FamilyMart Menu Prices 2024 Malaysia

Hello FamilyMart lovers, are you looking for the latest FamilyMart Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists FamilyMart Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

FamilyMart Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


If you’re looking for delicious and affordable meal options, then you should definitely check out FamilyMart Malaysia’s menu. Their Tom Yum Noodle Bowl is a must-try if you’re a fan of Thai cuisine. Priced at just RM 9.50, it’s a great value for money. For something more filling, you can opt for the Tom Yum Dinner Bowl at RM 12.60. If you’re in the mood for Korean food, then the Dried Korean Cheese Ramen Set is definitely worth a try at RM 10.20. And for a spicy and crunchy snack, the Spicy Crispy Chiki (1 pc) at RM 6.60 is a great option. Don’t forget to try the Korean Cheese Ramen Set priced at RM 11.90 and Dry Creamy Korean Cheese Ramen With Odeng And King Crab Chunk for only RM 13.10, which are both perfect for a quick and satisfying meal on-the-go.

Tom Yum Noodle BowlRM 9.50
Tom Yum Dinner BowlRM 12.60
Dried Korean Cheese Ramen SetRM 10.20
Spicy Crispy Chiki (1 pc)RM 6.60
Korean Cheese Ramen SetRM 11.90
Dry Creamy Korean Cheese Ramen With Odeng And King Crab ChunkRM 13.10
FamilyMart Menu prices Malaysia


FamilyMart Malaysia offers a wide variety of delicious frappes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. The Milk Blackforest Frappe and Mocha Frappe are perfect for coffee lovers, while the Non-Dairy Strawberry Pudding Frappe and Milk Strawberry Pudding Frappe offer a fruity and creamy twist. Other unique flavors include the Purple Rice Yoghurt Frappe, Cheesecake Yoghurt Frappe, and Watermelon Lychee Yoghurt Frappe, which provide a refreshing tangy taste. If you have a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Cookies Frappe and Milk Chocolate Brownies Frappe are excellent choices. FamilyMart’s range of frappes caters to all tastes and preferences and is a great way to beat the Malaysian heat.

Milk Blackforest Frappe (1cp)RM 10.70
Mocha FrappeRM 10.70
Purple Rice Yoghurt FrappeRM 11.90
Non Dairy Strawberry Pudding Frappe (1cp)RM 10.70
Milk Cookies FrappeRM 10.70
Milk Mango Grapefruit FrappeRM 11.90
Coffee Cookies FrappeRM 10.70
Watermelon Lychee Yoghurt FrappeRM 11.90
Milk Chocolate Brownies Frappe (1cp)RM 10.70
Chocolate FrappeRM 10.70
Milk Watermelon Lychee FrappeRM 10.70
Watermelon Lychee FrappeRM 10.70
Milk Strawberry Pudding Frappe (1cp)RM 10.70
Cheesecake Yoghurt FrappeRM 11.90
Milk Cheesecake FrappeRM 10.70
Chocolate Cookies FrappeRM 10.70
FamilyMart Menu prices Malaysia


Banana (1pc)RM 2.30

Onigiri & Sushi

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious snack or light meal, FamilyMart Menu Malaysia offers a wide selection of Japanese-inspired Onigiri and sushi options. From classics like Spicy Tuna and Salmon Tobiko Mayo to more unique offerings like Kimchi Cheese Sausage Gimbap and Hainan Chicken Omusubi, there’s something for everyone. Prices range from RM 4.70 to RM 19.10, making it an affordable and convenient choice for a snack on the go or a quick lunch break.

