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B Cafe Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


B Cafe Menu Malaysia offers a delectable range of bakery items that are simply irresistible. The Signature Garlic Cheese is a must-try with its crispy exterior and gooey, cheesy filling. If you’re looking for a quick and satisfying snack, the Egg Mayo Sandwich is a classic choice. For chocolate lovers, the Black Chocolate Croissant is a rich and indulgent treat. Don’t miss out on the Snow Love, a soft and fluffy pastry filled with sweet cream. If you’re craving something buttery, the Butter Buns and Bursting Butter Bun are sure to hit the spot. With such a tempting selection of bakery items, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice at B Cafe.

Signature Garlic Cheese 招牌蒜蓉芝士包RM 8.90
Egg Mayo Sandwich 蛋沙拉RM 5.50
Black Chocolate Croissant 巧克力黑可颂RM 5.20
Snow Love 雪之恋RM 5.90
Butter Buns 奶油餐包RM 6.90
Bursting Butter Bun 爆漿奶油餐包RM 8.50
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Sweet & Sour Chicken Ricefrom RM 14.90
Mutton Curry Ricefrom RM 14.90
Kung Pao Chicken Ricefrom RM 14.90
Curry Chicken Ricefrom RM 14.90
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Pizza Breakfast SetRM 16.90
Smoked Chicken Sandwich SetRM 17.90
Tuna Sandwich SetRM 19.90
Cheese Chicken Slice Croissant SetRM 20.90
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Asian Delights

If you’re in the mood for some delicious Malaysian fare, B Cafe’s Nasi Lemak Kerabu Ayam dishes are a must-try! The Kerabu Ayam Kari and Kerabu Ayam Rendang are flavorful and satisfying, while the Kerabu Ayam Goreng Berempah offers a crispy twist to the classic dish. If you’re looking for something a little different, the Chicken Pasta Bolognese and Chicken Pasta Arrabiata are delicious options. And don’t forget to try the Chicken Curry & Crispy Toast – it’s the perfect comfort food on a lazy afternoon!

Nasi Lemak Kerabu Ayam KariRM 21.90
Nasi Lemak Kerabu Ayam RendangRM 22.90
Nasi Lemak Kerabu Ayam Goreng BerempahRM 20.90
Chicken Pasta BologneseRM 19.90
Chicken Pasta ArrabiataRM 19.90
Chicken Curry & Crispy ToastRM 16.90
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Potato WedgesRM 9.90
Cheesy Potato WedgesRM 11.90
Popcorn ChickenRM 11.90

Toasts & Sandwiches

Egg Mayo Sandwich 蛋沙拉RM 5.50
Tuna Sandwich 鲔鱼三明治RM 7.90
Chicken Sandwich 燻鸡三明治RM 5.90
White Toast 白吐司RM 5.80
Wholemeal Toast 全麦吐司RM 6.90
Raisin Toast 葡萄吐司RM 11.50
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B Cafe Menu Malaysia offers a diverse selection of baked goods that will surely satisfy your cravings. From sweet to savory, they have it all! Indulge in their popular Chicken Floss Bun or try their spicy version for an extra kick. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, they have Red Bean Bun, Polo Bun, Butter Milk, and more. Their unique creations like the Mexican Chocolate and Mount Fuji will surely excite your taste buds. Don’t forget to try their signature Garlic Cheese Bun and Nacho Cheese Croissant, perfect for cheese lovers out there. With their affordable prices ranging from RM 1.80 to RM 9.90, you’ll surely find something that suits your budget.

