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Oh Apong Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


If you’re looking for a unique snack, Oh Apong is the place to go! Their signature apong is a must-try, starting from just RM 7. And for coffee lovers, you can try their apong coffee latte or matcha latte, both starting from RM 11. If you want to save a little bit of money, Oh Apong also offers combo deals starting from RM 10. The classic chocolate hot is also a popular choice for those who want a warm and comforting drink.

Signature Apongfrom RM 7
Apong Coffee Lattefrom RM 12
Combofrom RM 10
Lattefrom RM 11
classic chocolate hotfrom RM 11
Matcha Lattefrom RM 11
Oh Apong Menu  Malaysia

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Signature Apongfrom RM 7
Combofrom RM 10
Oh Apong Menu  Malaysia


Salt BaeRM 15


chocolate chip cookiesRM 4.50
Oat & Berry CookiesRM 4.50
Oh Apong Menu  Malaysia


If you’re looking for a place to satisfy your coffee cravings, Oh Apong’s menu has a wide selection of coffee beverages for you to choose from. You can enjoy classic coffee choices like Hot Espresso, Americano, Long Black, and Cappuccino. If you prefer something sweeter, you can try their Mocha or Biscoff Apong Coffee Latte. Iced Apong Affogato is perfect if you’re looking for something to cool down with. All their coffee drinks are available at reasonable prices starting from RM 8. The cafe also serves their signature Apong, which is a popular Malaysian snack, and a perfect addition to your coffee.

Hot Espressofrom RM 8
Americanofrom RM 9
Long Blackfrom RM 9
Lattefrom RM 11
Hot Cappuccinofrom RM 11
Flat Whitefrom RM 11
Mochafrom RM 12
Apong Coffee Lattefrom RM 12
Biscoff Apong Coffee Lattefrom RM 14
Iced Apong Affogatofrom RM 12
Oh Apong Menu  Malaysia

Tea & Other Beverages

If you’re a tea lover, Oh Apong offers an array of refreshing iced tea beverages, including the Iced Osmanthus Oolong Tea and Iced White Peach Tea, both priced at RM 9. For those who prefer something with a little more zest, the Iced Zes-tea Lemonade is a perfect choice at RM 10, while the Iced Passion Fruit Lemonade Soda offers a tangy twist priced at RM 11. Additionally, their Hot Artisan Fine Teas are a great choice to keep you warm and satisfied, starting from RM 9. You can also indulge in their sweet and creamy Apong Milk or Flavoured Milk starting from RM 10. Finally, for all the chocolate lovers out there, their classic chocolate hot drink priced at RM 11 is a must-try.

Iced Osmanthus Oolong TeaRM 9
Iced White Peach TeaRM 9
Iced Zes-tea LemonadeRM 10
Iced Passion Fruit Lemonade SodaRM 11
Hot Artisan Fine TeasRM 9
Apong Milkfrom RM 10
Flavoured Milkfrom RM 11
classic chocolate hotfrom RM 11
Oh Apong Menu  Malaysia

Niko Neko Series

Matcha Teafrom RM 9
Matcha Lattefrom RM 11
Matcha Apong Lattefrom RM 12
Iced Matcha Apong Affogatofrom RM 12
Houjicha Teafrom RM 9
Houjicha Lattefrom RM 11
Houjicha Apong Lattefrom RM 12
Iced Houjicha Apong Affogatofrom RM 12
Genmaicha Teafrom RM 9
Genmaicha Lattefrom RM 11
Genmaicha Apong Lattefrom RM 12
Iced Genmaicha Apong Affogatofrom RM 12
Oh Apong Menu  Malaysia

Special Beverages

Matcha Coffee Lattefrom RM 12
Iced Passion Fruit Soda Matchafrom RM 13
Matcha Chocolate Apong Lattefrom RM 13
Oh Apong Menu  Malaysia
Oh Apong Menu  Malaysia
Oh Apong Menu Malaysia

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