Spicy Tuna Onigiri (1 pc)RM 5.90
Mala Chicken Onigiri (1pc)RM 5.40
Chuka Iidako Onigiri (1 pc)RM 6.40
Futomaki Rolled Sushi (1pc)RM 5.90
Crawfish Onigiri (1 Pc)RM 7.10
Peri-Peri Chicken Onigiri (1pc)RM 5.90
Wasabi Shoyu Salmon Onigiri (1pc)RM 5.90
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Onigiri SandwichRM 9.20
Yaki Onigiri with Cheese (1pc)RM 5.90
Volcano Seafood Sushi Roll (4pcs)RM 15
Crabstick Mayo Onigiri (1 pc)RM 5.30
Tomyam Pedas Seafood Onigiri (1 pc)RM 6.60
Tuna Cheese Inari Sushi (2pcs)RM 7.10
Tuna Tobiko Maki SushiRM 6.60
Yakiniku Onigiri (1 Pc)RM 7.10
Kimchi Cheese Onigiri (1pc)RM 6.40
Creamy Miso Salmon Inari Sushi (2pc)RM 8.30
Garlic Mayo Shrimp Onigiri (1pc)RM 6.60
Crabstick Mayo Inari Sushi (2pcs)RM 6.40
Grilled Salmon Onigiri (1 pc)RM 5.90
Ebi Fry Maki Sushi (1pc)RM 7.10
Inari Sushi (2pc)RM 4.70
Korean Corn Cheese Chicken Slice Gimbap (8pcs)RM 19.10
Tuna Mayo Onigiri (1 pc)RM 5.40
Spicy Crispy Chiki Onigiri SandwichRM 9
Spicy Tuna with Sausage Gimbap (8pcs)RM 13.70
Classic Tuna Gimbap (8pcs)RM 12.60
Teriyaki Chicken Onigiri (1 pc)RM 5.40
Salmon Tobiko Mayo Onigiri (1 Pc)RM 6.80
Triple Cheese Omusubi (1 pc)RM 5.40
Salted Salmon Onigiri (1 Pc)RM 5.90
Black Pepper Teriyaki Chicken Onigiri (1 Pc)RM 5.80
Spicy Tuna Inari Sushi (2pcs)RM 6.40
Hainan Chicken Omusubi (1pc)RM 7.10
Chicken Slice Cheese Maki Sushi (1pc)RM 7.60
Honey BBQ Chicken Onigiri (1pc)RM 5.80
Tobiko Mayo Onigiri (1 Pc)RM 6.40
Unagi Onigiri (1 Pc)RM 7.60
Kimchi Cheese Sausage Gimbap (8pcs)RM 13.70
FamilyMart Menu prices Malaysia

Fresh Drinks

As a fan of FamilyMart Malaysia, I can confidently say that their drink selection is just as impressive as their food offerings. From classic favorites like the Hot Milk Tea and Iced Tea to more unique and adventurous options like the Sparkling Yuzu Green Tea and Jelly Bubble Lychee Strawberry Tea, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The Iced Taro Milk with Sweet Potato & Taro Balls is a must-try, and for those with a sweet tooth, the Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto Milkshake and Caramel Popcorn Sofuto Milkshake are both decadent and satisfying. With a range of hot and cold drinks in various sizes, FamilyMart Malaysia’s drink menu is the perfect complement to their delicious food offerings.

Iced Taro Milk with Sweet Potato & Taro BallsRM 10.70
Hot Bubble Cha ChaRM 8.30
Hot Milk Tea (Large)RM 8.30
Sparkling Yuzu Green TeaRM 8.30
Iced Milk TeaRM 8.30
Iced Tea (1cp)RM 5.90
Brown Sugar Bubble MilkRM 8.30
Jelly Bubble Lychee Strawberry Tea (1cp)RM 8.30
Jelly Bubble Lychee Tea (1cp)RM 8.30
Sparkling Peach Oolong TeaRM 8.30
Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto MilkshakeRM 9.50
Hot Tea (Large)RM 5.90
Iced Matcha LatteRM 10.70
Matcha Lemonade (1cp)RM 8.30
Caramel Popcorn Sofuto Milkshake (1cp)RM 9.50
Large Hot ChocolateRM 10.70
Brown Sugar Bubble Milk TeaRM 10.70
Mocha MilkshakeRM 8.70
Iced ChocolateRM 10.70
Large Hot Matcha LatteRM 10.70
FamilyMart Menu prices Malaysia

Milk & Yoghurt

FamilyMart Menu Malaysia offers a wide range of milk drinks that are perfect for anyone looking for a refreshing and healthy beverage. Some of the popular options include Farm Fresh Kurma Milk, Betagen Cultured Milk Pineapple Flavor, Dutch Lady UHT Core Chocolate, and Binggrae Melon Milk. For those who prefer dairy-free options, the menu offers Nescafe Dairy Free Latte Almond and Milo Dairy Free Almond. The prices are reasonable with most drinks ranging from RM 3 to RM 11.50, making it affordable for anyone to enjoy a tasty and healthy beverage on the go.

