Family Bakery Taiping Menu prices 2023 Malaysia

Hello Family Bakery Taiping lovers, are you looking for the latest Family Bakery Taiping Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists Family Bakery Taiping Menu 2023 Malaysia with prices.

Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


Big PizzaRM 4.59
Cheesy Butter Croissant BoxRM 8.10
Sausage BoatRM 3.78
Potato BunRM 5.67
Fish Fillet BurgerRM 4.23
Red Bean BunRM 6.12
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia

Cream Cupcake

Moist Chocolate Cream CupcakeRM 5.76
Happy Monster Cream CupcakeRM 5.76
Biscoff Caramel Cream CupcakeRM 5.7
Moist Vanilla Cream CupcakeRM 5.76
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia

Birthday Cake

Family Bakery in Taiping offers a wide variety of delicious cakes that are perfect for any occasion. From classic flavors like Black Forest Cherry and Tiramisu to unique offerings like Ipoh White Coffee and Lacho, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. The Belgium Chocolate cake is a must-try for chocolate lovers, while the Red Velvet cake is perfect for those who love a subtle cocoa flavor. For those who prefer something nutty, the Opera Hazelnut cake is an excellent option. And for the Oreo enthusiasts, the Cookie & Cream OREO Birthday Cake is sure to satisfy.

Cookie & Cream OREO Birthday CakeRM 45
Black Forest Cherry (0.5 KG)RM 58.50
Tiramisu (0.5 KG)RM 58.50
Red Velvet (0.5 KG)RM 58.50
Belgium Chocolate (0.5 KG)RM 63RM 70
Lacho (0.5 KG)RM 54
Ipoh White Coffee (0.5 KG)RM 54
Opera Hazelnut (0.5 KG)RM 58.50
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia

Slice Cake

Family Bakery in Taiping offers a delicious selection of sliced cakes that are perfect for those who love to indulge in a sweet treat. Their Heavy Cheese Slice Cake is a must-try for cheese lovers, while their Belgium Chocolate Slice Cake is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The Tiramisu and Black Forest Cherry Slice Cakes are classic choices that are sure to satisfy, and the Dreamy Rainbow Sliced Cake is a fun and colorful option for those who want to try something different. Other popular options include the Red Velvet, Blueberry Cheese, and Mango Custard Slice Cakes, each with their unique flavor profiles. The prices at Family Bakery in Taiping are also very reasonable, making it an excellent option for those looking for a delicious yet affordable slice of cake.

Heavy Cheese Slice Cakefrom RM 12.60
Belgium Chocolate Slice Cakefrom RM 9.81
Tiramisu Slice Cakefrom RM 8.91
Black Forest Cherry Slice Cakefrom RM 8.91
Dreamy Rainbow Sliced CakeRM 8.91
Marble Cheese Slice Cakefrom RM 12.60
Blueberry Cheese Slice Cakefrom RM 9.81
Red Velvet Slice Cakefrom RM 9.81
Lacho Slice Cakefrom RM 8.91
American Dark Chocolate Slice Cakefrom RM 8.91
Opera Hazelnut Slice Cakefrom RM 8.01
Ipoh White Coffee Slice Cakefrom RM 8.01
Mango Custard Slice Cakefrom RM 9.27
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia


If you’re looking for an affordable and delicious dessert, you should definitely check out Family Bakery Taiping’s menu. Their Vanilla Fresh Cream Puff is a must-try, and at just RM 2.16, it won’t break the bank. Their Honey Marble Cake is also a steal, priced at RM 3.87, and is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Additionally, if you’re a fan of chocolate, don’t miss out on their Chocolate Mini Puff Box or Chocolate Odyssey, both under RM 17. Overall, Family Bakery Taiping has a wide range of desserts to choose from at very reasonable prices, making it a great spot for a quick treat or special occasion.

Vanilla Fresh Cream PuffRM 2.16
Honey Marble CakeRM 3.87
Chocolate Mini Puff BoxRM 6.93
Vanilla Mini Puff BoxRM 6.93
Orange Pandan SpongeRM 3.87
Juicy Orange Mini CakeRM 2.16
Nutty Nutella Mini CakeRM 2.16
Juicy Strawberry Mini CakeRM 2.16
Lovely MarshmallowRM 3.51
Chocolate Ice Cream Mini Cake BoxRM 22.50
Dreamy Rainbow Ice Cream Mini Cake BoxRM 22.50
Dreamy Rainbow Baby ChiffonRM 8.10
Chocopuff OdysseyRM 15.12
Biscoff Cheese CakeRM 15.12
Chocolate OdysseyRM 15.12
Mix Fruit Pound CakeRM 6.93RM 7.70
Pocket Doraemonfrom RM 13.95
Pure Butter CakeRM 18.90
Milk Cheese Cakefrom RM 13.95
Coffee Sponge SliceRM 3.96
Pandan Cream DessertsRM 10.35
Mini Salted Cheese Cakefrom RM 2.52
Rainbow Slice CakeRM 3.96
Brownie Cheesefrom RM 2.52
Banana Cake SliceRM 3.96
Sakura Yogurt CheeseRM 69.03
XL MarshmallowRM 11.61
Chocolate Brownie CakeRM 19.80
Marble Butter CakeRM 18.90
Pandan Coconut Cakefrom RM 11.61
Gold Ingotfrom RM 7.29
Heavy Butter SliceRM 3.96
Mixed Fruit SliceRM 3.96
Lovely ChildhoodRM 3.42
Marshmallow Hello KittyRM 3.51
Osaka Cupcakesfrom RM 11.70
Cartoon Rainbow DessertRM 10.35
Colorful ChildhoodRM 3.33
Dark Chocolate Mini CakeRM 2.16
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia


