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Hello JAPANGI CAFE lovers, are you looking for the latest JAPANGI CAFE Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of JAPANGI CAFE Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

JAPANGI CAFE Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


JAPANGI CAFE is a must-visit spot for anyone craving authentic Korean cuisine. The menu features a variety of mouth-watering dishes such as the spicy chicken Dakgalbi dosirak, beef Bulgogi, and boneless fried chicken, all at reasonable prices starting from RM 16.40. The Kimchi Gimbap and Kimchi Fried Rice with Cheese & Egg are two of their most popular dishes and for good reason. They are deliciously satisfying and are sure to leave you wanting more. Whether you’re a fan of Korean cuisine or trying it for the first time, JAPANGI CAFE is definitely worth a visit.

F08. Spicy Chicken Dakgalbi Dosirakfrom RM 16.40
F32. Kimchi GimbapRM 12.70
F07. Beef Bulgogifrom RM 18.60
F01. Chickenfrom RM 16.40
F09. Boneless Fried Chickenfrom RM 16.40
F10. Kimchi Fried Rice with Cheese & Eggfrom RM 15.30
JAPANGI CAFE Menu  Malaysia


Horlick Boba Milk Tea 好力克珍珠奶茶from RM 10.90
Horlick Smoothie 好力克冰沙from RM 12
Milo Horlick Smoothiefrom RM 12
JAPANGI CAFE Menu  Malaysia

Exclusive Bundle

Jjampong (For 3-4pax)RM 73.40
Bulgogi JeongolRM 75.70
Kimchi JjigaeRM 64.20


JAPANGI CAFE is a must-visit place for those who love Japanese and Korean cuisine. The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes with various options, such as chicken, beef, turkey, tuna, chicken sausage, tofu, and more. The restaurant is popular for its Beef Bulgogi, which is cooked to perfection and served with a side of rice. Another must-try dish is the Spicy Chicken Dakgalbi Dosirak, which is a spicy chicken dish that is packed with flavor. For those who want something light, the Tofu dish is highly recommended. The prices of the dishes are also reasonable, starting from RM 13.10, so it won’t break the bank.

F01. Chickenfrom RM 16.40
F02. Beeffrom RM 18.60
F03. Turkeyfrom RM 16.40
F04. Tunafrom RM 17.50
F05. Chicken Sausagefrom RM 15.30
F06. Tofufrom RM 13.10
F07. Beef Bulgogifrom RM 18.60
F08. Spicy Chicken Dakgalbi Dosirakfrom RM 16.40
F09. Boneless Fried Chickenfrom RM 16.40
F10. Kimchi Fried Rice with Cheese & Eggfrom RM 15.30
JAPANGI CAFE Menu  Malaysia

Egg Pockets

F22. Classic Egg PocketRM 13.10
F23. Bacon Cheese PocketRM 15.30
F24. Ham Cheese PocketRM 15.30
F25. Beef Bulgogi PocketRM 17.50
F26. Spicy Chicken Dakgalbi PocketRM 15.30
JAPANGI CAFE Menu  Malaysia

Korean Chicken

F14. Sweet & Spicy Wingette & Drumettefrom RM 18.30
F16. Honey Garlic Wingette & Drumettefrom RM 18.30
F17. Cheese Wingette & Drumettefrom RM 16.10
F18. Creamy Onion Wingette & Drumettefrom RM 16.10
F19. Sweet & Spicy Boneless Chicken with Rice Cakefrom RM 16.70
F21. Honey Garlic Boneless Chicken with Rice Cakefrom RM 16.70
JAPANGI CAFE Menu  Malaysia


F11. Original Ramyeonfrom RM 12
F12. Spicy Ramyeonfrom RM 14.20
F13. Kimchi Soup Ramyeonfrom RM 15.30

Gimbap & Pizza

If you’re looking for delicious Korean fusion cuisine in Malaysia, JAPANGI CAFE’s menu is sure to satisfy your cravings. Their Gimbap rolls are a must-try, with options like the Kimchi Gimbap, Tuna Mayo Gimbap, and Tuna Kimchi Gimbap ranging from RM 12.70 to RM 17. If you’re in the mood for pizza, JAPANGI CAFE offers unique toppings like Spicy Kimchi and Chicken Dakgalbi on their Beef Pepperoni and Tuna Pizzas, with prices ranging from RM 18.60 to RM 23. Don’t miss out on their Chicken Sausage Pizza and Beef Bulgogi Gimbap as well, both priced at RM 20.80 and RM 17.60 respectively. JAPANGI CAFE’s menu has something for everyone and is sure to leave your taste buds satisfied.