Betagen Cultured Milk Orange Flavor 300mlRM 4.90
Betagen Cultured Milk Drink Original 0% Fat 700mlRM 9.50
Farm Fresh Kurma Milk 700mlRM 11.50
137 Degrees Belgian Chocolate W/Pistachio Milk 180mlRM 6.70
Farmers Union Kids Strawberry 90gRM 5
Dutch Lady UHT Core Chocolate 200mlRM 3.40
Farm Fresh Cafe Latte 200mlRM 5.60
Goodday UHT Banana Flavoured Milk 250mlRM 3.50
Nescafe Dairy Free Latte Almond 225mlRM 4.90
Farm Fresh UHT Café Latte Tongkat Ali 200mlRM 4.90
Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink Mix Berries 200mlRM 3.80
Farm Fresh UHT Yogurt Milk Strawberries 200mlRM 3.20
Betagen Cultured Milk Strawberry Flavor 300mlRM 4.90
Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink Mango 700mlRM 8.40
Dutch Lady Uht Core Low Fat 200mlRM 3.40
Farm Fresh UHT Yogurt Milk Mixberries 200mlRM 3.20
Betagen Cultured Milk Drink Light 300mlRM 5.50
Binggrae Melon Milk 200mlRM 7.10
Milo Dairy Free Almond 225mlRM 4.90
137 Degrees Almond Milk Unsweetened 1LRM 23.10
Anmuxi Yogurt Milk 205gRM 6.80
Binggrae Banana Milk 200mlRM 7.10
Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink Strawberry 700mlRM 8.40
Farm Fresh Greek Yogurt Apricot& 5 SuperSeeds 120gRM 5.60
137 Degrees Iced Coffee Latte With Almond Milk 180mlRM 6
Betagen Cultured Milk Pineapple Flavor 300mlRM 4.90
Farm Fresh UHT Yogurt Milk Mango 200mlRM 3.20
Goodday Uht Full Cream Milk 250mlRM 3.50
Dutch Lady UHT Core Full Cream 200mlRM 3.40
Nescafe Dairy Free Latte Oat 225mlRM 4.90
Farm Fresh Milk 1LRM 10.60
Farm Fresh Greek Yogurt Mulberries&Straw 120gRM 5.60
Anmuxi Premium Mango Passion Yogurt 230gRM 9.50
Dutch Lady UHT Full Cream 1LRM 11.40
Binggrae Strawberry Milk 200mlRM 7.10
Milky Hokkaido Pasteurized Milk 1LRM 10.60
Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink Mix Berries 700mlRM 8.40
Anmuxi Premium Drinking Flavoured Yogurt 230gRM 9.50
137 Degrees Almond Milk Original 1LRM 23.10
Farm Fresh UHT Fresh Milk 200mlRM 3.20
137 Degrees Almond Milk Unsweetened 180mlRM 6
Farmers Union Kids Vanilla 90gRM 5
Goodday Uht Chocolate Flavoured Milk 250mlRM 3.50
137 Degrees Almond Milk Original 180mlRM 6
Betagen Cultured Milk Drink Light 700mlRM 10.20
Marigold HL Milk – Plain 1LRM 10.60
Dutch Lady UHT Chocolate 1LRM 11.40
Farm Fresh Milk Chocolate 200mlRM 4.60
Dutch Lady Uht Core Strawberry 200mlRM 3.40
Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink Fruit Punch 200mlRM 3.80
Betagen Cultured Milk Drink Original 0% Fat 300mlRM 5.30
Farm Fresh Milk Chocolate 1LRM 11.30
FamilyMart Menu prices Malaysia

Sofuto & Ice-cream

FamilyMart Malaysia offers a wide variety of mouth-watering and delectable desserts at affordable prices. Their menu comprises popular desserts such as the Meiji Esseru Super Cup Chocolate and Vanilla, Lotte Mona Ou Vanilla and Macha, Imuraya Taiyaki Ice, and Marunaga Milk Monaka, among many others. The Lotte Calpis Ice Bar Multipack and Hokkaido Vanilla Bar Multipack are also available for those who crave a refreshing and icy treat. Additionally, the Nestle Kit Kat Stick Multipack and Lime & Vanilla Multipack are perfect for those who love a combination of classic and unique flavors. FamilyMart’s menu caters to everyone’s sweet tooth, making it a must-try for anyone who loves desserts.

