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Restoran Sederhana Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Restoran Sederhana Menu Malaysia is a must-visit for anyone who loves delicious and affordable Malaysian food. The Nasi Campur and Nasi Putih Bungkus are crowd favorites, priced at RM 7.42 and RM 5.51 respectively. For meat lovers, the Rendang Daging is a standout dish, packed with authentic Malaysian flavors and priced at RM 12.40. Those looking for a unique dish should try the Teri Petai Goreng, priced at RM 9.65. Sambal lovers can rejoice with the restaurant’s tangy and spicy Sambal, priced at RM 4.13. Another must-try is the Ayam Pop, priced at RM 13.78, which is perfect for those who love flavorful and tender chicken.

Nasi CampurRM 7.42
Nasi Putih BungkusRM 5.51
Rendang DagingRM 12.40
Teri Petai GorengRM 9.65
SambalRM 4.13
Ayam PopRM 13.78
Restoran Sederhana Menu  Malaysia

Ayam Kampung

Gulai AyamRM 13.78
Ayam PopRM 13.78
Ayam GorengRM 13.78
Ayam BakarRM 13.78
Ayam Cabai HijauRM 13.78
Restoran Sederhana Menu  Malaysia

Aneka Daging

Restoran Sederhana Menu Malaysia is a paradise for meat lovers, with an extensive selection of dishes that cater to every palate. The Rendang Daging, priced at RM 12.40, is a must-try, as it’s a perfect balance of spiciness and tenderness. The Dendeng Kering, also priced at RM 12.40, is a popular dried beef snack that’s both crispy and flavorful. For adventurous eaters, the Tunjang/Urat, priced at RM 13.78, and the Paru, priced at RM 12.40, offer unique and authentic flavors that can’t be found elsewhere. Another standout dish is the Dendeng Basah, priced at RM 12.40, which is a mouth-watering dish of thinly sliced beef in sweet and savory sauce. Finally, the Cincang Daging Kambing, priced at RM 17.91, is a delicious minced lamb dish that is perfect for those looking for a hearty and satisfying meal

Rendang DagingRM 12.40
Dendeng KeringRM 12.40
Tunjang/UratRM 13.78
ParuRM 12.40
Dendeng BasahRM 12.40
Cincang Daging KambingRM 17.91
Restoran Sederhana Menu  Malaysia

Aneka Ikan

Kembung Goreng BaladoRM 12.40
Siakap BakarRM 48.23
Ikan Lele/Keli GorengRM 11.02

Aneka Sayur & Vegetarian

SayurRM 6.89
Teri Petai GorengRM 9.65

Aneka Sambal & Telor

Jering GorengRM 9.65
Udang PetaiRM 16.54
SambalRM 4.13
Restoran Sederhana Menu  Malaysia

Aneka Nasi

Nasi Putih BungkusRM 5.51
Nasi CampurRM 7.42

Padang BOX

Padang BOX (A)RM 24.38
Padang BOX (B)RM 27.56
Padang BOX (C)RM 36
Restoran Sederhana Menu  Malaysia

Lain – Lain

Kerupuk Kulit/ JangekRM 5.83

Special Minuman

Restoran Sederhana Menu Malaysia offers a wide selection of beverages that cater to all preferences. The Orange Juice, Juice Sirsak/Durian Belanda, and Juice Carrot, all priced at RM 9, are perfect for those who want a refreshing and healthy drink. The Sirup Ice Bandung, priced at RM 6, and the Soda Gembira, priced at RM 7, are great options for those who prefer a sweeter drink. For those who want a classic drink, Restoran Sederhana also serves coffee and tea, with options like Nescafe, Teh O Ice, and Ice Lemon Tea, all priced at RM 5. Those who prefer non-caffeinated drinks can choose from options like Limau O Suam, Teh Pucuk, and 100 Plus, all priced at RM 3.50. Restoran Sederhana Menu Malaysia’s drink menu also includes unique options like Sirup Lecy and Teh O Ais Leci, both priced at RM 6, for those who want a sweet and refreshing drink with a twist. Overall, Restoran Sederhana’s drink selection is extensive and caters to all preferences, making it a great place to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Orange JuiceRM 9
Juice Sirsak / Durian BelandaRM 9
Juice CarrotRM 9
Sirup Ice BandungRM 6
Soda GembiraRM 7
Mineral WaterRM 2.50
Teh O IceRM 2.50
Ice Lemon TeaRM 5
Sirup IceRM 5
NescafeRM 5
Nescafe IceRM 5
Limau O SuamRM 5
Kopi ORM 3
Teh O PanasRM 2
Milo ORM 3.50
Teh Sosro BotolRM 5
Teh O SuamRM 2
Coca-cola CanRM 3
Sprite CanRM 3
AWRM 3.50
Coca Cola KalengRM 3.50
Teh PucukRM 3
SpriteRM 3.50
100 PlusRM 3.50
PepsiRM 3.50
Sirup LecyRM 6
Teh O Ais LeciRM 6
Restoran Sederhana Menu  Malaysia

Aneka Buah

Juice SemangkaRM 9
Juice ManggaRM 9
Restoran Sederhana Menu prices  Malaysia
Restoran Sederhana Menu prices Malaysia
Restoran Sederhana Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of Restoran Sederhana in Malaysia?

Bustaman is the owner of Restoran Sederhana in Malaysia.

Is Restoran Sederhana halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Restoran Sederhana halal in Malaysia.

What Restoran Sederhana accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Restoran Sederhana accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

How many branches have Restoran Sederhana in Malaysia?

Restoran Sederhana has more than 30 branches in Malaysia.

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