Yomi Yogurt Menu Price Malaysia 2024

Hello Yomi Yogurt lovers, are you looking for the latest Yomi Yogurt Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Yomi Yogurt Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Yomi Yogurt Menu Price Malaysia
Yomi Yogurt Menu

Yomi Yogurt Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

Crispy Chicken Muffin, Crispy Chicken Muffin with Egg, Sausage McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin  with Egg, Double Sausage McMuffin with Egg, Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich,Nasi Lemak McD™ ,Bubur Ayam McD™ (Sederhana), Bubur Ayam McD™ (Kecil),Sausage McMuffin™, pcs Hotcakes™, Bubur Ayam McD,Latte ,Iced Latte,  Iced Latte (M), Cappuccino, Americano, Iced Americano,Orange McFizz,  Plus, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Iced Lemon Tea.

Menu Price
Muffins & Sandwich
Crispy Chicken Muffin RM7.97
Crispy Chicken Muffin with Egg RM8.73
Sausage McMuffin™ RM6.98
Sausage McMuffin™ with Egg RM7.64
Double Sausage McMuffin™ with Egg RM10.57
Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich RM7.64
Crispy Chicken & Scrambled Egg Sandwich RM7.64
Scrambled Egg Sandwich RM6.70
Sausage & Omelette Cheese Sandwich RM7.08
Omelette Cheese Sandwich RM6.13
Big Breakfast™ RM11.32
2 pcs Hotcakes™ RM10.85
Nasi Lemak & Bubur
Nasi Lemak McD™ RM7.55
Bubur Ayam McD™ (Sederhana) RM8.21
Bubur Ayam McD™ (Kecil) RM6.98
Happy Meals
Sausage McMuffin™ RM9.43
2 pcs Hotcakes™ RM10.00
Bubur Ayam McD™ RM9.43
Minions Carrier RM30.00
Sumbangkan Hidangan RM10.47
McCafe Drinks
Latte RM7.83
Iced Latte RM9.34
2x Iced Latte (M) RM11.32
Cappuccino RM7.83
Americano RM5.94
Iced Americano RM7.45
Iced Chocolate RM9.34
Ice Blended Chocolate RM12.74
Ice Blended Chocolate RM12.74
Ice Blended Latte RM12.74
Iced Blended Milo RM14.06
Iced Mocha RM9.34
Ice Blended Mocha RM12.74
Ice Blended Strawberry RM8.96
Ice Blended Mango Peach RM8.96
Belgium Chocolate + McCafé Drink RM12.25
Red Velvet Cake + McCafé Drink RM12.25
Classic Cheesecake + McCafé Drink RM12.25
McCafe Cakes
Kek Pandan Gula Melaka RM11.79
Apple Crumble Cheesecake RM11.79
Belgium Chocolate + McCafé Drink RM12.25
Red Velvet Cake + McCafé Drink RM12.25
Classic Cheesecake + McCafé Drink RM12.25
Belgium Chocolate Cake RM11.79
Classic Cheesecake RM11.79
Red Velvet Cake RM11.79
Pencuci Mulut & Sampingan
OREO® McFlurry™ RM7.08
Sundae Coklat RM4.81
Sundae Strawberi RM4.81
Hash Browns RM4.53
Orange McFizz™ RM6.23
100 Plus RM4.72
Coca-Cola® RM4.72
Sprite RM4.72
Iced Lemon Tea RM6.42
Jus Oren Minute Maid RM6.60
Drinking water RM4.72
Hot MILO RM4.91
Hot Teh Tarik RM5.00
Hot Tea RM4.91
Sambal RM0.94
Citarasa Malaysia
Bubur Ayam McD™ (Sederhana) RM8.21
Bubur Ayam McD™ (Kecil) RM6.98
Apple Pie RM4.34
Iced Chocolate RM9.34
Ice Blended Chocolate RM12.74
OREO® McFlurry™ RM7.08
Minions Carrier RM30.00


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Who is the owner of Yomi Yogurt?

Low Yin Hou and his son Low Kar Chun are the owner of Yomi Yogurt.

What Yomi Yogurt is certified hala?

No! Yomi Yogurt not yet certified hala.

which for famous by Yomi Yogurt?

its famous items are purple rice yogurt, mango pomelo sago yogurt, durian yogurt, and red bean yogurt to honeydew or grape green tea smoothies.

How many outlets have Yomi Yogurt?

Yomi Yogurt have more than 100 outlets all over the world.

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