Marunaga Milk Monaka 170mlRM 9.40
Meiji Esseru Super Cup Chocolate 200mlRM 9.40
Lotte Calpis Ice Bar Multipack 10x43mlRM 24.30
Lotte Mona Ou Vanilla Multipack 5x100mlRM 24.30
Magnum Mini Mix 6x45mlRM 18.50
Lotte Mona Ou Macha 160mlRM 9.40
Imuraya Macha Azuki Monaka 140mlRM 9.40
Nestle Kit Kat Stick Multipack 4x85mlRM 23.80
Imuraya Taiyaki Ice 130mlRM 9.40
Marunaga Macha Monaka 170mlRM 9.40
Chocolate Sofuto PintRM 10.70
Lotte Yukimi Daifuku Vanilla Multipack 9x30mlRM 24.30
Imuraya Macha Tsubuan Monaka Multipack 5x60mlRM 24.30
Lotte Mona Ou Vanilla 160mlRM 9.40
Lotte Hokkaido Vanilla Bar Multipack 10x45mlRM 24.30
Nestle Lime & Vanilla Multipack 8x70mlRM 12.20
Morinaga Choco Monaka Jumbo 150mlRM 9.40
Caramel Popcorn Sofuto Sundae (1cp)RM 5.90
Lotte Hershey Choco Monaka Multipack 8x28mlRM 24.30
Meito Choco Monaka 150mlRM 9.40
Lotte Hershey Almond Chocolate Ice Multipack 6x52mlRM 24.30
Magnum Mini Classic 6x45mlRM 18.50
Caramel Popcorn Sofuto Pint (1cp)RM 10.70
Belgian Dark Chocolate Sofuto SundaeRM 5.90
Meiji Esseru Super Cup Macha 200mlRM 9.40
Lotte Yukimi Daifuku 2x47mlRM 9.40
Imuraya Taiyaki Ice Multipack 5x60mlRM 24.30
Magnum Mini Almond 6x45mlRM 18.50
Meiji Esseru Super Cup Vanilla 200mlRM 9.40

FamilyMart Collection Tea

Famimaru Green Tea 600mlRM 7.10
Famimaru Barley Tea 600mlRM 7.10
Famimaru Oolong 600mlRM 7.10
Famimaru Jasmine Tea 600mlRM 7.10


Iced AmericanoRM 7.10
Brown Sugar Bubble LatteRM 9.50
Hot – Hazelnut Latte (Large) (1cp)RM 9.50
Iced LatteRM 8.30
Hot – Caramel Latte (Large) (1cp)RM 9.50
Hot – Vanilla Latte (Large) (1cp)RM 9.50
Large Hot LatteRM 8.30
Iced – Caramel Latte (1cp)RM 9.50
Hot – Roasted Almond Latte (Large) (1cp)RM 9.50
Iced – Roasted Almond Latte (1cp)RM 9.50
Large Hot CappuccinoRM 8.30
Large Hot AmericanoRM 7.10
Iced – Hazelnut Latte (1cp)RM 9.50
Iced – Vanilla Latte (1cp)RM 9.50


Cream of Salmon Soup (1cp)RM 11.20
Fully Cooked Herb Roasted Chicken Breast (1pc)RM 8.80
Onsen Tamago (1pc)RM 3

Desserts & Cakes

If you’re looking for a wide variety of tasty treats, the FamilyMart Menu Malaysia website has got you covered. From sweet to savory, their menu has it all. Indulge in their Snowy Skin Durian Mooncake (2 in 1) or try the fruity Strawberry Sando. For those who prefer savory options, their Parmesan Mochi Puff and Cheese Pudding are must-tries. And for the chocolate lovers out there, they have a range of options including the Chocolate Bread Pudding and Double Chocolate Ice Choux. With so many delicious options to choose from, there’s something for everyone on the FamilyMart Menu Malaysia website.