Chicken Floss BunRM 3.80
Spicy Chicken Floss BunRM 3.80
Polo Bun 菠萝RM 4.90
Red Bean Bun 相思红豆RM 4.51
Butter Milk 奶酥面包RM 3
Japanese Purple Sweet Potato 日式紫薯面包RM 4.90
Lotus Kaya Bun 莲蓉加央面包RM 4.51
Raisin Bun 辮子葡萄RM 4.90
Taiwan Rosong 罗宋面包RM 4.80
Mexican Chocolate 墨西哥巧克力RM 5.90
Mexican Red Bean 墨西哥红豆RM 5.90
Pandan Purple Sweet Potato 班兰紫薯RM 4.90
Matcha Red Bean 抹茶红豆牛奶RM 5.80
Butter Buns 奶油餐包RM 6.90
Bursting Butter Bun 爆漿奶油餐包RM 8.50
Milky Bubblo 巴布罗RM 8.90
Chocolate Marble 大理石餐包4入RM 9.50
Vienna 维也纳RM 1.80
Signature Garlic Cheese 招牌蒜蓉芝士包RM 8.90
Sweet Corn & Chicken Sausage 玉米鸡肉香肠RM 5.80
Spicy Sausage Bun 香辣鸡肉肠RM 5.50
Egg & Chicken Bun 鲜蛋鸡肉RM 4.90
Tuna Bun 鲔鱼包RM 5.90
Smoked Chicken Mushroom 香薰蘑菇鸡肉包RM 5.90
Chicken Slice Mayo 火腿美乃滋RM 5.90
Grilled Onion Chicken Bun 焗烤鸡肉洋葱RM 7.90
Parmesan Cheese Bun 帕玛森面包RM 5.50
German Garlic 德式蒜香RM 5.80
Green Onion Twist 活力葱花卷RM 5.80
Onion Cheese Stick 洋葱芝士条RM 5.80
Original Donut 多拿滋RM 3.50
Crunchy Butter 脆皮麻花RM 5.80
Mini Croissant 小可颂RM 2.20
Chocolate Mini Croissant 巧克力小可颂RM 2.50
Croissant 大牛角可颂RM 4.90
Black Chocolate Croissant 巧克力黑可颂RM 5.20
Danish Custard 丹麦奶酥菠萝RM 5.80
Mount Fuji 富士山RM 9.90
Mixed Grain Raisin 杂粮葡萄RM 8.90
French Black Sesame 黑芝麻法国半条RM 5.80
French Walnut 法式核桃RM 5.90
Nacho Cheese CroissantRM 7.50


Hawaiian Pizza 夏威夷披萨RM 4.90


Snow Love 雪之恋RM 5.90
Honey Roll 蜂蜜卷RM 16.50
Chocolate Swiss RollRM 16.50


Sweet Heart 老婆餅RM 4.90
Sun Pastry 太陽餅RM 3.50
Golden Chocolate 黃金巧克力RM 6.90


B Cafe Menu in Malaysia has a great selection of coffee options. If you’re looking for a simple espresso, the price is RM 7.90. For those who prefer a more milky coffee, there’s the Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, Hazelnut Latte, Toffee Nut Latte, Almond Latte, and Rose Latte. The prices for these range from RM 8.90 to RM 12.90. All the coffee options have unique flavors and are priced reasonably, making it a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends or colleagues.

EspressoRM 7.90
Americanofrom RM 8.90
Lattefrom RM 11.90
Cappuccinofrom RM 11.90
Mochafrom RM 11.90
Caramel Lattefrom RM 12.90
Vanilla Lattefrom RM 12.90
Hazelnut Lattefrom RM 12.90
Toffee Nut Lattefrom RM 12.90
Almond Lattefrom RM 12.90
Rose Lattefrom RM 12.90

NikoNeko & Non Coffee

Matcha Latte (NikoNeko)from RM 12.90
Houjicha Latte (NikoNeko)from RM 12.90
Genmaicha Latte (NikoNeko)from RM 12.90
Chocolatefrom RM 14.90
Hazelnut Milkfrom RM 12.90


B Cafe offers an excellent selection of tea that will satisfy even the most discerning tea drinkers. They offer a range of options from Black Tea to Green Tea, Jin Xuan Tea, Berry Tea, Oolong Tea, Oolong Green Tea, and Tie Guan Yin (H). The prices start at RM 11.90, and each tea has its unique taste, aroma, and health benefits. So, if you are a tea lover, make sure to check out B Cafe’s extensive tea selection on your next visit.

