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Sup Gear Box Menu Malaysia

Sup Gear Box Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


The restaurant offers a wide variety of tom yum options, including Tomyam Campur (RM 12.10), Tomyam Seafood (RM 14.50), Tomyam Ayam (RM 10.90), Tomyam Udang (RM 14.50), Tomyam Sotong (RM 14.50), Tomyam Daging (RM 11.50), and Tomyam Sayur (RM 10.20). Each dish is packed with bold, authentic flavors and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. The prices are also quite reasonable, making it a great option for a quick and satisfying meal.

Tomyam CampurRM 12.10
Tomyam SeafoodRM 14.50
Tomyam AyamRM 10.90
Tomyam UdangRM 14.50
Tomyam SotongRM 14.50
Tomyam DagingRM 11.50
Tomyam SayurRM 10.20

Lauk Kampung

This restaurant offers a variety of options at affordable prices, making it a great spot for both solo diners and groups. Some of their must-try dishes include the Perut Rebung Lemak Cili Padi, a spicy and savory dish made with stomach and chili, and the Ikan Siakap 3rasa, a seabass dish that comes in three different flavors. For those looking for something a bit spicier, the Ikan Kembung Asam Pedas is a great option. Vegetarians will also be pleased with the Lemak Labu+Pegaga, a dish made with pumpkin and a type of herb. And for those who prefer chicken dishes, the Ayam Lemak Cili Api and Ayam Masak Kicap are both tasty options.

Perut Rebung Lemak Cili PadiRM 6.90
Ikan Siakap 3rasaRM 6.90
Ikan Kembung Asam PedasRM 7.20
Lemak Labu+PegagaRM 5.90
Leher Ayam BerladaRM 4.90
Bayam GorengRM 3.90
Kangkung GorengRM 3.90
Ikan Keli BerladaRM 5.50
Ayam Lemak Cili ApiRM 5.90
Ayam Masak KicapRM 5.90
Ayam Masak MerahRM 5.90
Paru BerladaRM 6.90
Ayam GorengRM 5
Ikan Kembong GorengRM 6.50
Pedal+Hati Goreng KunyitRM 4.90
Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Cili ApiRM 14

Gorengan Panas

They offer a wide range of delicious options, from traditional favorites like Vadai and Pisang Goreng to more unique options like Keropok Lekor Nipis and Kopok Lekor Crispy Set. Prices are also very reasonable, with most items costing less than RM 10. I highly recommend trying the Pisang Goreng Cheese Coklat and Kuih Udang Keping, both of which are absolutely delicious and won’t break the bank.

VadaiRM 3.10
Pisang GorengRM 3
Keropok LekorRM 3
KeledekRM 3.10
Keropok Lekor NipisRM 7.90
Kopok Lekor Crispy SetRM 7.90
Pisang Goreng Cheese CoklatRM 8.90
Kuih Udang KepingRM 2.80
Cekodok PisangRM 2.10
Roti Sardin GorengRM 4.20
Cendawan Goreng TepungRM 5.50
Tempe Goreng TepungRM 2
Kentang GorengRM 5.90
Kentang WeggesRM 5.90
Ayam Goreng CrispyRM 7.50
Ubi KetukRM 3
Ayam Goreng CrispyRM 1.60

Jagung Kukus

One of the standout items on their menu is their jagung (corn) options. They offer the traditional Jagung Biasa at only RM 4.30, the creamy and sweet Jagung Susu for RM 4.90, and for those who want a little extra flavor, the cheesy Jagung Cheese for RM 11.50. Each option is satisfying and perfect for a quick bite on the go.

Jagung BiasaRM 4.30
Jagung SusuRM 4.90
Jagung CheeseRM 11.50


Rojak KuihRM 6.90
Rojak MeeRM 8
Rojak BuahRM 8.50
Rojak KangkungRM 9.80
Sengkuang CalitRM 8.90
Rojak Mee+ AyamRM 13.90
Kuih Udang SetRM 7.90


Pau Ayam/Daging/CoklatRM 3.50
Pau Kaya/Kcg/KelapaRM 3


Bebola IkanRM 3.10
Sotong/Udang/Ketam Drampling/RM 3.10
Naget AyamRM 3.10
Naget TampuraRM 3.10
Sosej CheeseRM 5.50
Bebola Isi KetamRM 1.50