Snowy Skin Durian Mooncake (2 in 1)RM 43
Strawberry SandoRM 9.40
Mochi Puff (Parmesan) (1pc)RM 7.10
Cheese Pudding (1cp)RM 8.30
Chocolate Bread Pudding (1pc)RM 8.80
Custard Ice Choux (2pcs)RM 9.80
Banana Cake (1pc)RM 4.30
Original PuddingRM 7.60
Dorayaki (Cheese) (1pc)RM 5.90
Custard Bread Pudding (1pc)RM 8.30
Vanilla Hokkaido Cupcake (1pc)RM 5.90
Brownie (1pc)RM 5.20
Souffle Pudding (1cp)RM 10.70
Double Chocolate Muffin (1pc)RM 5.90
Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake (1pc)RM 5.90
Tiramisu SandoRM 8.30
Black Forest SandoRM 8.30
Vanilla Custard Pocket SandoRM 3.50
Banana Creme (1pc)RM 5.20
Biscoff Baked Cheesecake (1pc)RM 9
Matcha Roll SliceRM 4.80
Chocolate Macarons (3 pcs)RM 15
Double Chocolate Ice Choux (2pcs)RM 10.20
Rich Chocolate Roll CakeRM 7.10
Biscoff Brownie (1pc)RM 6.40
Chocolate Mousse (1cp)RM 8.60
Dorayaki (Chocolate Peanut Butter) (1pc)RM 5.40
Cream Puff (Original) 1PcRM 6.40
Hanjuku Cheese (Original)RM 4.70
Tiramisu Roll Cake (1pc)RM 6.70
Chocolate Pocket SandoRM 3.50
Parfait Cookie Sandwich (Cheese) (1pc)RM 5.90
Belgian Choc Truffle Cake (1pc)RM 8.80
Triple Chocolate Choux Cream (1pc)RM 5.90
Mochi Puff (Original)RM 6.40
Parfait Cookie Sandwich (Strawberry) (1pc)RM 6.40
Cottage CheeseRM 5.90
Hanjuku Cheese (Tiramisu)RM 4.70
Chocolate LavaRM 7.80
Crepe (Cream Cheese) 1PcRM 5.90
Custard Choux Cream (1pc)RM 5.20
Mochi Puff (Hokkaido Melon)RM 6.60
Durian MochiRM 12.40
Blueberry Hokkaido Cupcake (1pc)RM 6.20
Macarons (3 Pcs)RM 15
Marble Butter Slice Cake (1pc)RM 4.70
Parmesan CheesecakeRM 5.40
Chocolate Cheese Pudding w Oreo Crumbs (1cp)RM 7.80


As a regular visitor of FamilyMart Malaysia, I’m impressed with the wide variety of beverage options available at the store. They offer VSoy Soya Bean Milk UHT Multi-Grain 1L, Pokka Premium Matcha Milk Tea 500ml, and Nescafe Iced Latte 500ml, among many others. The prices are also reasonable, with options ranging from RM 2.80 for Hershey’s Soyfresh Mocha 236ml to RM 8.60 for Maeil My Cafe Latte Chocolate Latte 220ml. Additionally, they offer healthier drink options such as Spritzer Mineral Water 1.5L, Yeos Soya 350ml, and Kagome Yasai Seikatsu Carrot & Orange 200ml. Overall, I’m happy with the beverage selection at FamilyMart Malaysia.

VSoy Soya Bean Milk UHT Multi-Grain 1LRM 9.50
Pokka Premium Matcha Milk Tea 500mlRM 7.60
Pokka Ice Strawberry Tea 500mlRM 4.90
Nescafe Ice Can 300mlRM 4.70
Spritzer Mineral Water 1.5LRM 4.90
Red Bull Gold Can 250mlRM 4.60
Yeos Ice Lemon Tea 350mlRM 3.10
If Local Sensation 100% Aromatic CoconutWater350mlRM 4.90
Harada Shizuoka Green Tea with Matcha 500mlRM 7.10
Kagome Yasai Seikatsu Carrot & Orange 200mlRM 7.30
Hershey’s Soyfresh Mocha 236mlRM 2.80
Nescafe Iced Latte 500mlRM 7.60
F&N Teh Tarik Less Sweet 270mlRM 4.80
Yeos Soya 350mlRM 3.10
Milo Activ-Go UHT 200mlRM 3
Nescafe Original Can 240mlRM 4.70
Coca-Cola Rasa Asli 500mlRM 4.40
Tropicana Twister Apple 355mlRM 4.60
Maeil My Cafe Latte Chocolate Latte 220mlRM 8.60
Authentic Tea House Yin Hao Jasmine Green Tea500mlRM 4.50
F&N Teh Tarik Original 270mlRM 4.80
Harada Brown Rice Tea with Matcha 500mlRM 7.10
100plus Lime 500mlRM 4

Hot Snacks

FamilyMart Malaysia offers an extensive variety of beverages and food items. Their beverage selection comprises a range of canned and bottled drinks such as 100Plus Original Reduced Sugar, Kagome Yasai Seikatsu Carrot & Mango, Hershey’s Soyfresh Chocolate, Nescafe Latte, Yeos Lychee, UCC Black Muto Full Body Recap, and many more. In addition, they offer several croissant sandwiches, including the Chicken Slice Cheese Croissant Sandwich, Snowcrab Cheese Croissant Sandwich, and Chocolate Lava Cheese Croissant Sandwich, and delicious snacks like Chicken Curry Puff, Cheesy Spicy Chicken Bites, and Cuttlefish Tofu. With such an extensive array of beverages and food items, FamilyMart Malaysia ensures that their customers can enjoy tasty food and drinks all in one place.

