Halab Penang Menu Prices 2024 Malaysia

Hello Halab Penang lovers, are you looking for the latest Halab Penang Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists Halab Penang Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Halab Penang Menu Malaysia
Halab Penang Menu Malaysia

Halab Penang Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Chicken Shawarma Sandwichfrom RM 10
Arabic Shawarmafrom RM 26.40
Chicken MandiRM 33.60
Lamb MandiRM 42
Chicken BiryaniRM 33.60
Kebab Sandwichfrom RM 18


Mushroom SoupRM 13.80
Lentil SoupRM 13.80
Chicken SoupRM 13.80


Halab Penang in Malaysia offer a wide variety of delicious and healthy salad options such as Greek Salad, tabouleh, Arabic Salad, Caesar Salad, Halab Fattoush, Spicy Salad, Fattoush, Coleslaw Salad, and Yogurt Salad. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find something that suits your taste and dietary preferences. The Greek salad and the Caesar salad offers a more traditional taste while the tabouleh, Arabic salad, Halab Fattoush and Spicy salad offers a more Middle Eastern flair. The Fattoush, Coleslaw Salad and Yogurt Salad are perfect options for those looking for something light and fresh.

Greek SaladRM 21.85
taboulehRM 19.55
Arabic SaladRM 19.55
Caesar SaladRM 21.85
Halab FattoushRM 21.85
Spicy SaladRM 19.55
FattoushRM 19.55
Coleslaw SaladRM 14.95
Yogurt SaladRM 11.50


Grape LeavesRM 19.55
Moutabalfrom RM 19.55
Vegetable Spring RollRM 17.25
Cheese Spring RollRM 20.40
Black OlivesRM 19.55
Hummusfrom RM 19.55
Falafel Platterfrom RM 19.55
Shakshoukafrom RM 17.25
Eggs with Lambfrom RM 17.25
Muhammarafrom RM 19.55
Baba Ganoushfrom RM 19.55
mixed appetizer afrom RM 51.75
mixed appetizer bfrom RM 51.75
Mixed Dairyfrom RM 51.75
Hummus Beirutifrom RM 19.55
Hummus Lambfrom RM 21.85
Hummus Shawarmafrom RM 21.85
Labnehfrom RM 17.25
Grilled KibbehRM 42
Fried KibbehRM 33.60
Lamb Spring RollRM 20.40
Eggs with Mushroomfrom RM 17.25
Fried EggsRM 14.95
Margarine FattahRM 28.75
Foul with Olive Oilfrom RM 23
Foul with Tahinifrom RM 23
Potato WedgesRM 17.25
French FriesRM 12


Arabic Shawarmafrom RM 26.40
Shawarma Halabfrom RM 31.20


Kebab Sandwichfrom RM 18
Chicken Shawarma Sandwichfrom RM 10
Falafel Sandwichfrom RM 7.50
Shish Tawook Sandwichfrom RM 17.25


Mushroom & Cheese Spaghettifrom RM 28.75
Chicken SpaghettiRM 28.75
Meat SpaghettiRM 28.75
Vegetable SpaghettiRM 28.75

Main Courses

Halab Penang in Malaysia is a perfect destination for those who are looking for delicious and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. Their menu offers a variety of options such as Chicken Mandi, Lamb Maklouba, Lamb Mandi, Lamb Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Maklouba, Chicken Pea, and oven cooked options like Chicken Potato, Okra Lamb and Oven Lamb with Vegetables. The Lamb Maklouba, Lamb Pea, Daoud Basha, Lamb Beans, Kibbeh Labanieh, Shish Barak, and Shakriya Lamb are all traditional middle eastern options that are perfect for those who are looking for something unique and flavorful. Even if you are not familiar with middle eastern cuisine these options are a must-try, and the prices are very reasonable. And, as a staple to any middle eastern meal, they also have options like white rice and chicken fajita

Chicken MandiRM 33.60
Lamb MakloubaRM 42
Lamb MandiRM 42
Lamb BiryaniRM 42
Chicken BiryaniRM 33.60
Chicken MakloubaRM 33.60
Chicken PeaRM 33.60
Oven Chicken Potatofrom RM 39.60
Okra LambRM 42
White RiceRM 12
Chicken Fajitafrom RM 39.60
faraka lambRM 48
Oven Lamb with Vegetablesfrom RM 42
Lamb PeaRM 42
Daoud BashaRM 42
Lamb BeansRM 36
Kibbeh LabaniehRM 36
Shish BarakRM 36
Shakriya LambRM 42

