriawase Set

Y01.Sushi Moriawase Set (Matsu)RM 58.43
Y04.Unagi BentoRM 98.88


Looking for a complete meal that satisfies your Japanese food cravings? Look no further than Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant’s set menus! With options like the Sukiyaki Set, Sashimi Set, Gyu Saikoro Steak Set, and Unagi Set, there’s something for everyone. You can also try unique combinations like the Sashimi To Gyuniku Kimuchi Itame Set or the Mini Chirashi Sushi To Tempura Set. Don’t forget to pair your set with their delicious sides like the Mini Salmon Don To Nabeyaki Udon Set or the Mini Unadon To Mini Tendon Set. Come and enjoy a complete Japanese dining experience at Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant today!

Z03.Sukiyaki SetRM 42.70
Z07.Sashimi SetRM 58.43
Z08.Salmon Sashimi SetRM 51.69
Z01. Gyu Saikoro Steak SetRM 50.56
Z09.Sashimi To Yaki Sakana Set ( Saba / Sanma )RM 58.43
Z10.Sashimi To Gyuniku Shogayaki SetRM 65.17
Z11.Sashimi To Unagi Kabayaki SetRM 73.03
Z13.Sashimi To Gyuniku Kimuchi Itame SetRM 65.17
Z14.Mini Chirashi Sushi To Unagi Kabayaki SetRM 70.79
Z15.Sashimi To Salmon Shioyaki / Teriyaki SetRM 65.17
Z16.Sashimi To Chicken Teriyaki SetRM 55.06
Z18.Mini Chirashi Sushi To Tempura SetRM 58.43
Z20.Mini Chirashi Sushi To Yaki Sakana Set ( Saba / Sanma )RM 56.18
Z02. Unagi SetRM 50.56
Z05. Gyuniku Shogayaki SetRM 42.70
Z19. Chicken Teriyaki SetRM 35.96
Z21.Chinmi To Saba Steak SetRM 56.18
Z22.Mini Salmon Don To Nabeyaki Udon SetRM 53.93
Z23.Mini Salmon Sashimi & Sushi To Nabeyaki Udon SetRM 56.18
Z26.Mini Unadon To Mini Tendon SetRM 58.43

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Alternative Restaurants

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia
Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia
Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant Menu Malaysia

Who is the owner of Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia?

Barry Chaim is the owner of Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia.

Is Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant halal In Malaysia?

No! Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant is not certified halal In Malaysia.

What Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant accepts credit cards In Malaysia?

Yes! Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant accepts credit cards In Malaysia.

How many branches have Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant In Malaysia?

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant has more than 50 outlets In Malaysia.

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