100Plus Original Reduced Sugar 500mlRM 4
Kagome Yasai Seikatsu Carrot & Mango 200mlRM 7.30
Hershey’s Soyfresh Chocolate 236mlRM 2.80
Kagome Yasai Seikatsu Carrot & Grape 200mlRM 7.30
Nescafe Latte Can 240mlRM 4.70
Woongjin Teazle Peach & Oolong Tea 500mlRM 8.60
Yeos Lychee 350mlRM 3.10
100plus Active 500mlRM 4
Pepsi Black Lime 400mlRM 3.40
Pokka Jasmine Green Tea 500mlRM 4.90
FamilyMart Natural Mineral Water 600mlRM 2.30
Rokeby Farm Smoothie Banana 425mlRM 14.40
Milo UHT 1LRM 10.40
Samyang Brown Sugar Milk Tea Cup 250mlRM 9.40
VSoy Multi-Grain 200mlRM 2.40
UCC Black Muto Full Body Recap Can 375mlRM 10.60
Kirin Gogo No Kocha Milk 500mlRM 11.40
Pokka Melon Milk 1LRM 9.20
Nescafe Iced Cappuccino 500mlRM 7.60
Samyang Brown Sugar Latte Cup 250mlRM 9.40
Pokka Banana Milk 1LRM 9.20
Spritzer Tinge Grape 500mlRM 3
Spritzer Mineral Water 600mlRM 2.90
Maeil My Cafe Latte Mild Cafe Latte 220mlRM 8.60
Oyoshi Honey Lemon Green Tea 380mlRM 3.60
Rokeby Farm Smoothie Dutch Chocolate 425mlRM 14.40
Woongjin Teazle Citron & Green Tea 500mlRM 8.60
Kagome Yasai Ichinichi Koreippon (VegeMix) 200mlRM 7.30
F&N Seasons Ice Lemon Tea 380mlRM 3.60
UCC Beans & Roasters Caffe Latte 375gRM 11.30
Tropicana Twister Orange 355mlRM 4.60
Samyang Caffe Latte Cup 200mlRM 8.60
Spritzer Tinge Mango Tango 500mlRM 3
FamilyMart Natural Mineral Water 1.5LRM 4
FamilyMart Orange Juice 250mlRM 4.20
100Plus Regular 1.5LRM 7.20
Marigold Peel Fresh Orange 1LRM 9.40
FamilyMart Green Guava Juice 250mlRM 4.20
Coca-Cola 1.5LRM 7.30
Authentic Tea House Ayataka Green Tea 500mlRM 4.50
Nescafe Mocha Can 240mlRM 4.70
Hershey’s Soyfresh Cookies N Crème 236mlRM 2.80
Samyang Caramel Macchiato Cup 200mlRM 8.60
Nescafe Iced Chococcino 500mlRM 7.60
Yeos Chrysanthemum Tea 350mlRM 3.10
UFC Coconut Water 250mlRM 3.60
100Plus Regular 500mlRM 4
Matcha Adzuki Mochi Croissant Sandwich (1pc)RM 13.10
Chocolate Lava Cheese Croissant SandwichRM 11.90
Chicken Curry Puff (1 pc)RM 3
Korean Cheesy Crispy Chiki (1pc)RM 7.80
Habanero Cheese Sausage (1pc)RM 4.20
Cheesy Spicy Chicken Bites (1 Cup)RM 9.50
Pretzel Jumbo Sausage (1pc)RM 10.70
Chicken Sausage Cheese Croissant SandwichRM 11.90
Chicken Slice Cheese Croissant SandwichRM 11.90
Mushroom & Cheese Sausage (1 pc)RM 4.20
Pizza Hawaiian Chicken (1pc)RM 9
Taiwan Sausage (1 pc)RM 4.20
Spicy Seaweed Crispy Chicken Katsu (1pc)RM 6.60
Chicken Karaage (3pcs)RM 6.20
Cheese Fondue Sauce (1pc)RM 4.70
Potato Corn Sausage (1pc)RM 11.40
Crispy Chicken Loaf with Cheesy Potato (1pc)RM 5.40
Cuttlefish Tofu (1 pc)RM 3.50
Snowcrab Cheese Croissant SandwichRM 11.90
Cheese Fish Tofu (1 pc)RM 3.50
Jalapeno Cheese SausageRM 4.20
Crispy Chicken Loaf (1pc)RM 4.20
Rice Puffs Corn Moza (1pc)RM 10.70
Chicken Spinach Cheese Croissant Sandwich (1s)RM 14.30
Black Pepper Chiki (1 pc)RM 6.60
Pretzel Cheese (1pc)RM 9.50
Double Cheese Corn Sausage (1pc)RM 9
Spicy Cuttlefish Fish Cake (1pc)RM 3.50
Rice Puffs Corn Moza (Choco Jar Edition) (1pc)RM 11.90
Salmon Bar (1 Pc)RM 3.50
Black Pepper Sausage (1 pc)RM 4.20
Spicy Crispy Chiki (1 pc)RM 6.60
Flaming Rice Puffs Corn Moza (1pc)RM 10.70
Spicy Chicken Bites (1 Cup)RM 7.10
Salted Caramel Pretzel Sticks (1cp)RM 8.30
Mala Sausage (1 Pc)RM 4.20
Cheese Sausage (1 pc)RM 4.20
Chocolate Pretzel Sticks 1 CupRM 8.30
Fluffernutter Chocolate Croissant SandwichRM 11.90
Flaming Double Cheese Corn Sausage (1pc)RM 9
Triple Cheese Corn Sausage (1pc)RM 10.20
Fried Mac & Cheese (1pc)RM 7.10
Cheesy Chicken Ball (4pcs)RM 7.10
Flaming Potato Corn Sausage (1pc)RM 11.40
Flaming Triple Cheese Corn Sausage (1pc)RM 10.20