Black Teafrom RM 11.90
Green Teafrom RM 11.90
Jin Xuan Teafrom RM 11.90
Berry Teafrom RM 11.90
Oolong Teafrom RM 11.90
Oolong Green Teafrom RM 11.90
Tie Guan Yin (H)RM 12.90

Milk Tea

Black Tea Milk Teafrom RM 13.90
Green Tea Milk Teafrom RM 13.90
Jin Xuan Milk Teafrom RM 13.90
Brown Sugar Oolong Milk Teafrom RM 13.90
Caramel Milk Teafrom RM 13.90
Hazelnut Milk Teafrom RM 13.90

Smoothies & Milkshakes

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink to complement your meal at B Cafe, their smoothie and milkshake menu is definitely worth trying! With a variety of fruity flavors such as Mango, Dragon Fruit, and Pineapple, and unique options like Lemon Asam Boi and Kiwi, there’s something for everyone. If you’re a fan of classic milkshakes, they have you covered with options like Chocolate and Banana, and even a Double Chocolate for those who want an extra rich treat. The prices are reasonable too, with most options priced at RM 16.90. Overall, B Cafe’s smoothie and milkshake menu is a great addition to their already impressive menu.

Mango SmoothieRM 16.90
Dragon Fruit SmoothieRM 16.90
Honey Dew SmoothieRM 16.90
Soursop SmoothieRM 16.90
Pineapple SmoothieRM 16.90
Lemon Asam Boi SmoothieRM 16.90
Coconut ShakeRM 16.90
Banana MilkshakeRM 16.90
Chocolate MilkshakeRM 16.90
Double Chocolate MilkshakeRM 17
Strawberry SmoothieRM 18.90
Kiwi SmoothieRM 18.90
Avocado MilkshakeRM 18.90


Green Tea YakultRM 14.90
Fresh Lemon Green TeaRM 14.90
Ai Yu StrawberryRM 14.90
Sakura Fresh Strawberry YogurtRM 17.90
Fresh Strawberry Yakult BobaRM 17.90

Cream Cheese

Green Tea Cream CheeseRM 14.90
Strawberry Cream Cheese BobaRM 17.90


B Cafe’s cake and dessert menu is a must-try! Their unique flavors like Dark Juniper and Charcoal Angel Cake will leave you wanting more. The Marble Cake and Golden Cheesecake are perfect for those who prefer classic flavors. Panna Cotta lovers will be spoilt for choice with their selection of fruity flavors like Mango, Pineapple, and Blueberry. At such affordable prices starting from RM 4.51, you can indulge in these sweet treats without burning a hole in your wallet.

Marble Cake 大理石RM 4.51
Chiffon 戚风奶露RM 4.51
Chocolate 旷世奇派RM 6.50
Pineapple Cake 凤梨蛋糕RM 5.50
Dark Juniper 黑桧RM 6.90
Napoleon 拿破仑RM 8.50
Golden Cheesecake 黄金蛋糕RM 4.51
Strawberry Angel Cake 草莓天使RM 5.90
Charcoal Angel Cake 炭烧天使RM 7.50
Black Angel Cake 黑天使RM 5.90
Panna Cotta StrawberryRM 10.50
Panna Cotta BlueberryRM 10.50
Panna Cotta MangoRM 10.50
Panna Cotta PineappleRM 10.50

Mousse Cakes

If you’re looking for a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, B Cafe has got you covered. Their wide selection of cakes includes the classic Black Forest and Tiramisu, as well as unique options like Lime Chocolate and Tropical White Cheese Mousse. I highly recommend trying their signature Burnt Cheesecake, which has a perfectly caramelized top and a rich, creamy texture that melts in your mouth. For those looking for something visually stunning, the Rainbow cake is a must-try with its colorful layers that will brighten up your day. Prices are reasonable, with most cakes ranging from RM 9.90 to RM 16.80.