Grilled Items

Halab Penang in Malaysia offer a variety of grilled meats such as arayes lamb and cheese, lamb kebab regular, grilled chicken and cheese, grilled drumstick, Arayes Lamb, Khash Khash Kebab, Mixed Grill Halab, Maajoqah, Lamb Chops, Mixed Grill Regular, and Grilled Chicken. The Mixed Grill Halab and Mixed Grill Regular options are perfect for those looking to try a little bit of everything. The Lamb Chops, Lamb Cube and Shish Tawook are perfect for those looking for a more traditional dish.

arayes lamb and cheesefrom RM 36.60
lamb kebab regularfrom RM 42
grilled chicken and cheesefrom RM 36.60
grilled drumstickfrom RM 33.60
Arayes LambRM 33.60
Khash Khash Kebabfrom RM 45.60
mixed grill halabfrom RM 84
MaajoqahRM 42
Lamb ChopsRM 60
mixed grill regularfrom RM 60
Grilled Chickenfrom RM 33.60
Shish Tawookfrom RM 33.60
Lamb Cubefrom RM 42


Grilled SalmonRM 60
Grilled FishRM 60
Fried FishRM 60
Grilled PrawnRM 54
Fried PrawnRM 54

Fresh Juices

offers a wide variety of refreshing juices and beverages to accompany your meal. The menu includes options such as Orange Juice, Watermelon Juice, Lemon Juice, Mango Juice, Pineapple Juice, Apple Juice, Strawberry Juice, Kiwi Juice, Carrot Juice, Dragon Fruit Juice, Avocado Juice, Banana Milk Juice, Grape Juice, Melon Juice, Iced Lemon Tea, Iced Nescafe, Earn Yogurt and also some popular soft drinks like Coca-cola, Coca-cola Diet, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Strawberry, Pepsi, Pepsi Diet, Mineral Water and many more. The juices and beverages are made from fresh fruits and are perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day.

Orange JuiceRM 16.10
Watermelon JuiceRM 18
Lemon JuiceRM 16.10
Mango JuiceRM 16.10
Pineapple JuiceRM 18
Apple JuiceRM 18
Strawberry JuiceRM 18
Kiwi JuiceRM 18
Carrot JuiceRM 18
Dragon Fruit JuiceRM 19.90
Avocado JuiceRM 19.90
Banana Milk JuiceRM 18
Grape JuiceRM 19.90
Melon JuiceRM 18
Iced Lemon TeaRM 9.20
Iced NescafeRM 11.50
Earn YogurtRM 11.50
Coca-colaRM 4.80
Coca-cola DietRM 4.80
Mirinda OrangeRM 4.80
Mirinda StrawberryRM 4.80
PepsiRM 4.80
Pepsi DietRM 4.80
Mineral WaterRM 4.80


halab cocktailRM 29.90
Fakhfakhina CocktailRM 22.80
fruit cocktailRM 22.80
Emperor CocktailRM 22.80
Tropical CocktailRM 22.80


vanilla milkshakeRM 19.90
caramel milkshakeRM 19.90
nescafe milkshakeRM 19.90
oreo milkshakeRM 19.90
strawberry milkshakeRM 19.90
kit kat milkshakeRM 19.90
nutella milkshakeRM 19.90
Pina Colada MilkshakeRM 19.90


Cup of Adani TeaRM 8
Cup of Turkish CoffeeRM 10
Cup of Red TeaRM 5.75
Cup of NescafeRM 5.75
Cup of Green TeaRM 5.75


Cream CaramelRM 11.50
Arabic SweetsRM 28.75
Marshmallow StickRM 20.70
Mixed Fruit PlatterRM 11.50
Nutella SaladRM 28.75
Fruit SaladRM 28.75
Banana CrepeRM 28.75
Fuchini CrepeRM 28.75
Fruit CrepeRM 28.75
Strawberry StickRM 20.70
Banana StickRM 20.70

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Halab Penang Menu Malaysia

Halab Penang Menu Malaysia owner name?

Yeoh Jong Khung is the owner of Halab Penang Menu Malaysia.

What Halab Penang Menu Malaysia is crtified halal?

Yes! Acording to some resources Halab Penang Menu Malaysia is crtified halal but we are not sure.

What Halab Penang Menu accepts credit cards inMalaysia?

Yes! Halab Penang Menu accepts credit cards inMalaysia.

How many outlets have Halab Penang Menu in Malaysia?

Halab Penang Menu has more than 20 locations in Malaysia

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