Caesar Chicken Wrap (1pc)RM 11.40
Kani Mayo Egg SandwichRM 7.10
Egg Mayo SandwichRM 6
Spicy Chiki Cheese BurgerRM 11.90
Chicken Slice & Cheese SandwichRM 7.60
Spicy Chicken DelightRM 9.50
BBQ Chicken WrapRM 9.50
Triple Egg Mayo SandwichRM 8.30
Triple Cheese Sausage Koppe Pan (1pc)RM 10.20
Chicken Floss Egg Mayo SandwichRM 6.80
Kani Tuna Mayo WrapRM 10.20
Breakfast WrapRM 9.50
Spicy Tuna Mayo SandwichRM 7.10


Mini Mochi Bun (6 in 1)RM 7.10
Sweet Chilli Mini ViennaRM 3.80
Cheese Bread with Chicken Slice Bits (4 in 1)RM 6.60
Pizza Chicken Slice Bun (1pc)RM 4.70
Hokkaido Melon PanRM 5.20
Triple Chocolate BunRM 7.90
Garlic Butter Sausage BunRM 4.60
Melon PanRM 4.70
Coffee Melon PanRM 5
Parmesan Chicken SliceRM 4.20
Triple Chocolate Melon PanRM 5.30
Honey Mustard Chicken Slice Bun (1pc)RM 4.40
Spicy Floss Cheddar Chic SliceRM 5.40
Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese PanRM 5.20
Sausage Cheese BunRM 4.30
Garlic Cream Cheese Bun (1pc)RM 5.30
Japanese Cheese PanRM 5.40
Cheezy Bun (1pc)RM 3
Buttermilk BunRM 6.60
Hokkaido Milk Loaf (8 in 1)RM 7.10
Custard Oyaki Bun (1pc)RM 4
Pizza Bun (1pc)RM 3
Chocolate Chip Melon PanRM 5.40
Hakuto Peach Pan (1pc)RM 4.70
Cranberry Cream Cheese Oyaki Bun (1pc)RM 4.20
Garlic Butter Smoked Chicken Slice BunRM 5.20
Cheese LoafRM 9.50
Spicy Garlic Cream Cheese Bun (1pc)RM 4.70
Mini Vienna (2 in 1)RM 3.50
Sausage Chicken Floss Bun (1 Pc)RM 5
Chocolate Mochi Bun (6 in 1)RM 7.10
Raisin Brioche Bun (1pc)RM 3.50
Cheese Fondue Bun (1pc)RM 5.40
BBQ Chicken Slice BunRM 4.20