Pure Cheese 纯乳酪RM 9.90
Lime Chocolate 莱姆巧克RM 10.50
Tiramisu 提拉米苏RM 10.50
Milk Tiramisu 牛奶提拉RM 9.90
Black Forest 黑森林RM 9.90
Royal Chocolate 皇家巧克力RM 9.90
Black Bear 黑熊RM 10.50
Charina Mousse 夏爾麗納RM 12.90
Tropical White Cheese Mousse 熱帶鳳梨RM 12.90
Burnt Cheesecake 焦烤乳酪蛋糕RM 16.80
Rainbow 彩虹蛋糕RM 12.90

Modeling Cakes

Poo Poo King 便便王RM 99

4 Inches Cakes

B Cafe Menu Malaysia offers a wide range of delicious and exquisite cakes that are perfect for any occasion. Their cakes are not only visually appealing but also incredibly tasty. I highly recommend trying out their Resplendent cake, which is a true work of art and will leave you speechless. If you’re a chocolate lover, the Classic Chocolate cake is a must-try, while the Flower Tiramisu cake is perfect for those who love a creamy and smooth texture. For smaller celebrations, the 4 Inches Mermaid Island and Macaron Wonderland cakes are great options. Regardless of which cake you choose, B Cafe Menu Malaysia’s cakes are sure to impress and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Resplendent 璀璨RM 58
Classic Chocolate 古典巧克力RM 58
Flower Tiramisu 优朵RM 58
4 Inches Mermaid Island 美人鱼岛屿RM 69
4 Inches Macaron Wonderland 缤纷马卡龙RM 69
4 Inches Sweet Berry 爱情莓果RM 69
4 Inches Oreo Lover 甜蜜奥利奥RM 69
4 Inches Wild Choco Hazelnut 狂派巧克力榛果RM 69
4 Inches Honeycomb 蜂巢蛋糕RM 69

6 Inches Cakes

6 Inches Tropical Fruit Filling 水果香草蛋糕RM 95
6 Inches Crunchy Chocolate 香脆巧克力RM 95
6 Inches Choco Cherry 樱桃巧克力RM 95
6 Inches Choco Berry 莓果巧克力RM 95
6 Inches Black Forest 黑森林RM 95
6 Inches Chocolate Delight 典雅巧克力RM 95
6 Inches Choco Romeo 罗密欧巧克力RM 95
6 Inches French Chocolate Macaron 法式巧克力马卡龙RM 95

8 Inches Cakes

8 Inches Macaron Wonderland 缤纷马卡龙RM 139
8 Inches Choco Berry 莓果巧克力RM 118
8 Inches Mocha Cake 摩卡RM 118
8 Inches Black Forest 黑森林RM 118
8 Inches Chocolate Delight 典雅巧克力RM 118
8 Inches Choco Romeo 罗密欧巧克力RM 118
8 Inches French Chocolate Macaron 法式巧克力马卡龙RM 118

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Who is the owner of B Cafe in Malaysia?

Shkelzen Islamaj  is the owner of B Cafe in Malaysia.

Is B Cafe halal in Malaysia?

If you’re wondering whether B Cafe in Malaysia is halal, the answer is yes! According to the information provided on their website, their Central Kitchen is HALAL certified to cater to the diverse population in Malaysia. This means that their products are handled in a safe and hygienic manner during production, so consumers can enjoy their food with peace of mind. Whether you’re in the mood for their delicious cakes or their savory dishes, you can be sure that everything is halal-certified at B Cafe.

What B Cafe accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! B Cafe accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

How many branches have B Cafe in Malaysia?

B Cafe has more than 20 outlets in Malaysia

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