Caramel PopcornRM 23.31
Swan LollipopRM 3.87
Unicorn LollipopRM 4.50
Marshmallow Chocolate (Choco)RM 3.42
Jelly Rainbow Desserts BoxRM 4.68
Pandan Cream Swissroll (BIG)from RM 16.20
Belgium Chocolate Swissroll (BIG)from RM 16.20]
Cottony Coffee Cream SwissrollRM 16.20
Cottony Pastry Rainbow SwissrollRM 16.20
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia

Small Bun

If you’re looking for delicious snacks that won’t break the bank, Family Bakery Taiping has got you covered. Their menu offers a variety of options to satisfy any craving, from savory snacks like the Sunflower Cheezy Sausage and Fish Fillet Burger to sweet treats like the Cranberry Cream Cheese Bun and Mocha Mexico Bun. Prices range from RM 1.89 for a Mini Chicken Sausage to RM 5.10 for a Big Pizza, making it easy to grab a quick bite without spending a lot. Don’t miss out on their crowd-favorite Cheezy Sausage Bun and Nacho Cheese Chicken Slice – they are a must-try!

Cranberry Cream Cheese BunRM 3.42
Doughnut Ball (6pcs)RM 3.42
Mini DoughnutRM 2.97
Sunflower Cheezy SausageRM 4.23
Chicken Sausage BunRM 3.06
Twist DonutsRM 3.78
3 In 1 Tuna BunRM 4.14
Mini Chicken SausageRM 1.89
Big PizzaRM 4.59
Fish Fillet BurgerRM 4.23
Parmeson Cheese SausageRM 3.8
Sausage BoatRM 3.78
Mocha Mexico BunRM 3.87
Pizza CupRM 3.42
Cheezy Sausage BunRM 3.78
Nacho CheeseRM 4.14
Cheesy CrabRM 4.50
Premium Tuna CheeseRM 4.59
Nacho Cheese Chicken SliceRM 4.23
Sausage Meaty Extra Cheese BunRM 4.50
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia

Breads & Buns

If you’re in Taiping and looking for a bakery with a wide range of tasty treats, look no further than Family Bakery. With menu items like the Cheesy Butter Croissant Box, Dirty Gebu Chocolate Bun, and Mini Mexico Roti Box, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth. They also have savory options, like the Chicken Slice & Cheese Sandwich and Thousand Island Mashed Potato Sandwich, perfect for a quick lunch on the go. And with prices ranging from RM 4.32 to RM 9, you can indulge without breaking the bank.

Cheesy Butter Croissant BoxRM 8.10
Dirty Gebu Chocolate BunRM 4.50
Mini Mexico Roti BoxRM 7.20
Nacho Cheese Chicken Slice Travel BoxRM 6.93
Pandan String Slice BreadRM 4.59
Milk Jumbo Slice BreadRM 5.31
Chicken Slice & Cheese SandwichRM 4.32
Thousand Island Mashed Potato SandwichRM 5.76
Breakfast SandwichRM 5.58
Korean Garlic Cheese Bread ( Mini )RM 6.48
Potato BunRM 5.67
Coffee Cream BunRM 6.12
Butter Kaya BunRM 6.12
Wholemeal Jumbo BreadRM 5.76
Red Bean BunRM 6.12
Soft Round BunRM 4.95
Chicken Slice & Fluff BreadRM 7.65
Pandan Filling 4 In 1 BunRM 6.84
Cheese BunRM 5.67
Chocolate BunRM 5.67
Mini Chocolate Croissants 5 In 1RM 8.46
Mini Croissants 5 In 1RM 7.65
Double Raisin Cheezy BunRM 6.84
Wholemeal BunRM 5.04
Raisin Cheese Custard BunRM 7.83
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia

Summer Soda Series

Honey Yuzu Summer SodaRM 9.81
Passion Fruit Summer SodaRM 9.81

Fairyland Products ( Add Ons )

As someone who recently celebrated a birthday, I was impressed by the selection of birthday supplies available at Family Bakery Taiping. They offer a variety of affordable options, including the Happy Birthday Candle Set for only RM 10.35, which helped make my celebration extra special. I also appreciated the Disposable Cutlery Set for only RM 5.85, which made cleaning up after the party a breeze. For those looking to add some extra flair to their cake, they have a range of Golden Number Candles (from 0-9) for only RM 3.42 each, which I found to be a great value. Overall, I was very satisfied with the quality and price of the birthday supplies available at Family Bakery Taiping.

Happy Birthday Candle SetRM 10.35
Disposable Cultlery SetRM 5.85
1 Pcs Fire CandleRM 3.42
Golden Number Candle 4RM 3.42
Golden Number Candle 5RM 3.42
Golden Number Candle 6RM 3.42
Golden Number Candle 7RM 3.42
Golden Number Candle 8RM 3.42
Golden Number Candle 9RM 3.42
Golden Number Candle 0RM 3.42
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia
Family Bakery Taiping Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of Family Bakery Taiping in Malaysia?

 Mr. Kenny Chin & Mrs. Gift Chen are the owners of Family Bakery Taiping in Malaysia.

Is Family Bakery Taiping halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Family Bakery Taiping is halal in Malaysia

What Family Bakery Taiping accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Family Bakery Taiping accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

How many branches have Family Bakery Taiping in Malaysia?

Family Bakery Taiping has more than 20 outlets in Malaysia.

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