Original Udang Dinner BowlRM 15.50
Buttermilk Popcorn Chicken Fettuccine (1pc)RM 16.70
Spicy Aglio Olio with ShrimpRM 17.90
Creamy Chicken Slice Spaghetti CarbonaraRM 18.60
ToriPaitan Shoyu Ramen w Ajit Tamago (Spicy)RM 14.30
Tom Yum Noodle BowlRM 9.50
Tom Yum Bihun BowlRM 9.50
Spicy Thai Basil Chicken BentoRM 12.40
Karaage Nanban BentoRM 15.50
Satay Snack BowlRM 10.90
Dried Korean Cheese Ramen SetRM 10.20
ToriPaitan Shoyu RamenRM 10.70
Dry Hot Chicken Flavor Korean Cheese RamenRM 8.30
Dry Creamy Korean Cheese Ramen w Chic RouladeRM 14.30
Korean Cheese Ramen SetRM 11.90
ToriPaitan Shoyu Ramen w Chic RouladeRM 16.70
Original Snack BowlRM 8.60
Curry Chicken Katsu Cheese Baked RiceRM 16.70
Lasagna (Beef) (1s)RM 14.30
ToriPaitan Shoyu Ramen w Ajit TamagoRM 14.30
ToriPaitan Shoyu Ramen w Chic Roulade (Spicy)RM 16.70
Tom Yum Udang Snack BowlRM 11.90
Mini Spaghetti BologneseRM 9
Lasagna (Seafood) (1pc)RM 15.50
Banjir Satay Dinner BowlRM 17.20
Chicken LasagnaRM 13.10
Tom Yum Udang Dinner BowlRM 15.50
Dried Korean Cheese RamenRM 8.30
Classic TteokbokkiRM 15.50
Dry Creamy Korean Cheese Ramen With Odeng And King Crab ChunkRM 13.10
Yaki UdonRM 11.90
Dry Creamy Korean Cheese RamenRM 9.50
Dry Korean Cheese Ramen w Chic RouladeRM 13.10
Satay Dinner BowlRM 14.90
Original Udang Snack BowlRM 11.90
Creamy Macaroni And CheeseRM 16.70
Frozen Fusilli Arrabbiata (1s)RM 14.30
Garlic ChahanRM 7.40
ToriPaitan Shoyu Ramen (Spicy)RM 10.70
Creamy Omurice Bento with CheeseRM 16
Golden Salted Egg ChahanRM 10
Mini Meatball Spaghetti (1s)RM 11.20
Banjir Satay Snack BowlRM 13.20
Korean Cheese RamenRM 8.30
Dry Hot Chicken K Cheese Ramen w Chic RouladeRM 13.10
Salted Egg Popcorn Chicken BentoRM 18
Seafood Marinara Spaghetti (1pc)RM 19.80
Tom Yum Snack BowlRM 8.60
Spicy Creamy Macaroni And CheeseRM 16.20
Chicken Jjajang Noodle (1s)RM 13.10
Tom Yum Dinner BowlRM 12.60
Spaghetti BologneseRM 14.80
Original Dinner BowlRM 12.60
Nacho Cheese Popcorn Chicken Bento (1pc)RM 16.20
Cheese Baked GyudonRM 18.80
FamilyMart Menu prices Malaysia
FamilyMart Menu prices Malaysia
FamilyMart Menu prices Malaysia

 FamilyMart alternative restaurants 

Does FamilyMart Malaysia sell alcohol?

There are no alcohol, pork, and lard contain in bento boxes.” “Our desserts and ice cream are also made using Halal certified ingredients.

What is FamilyMart full name?

FamilyMart UNY Holdings Co., Ltd. The Company retains Circle K Sunkus Co., Ltd., and changes its name to FamilyMart Co., Ltd.

Does FamilyMart have ATM?

Yes! FamilyMart has an ATM.

Is Malaysia FamilyMart halal?

Yes! Malaysia FamilyMart is halal.

How many stores does FamilyMart have?

FamilyMart Co., Ltd. operated almost 25 thousand chain stores worldwide,

Does FamilyMart have free WIFI?

Yes! but, you can connect for 60 minutes in a single session, and only three times a day.

How many outlets have FamilyMart in Malaysia?

FamilyMart has more than 240 branches in Malaysia.

Why is FamilyMart famous in Malaysia?

Family Mart is well-known in Malaysia for its optional and distinctively flavorful food.

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