F32. Kimchi GimbapRM 12.70
F32. Tuna Mayo GimbapRM 16
F33. Tuna Kimchi GimbapRM 17
F34. Beef Bulgogi GimbapRM 17.60
F35. Cheese GimbapRM 14.30
F36. Beef Pepperoni PizzaRM 23
F37. Spicy Kimchi PizzaRM 18.60
F38. Tuna PizzaRM 23
F39. Spicy Chicken Dakgalbi PizzaRM 21.90
F40. Chicken Sausage PizzaRM 20.80

French Fries & Nuggets

F28. Original FriesRM 6.60
F29. Kimchi Seasoned FriesRM 7.70
F30. Cheese Seasoned FriesRM 7.70
F31. NuggetsRM 9.90

Korean Jujube Series

D52. Honey Jujube Teafrom RM 9.80
D53. Aloe Vera Jujube Teafrom RM 9.80
D54. Yuzu Jujube Teafrom RM 9.80

Chocolate Series

D56. Signature Chocolatefrom RM 12
D57. Dark Chocolatefrom RM 12
D58. Chocolate Mintfrom RM 13.10

Coffee & Matcha Series

D59. Tiramisufrom RM 12
D60. Matchafrom RM 13.10
D61. Mochafrom RM 12
D62. Cappuccinofrom RM 12
D63. Lattefrom RM 12

Iced Shaken Tea Series

D37. Passion Fruit Ice Shaken Teafrom RM 8.70
D38. Mango Ice Shaken Teafrom RM 8.70
D40. Peach Ice Shaken Teafrom RM 8.70
D41. Pineapple Ice Shaken Teafrom RM 9.80
D42. Pineapple Lemon Ice Shaken Teafrom RM 9.80
D44. Rosy Peachfrom RM 9.80

Soda Series

D45. Passionfruit Sodafrom RM 9.80
D46. Mango Sodafrom RM 9.80
D48. Yuzu Sodafrom RM 9.80
D50. Peach Sodafrom RM 9.80

Banana Milk Series

D19. Banana Boba Milkfrom RM 14.20
D20. Banana Milk Cheese Foamfrom RM 13.10

Healthy Tea Bag Series

D22. Longan Wolfberry Jujubefrom RM 8.90
D23. Sakura Oolong Teafrom RM 8.90
D24. Lychee Oolong Teafrom RM 8.90
D25. Peach Tea Bagfrom RM 8.90
D26. Chrysanthemum Wolfberryfrom RM 8.90
D27. Rose Green Teafrom RM 8.90

Fresh Fruit Tea Series

D28. Unicorn Lemonadefrom RM 12.90
D29. Fruit Paradisefrom RM 16.40
D30. Vitamin C Dreamfrom RM 16.40
D32. Petite Rosefrom RM 16.40
D34. Energy Boostfrom RM 15.30

Milk Tea Series

D01. Unicorn Pink Boba Milk Teafrom RM 14.20
D02. Brown Sugar Boba Milk Teafrom RM 10.90
D03. Garden Milk Teafrom RM 12
D04. Classic Milk Teafrom RM 8.70
D05. Classic Boba Milk Teafrom RM 9.80

Fresh Milk Series

D06. Brown Sugar Boba Milkfrom RM 12
D07. Matcha Boba Milkfrom RM 15.30
D09. Chocolate Boba Milkfrom RM 14.20

Cheese Foam Series

JAPANGI CAFE in Malaysia offers an incredible selection of tea-based beverages with unique twists. The Classic Milk Tea Cheese Foam is a must-try for any tea lover, with its creamy cheese foam topping adding an irresistible layer of indulgence to the classic milk tea. For those looking for a floral twist, the Rose Tea Cheese Foam is a delightful option, while the Peach Tea Cheese Foam is a fruity and refreshing choice. The Green Tea Cheese Foam, Lychee Oolong Cheese Foam, and Sakura Oolong Cheese Foam are also worth exploring for a range of exquisite tea flavors. Prices for these delectable drinks start from RM 10.90, making them a delicious and affordable option.

D10. Classic Milk Tea Cheese Foamfrom RM 10.90
D11. Rose Tea Cheese Foamfrom RM 12
D12. Peach Tea Cheese Foamfrom RM 12
D13. Green Tea Cheese Foamfrom RM 12
D14. Lychee Oolong Cheese Foamfrom RM 12
D15. Sakura Oolong Cheese Foamfrom RM 12

Pink Series

D16. Lychee Boomfrom RM 14.20
D17. Rose Boba Milkfrom RM 13.10
D18. Strawberry Boba Milkfrom RM 14.20
JAPANGI CAFE Menu  Malaysia
JAPANGI CAFE Menu Malaysia
JAPANGI CAFE Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of JAPANGI CAFE in Malaysia?

 Rasa Daebak is the owner of JAPANGI CAFE in Malaysia.

Is JAPANGI CAFE halal in Malaysia?

We are not sure if JAPANGI CAFE is halal in Malaysia or not.

How many branches have JAPANGI CAFE in Malaysia?

JAPANGI CAFE has more than 20 outlets in Malaysia.

What JAPANGI CAFE Accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! JAPANGI CAFE Accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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