Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar Menu Prices 2023 Malaysia 2023

Hello Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar lovers, are you looking for the latest Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar Menu 2023 Malaysia with prices.

Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar Menu Malaysia
Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar Menu Malaysia

Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar in Malaysia and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with their menu offerings. The highlight of my meal was their Set AG, which consisted of a delicious combination of rice, curry, and various meats for the unbeatable price of RM 15.50. Another great option I tried was their Set D, which was a more budget-friendly option at only RM 8.90. The Ayam Goreng (Fried chicken) was a tasty and satisfying dish as well, and is priced at RM 11. For those looking for a more substantial meal, I highly recommend their Set GTS, which includes rice, curry, and a variety of meats, all for RM 24.50. Finally, the Daging (Beef) dish was also a great choice at RM 4.70.

Set AGRM 15.50
Set DRM 8.90
Set AKRM 15.50
Ayam Goreng (Fried chicken)RM 11
Set GTSRM 24.50
Daging (Beef)RM 4.70

Set Nasi Kandar

Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar’s menu offers a variety of set options such as Set AG, AK, IG, IK, S, D, GTS, K, and KTS, all ranging from RM 8.90 to RM 24.50. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Nasi Kandar set or something more unique like Set GTS or Set KTS, Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar has got you covered. Their menu is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary tastes which will leave you wanting more.

Set AGRM 15.50
Set AKRM 15.50
Set IGRM 11.80
Set IKRM 11.80
Set SRM 23.30
Set DRM 8.90
Set GTSRM 24.50
Set KRM 15.50
Set KTSRM 24.50

Set Nasi Biryani

Set Briyani KambingRM 18.50
Set Briyani Ayam KariRM 18.50
Set Briyani DagingRM 11.20
Set Briyani Ayam GorengRM 18.50
Set Briyani Ayam BawangRM 14.80

Ala Carte

Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar offers a wide variety of set options to choose from, such as Set AG for RM 15.50, Set AK for RM 15.50, Set IGRM for 11.80, Set IK for RM 11.80, Set S for RM 23.30, Set D for RM 8.90, Set GTS for RM 24.50, Set K for RM 15.50, and Set KTS for RM 24.50. Each set comes with a variety of delicious dishes, making it the perfect choice for those who want to try a little bit of everything. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or just a quick bite, Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar has something to satisfy your cravings.

Ikan Goreng (Fried fish)RM 7.80
Telur Ikan (Fish roe)RM 7.80
Ayam Kari (Curry chicken)RM 11
Daging (Beef)RM 4.70
Ayam Goreng (Fried chicken)RM 11
Kambing (Mutton)RM 11
Sotong (2 Pcs)RM 18.50
Udang (1 Pc)RM 18.75
Papadom (4 Pcs)RM 2.40
Telur Sotong (Squid egg)RM 11
1/2 Telur MasinRM 1.80
Cili Hijau (1 Pc)RM 1
Ikan Bilis (1 Scoop)RM 3.10
Kerang (1 Scoop)RM 4.70
Bendi (3 Pcs)RM 2.40
Telur RebusRM 1.90
Sayur (1 Scoop)RM 3.10
Nasi Putih (1 Plate)RM 2.20
Ikan Kari (Curry fish)RM 7.80
TahuRM 2.20
Nasi Biryani (1 Plate)RM 6
Telur Goreng BawangRM 3.50
Ayam BawangRM 8.50


Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar in Malaysia offers a variety of options, including Set AGRM 15.50, Set AKRM 15.50, Set IGRM 11.80, Set IKRM 11.80, Set SRM 23.30, Set DRM 8.90, Set GTSRM 24.50, Set KRM 15.50, and Set KTSRM 24.50. All of these meals are delicious and affordable. Additionally, Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar menu also offers a variety of drinks such as Teh, Teh O, Teh O Limau, Kopi, Kopi O, Milo, Milo O, Nescafe, Nescafe O, Neslo, White Coffee, Iced Fresh Orange, Iced Fresh Apple, Iced Carrot Milk, Iced Sirap, Iced Sirap Bandung, Limau, and Iced Sunquick Oren. with prices starting at RM 2.50. Make sure to check out Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar for a satisfying and delicious meal.

Tehfrom RM 2.90
Teh Ofrom RM 2.50
Teh O Limaufrom RM 2.90
Kopifrom RM 2.90
Kopi Ofrom RM 2.50
Milofrom RM 4.50
Milo Ofrom RM 4.20
Nescafefrom RM 4.50
Nescafe Ofrom RM 4.20
Neslofrom RM 6
White Coffeefrom RM 4.50
Iced Fresh OrangeRM 6.30
Iced Fresh AppleRM 6.30
Iced Carrot MilkRM 6.70
Iced SirapRM 2.80
Iced Sirap BandungRM 3.10
Limaufrom RM 2.70
Iced Sunquick OrenRM 3.10

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Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar Menu Malaysia

What is inside Nasi Kandar?

Nasi Kandar consists of steamed rice combined with an array of distinct curries, side dishes, and gravies.

Why do people love Nasi Kandar?

Nasi kandar is a well-loved Malaysian dish. It’s especially great for those late night mamak sessions or even after a night out drinking. With piping-hot steamed rice and an array of meats, fish, veggies and your favourite choice of kuah, it’s basically the perfect hearty meal.

What does Nasi sauce taste like?

Nasi sauce tastes like a distinguished aroma due to the generous amount of caramelized sweet soy sauce and the addition of shrimp paste. It has an earthy and smoky flavor, and the taste is stronger and spicier compared to its cousin, the Chinese fried rice.

What is Bali nasi?

Nasi Bali is a favorite among tourists. This Balinese version of nasi campur probably is the most internationally well-known version, mostly due to the “Bali factor”, the Balinese popularity as the island resort among international visitors.

What is Nasi Kuku?

Nasi Kukus is a traditional Malaysian delicacy characterized by its distinctive steamed rice. Meticulously cooked in individual aluminum bowls over large steamers, the rice is usually served piping hot with a mix of flavourful curries and side dishes.

Is Nasi Lemak spicy?

Nasi Lemak is the savory and creamy rice that carries this dish, with spicy sambal to give it that extra zing. Spicy sambal chill perfectly rounds off local favorite Nasi Lemak. Anchored by creamy, coconut-infused rice, this zesty dish is a delight for the taste buds.

What fish is used in nasi lemak?

Yes! fish has used in Nasi lemak. The fish species are the yellow-banded scad, which is typically deep-fried and served in the popular dish Nasi Lemak.

What is the difference between nasi lemak and nasi goreng?

The Nasi Lemak is not to be confused with Nasi Goreng. There is a difference between rice that is cooked and rice that is fried. The Malay word for fried is “goreng” and the Nasi Goreng is actually fried rice, Adrian.

Who is the owner of Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar in Malaysia?

Mohamed Raffe is the owner of Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar in Malaysia.

What Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Restoran Raffe Nasi Kandar halal in Malaysia.

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