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong KembangRM 8.50
Nasi Lemak Ayam SambalRM 8.20
Nasi Lemak Ayam GorengRM 8
Nasi Lemak ParuRM 8.90
Nasi Lemak BiasaRM 2.90
Nasi Lemak Telur MataRM 4.60
Nasi Lemak Ikan Keli GorengRM 8.90

Cekodok Panas

Lempeng KosongRM 5.90
Lempeng KelapaRM 6.90
Lempeng PisangRM 7.90
Cekodok BilisRM 7.90

ABC/Cendol/Ais Kepal

One of the standout items on the menu is the Cendol Biasa Plastik, a traditional Malaysian dessert made with coconut milk and green jelly noodles, available for only RM 7. Another favorite is the ABC Biasa, a sweet and refreshing bowl of shaved ice with a variety of toppings, for only RM 5.90. For those looking for something a bit more indulgent, the Abc Special, which includes ice cream, is available for only RM 9.90. The Ais Kepal Milo, a cold Milo drink with a scoop of ice cream, is also a great option for a refreshing treat at only RM 10. Other popular menu items include the Cendol Biasa for RM 4.20, the Cendol Kcg+ for RM 6.90, and the Jgg for RM 10. For those looking to enjoy their street food on the go, the Cendol Kcg+Jgg Plastik, a take-out version of the popular Jgg dessert, is available for only RM 5.70. Other refreshing drinks include the Coconut Shake Biasa for RM 8.90 and the Coconut Special for RM 8.40. The Manggo Floot, a sweet mango drink, is also a great option for only RM 5.80. For those looking for something a bit more substantial, the Laicikang, a traditional Malaysian porridge, is available for RM 10, while the Laicikang Big Cup and Laicikang Panas are available for RM 7.90 and RM 3.20 respectively.

Cendol Biasa PlastikRM 7
ABC BiasaRM 5.90
Abc +AiskrimRM 7
Abc SpecialRM 9.90
Ais Kepal MiloRM 10
Cendol BiasaRM 4.20
Cendol Kcg+RM 6.90
JggRM 10
Cendol Kcg+Jgg PlastikRM 5.70
Coconut Shake BiasaRM 8.90
Coconut SpecialRM 8.40
Manggo FlootRM 5.80
LaicikangRM 10
Laicikang Big CupRM 7.90
Laicikang PanasRM 3.20

Air Karbonat

Coca ColaRM 3.20
Air 100 PlusRM 3.20
Air BerkarbonatRM 8.20


Maggie GorengRM 9
Maggie Goreng MamakRM 6.90
Maggie Sup KariRM 6.90
Maggie Sup AyamRM 14
Ramen GorengRM 12.90

Masakan Black Pepper

Ayam Masak Black PepperRM 14
Daging Masak Black PepperRM 14
Sotong Masak Black PepperRM 14
Udang Masak Black PepperRM 11.50


Keropok Lekor Crispy FrozenRM 10

Western/Burger/Roti John

This spot offers a wide variety of tasty options, from classic Malaysian favorites like Roti John and Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop to more Western-style options like burgers and chicken chops. Prices are very reasonable, with most items coming in under RM 20. My personal favorites are the Roti John Daging (RM 8.80) and the Lamb Chop (RM 8.90), but I’ve also had great experiences with the Burger Ayam Crispy (RM 4) and the Roti Bakar Kaya (RM 9).

Roti John DagingRM 8.80
Burger SpecialRM 14
Chiken ChopRM 16.50
Nasi Goreng Chicken ChopRM 30.90
Lamb ChopRM 8.90
Roti JohnRM 5.90
Roti John (Mini)RM 10
Roti John AyamRM 5.90
Burger AyamRM 14.50
Roti John CheeseRM 5.90
Burger DagingRM 12
Burger Ayam CrispyRM 4
Roti Bakar KayaRM 9


Sup PerutRM 8.90
Sup AyamRM 13.50
Sup DagingRM 7.50
Sup SayurRM 55.20
Sup Gear BoxRM 22.50
Sup TulangRM 7.50


Kailan Ikan MasinRM 6.90
Kailan Goreng BiasaRM 7.20
Kailan Goreng BelacanRM 6.90


Their Kangkong Ikan Masin, Kangkong Belacan, Kangkong Goreng Biasa, Kangkong Sawi Goreng, Kangkong Cendawan Goreng, and Kangkong Sayur Campur are all priced at RM 6.90 and the Kangkong Sayur Campur is priced at RM 7.90.

Kangkong Ikan MasinRM 6.90
Kangkong BelacanRM 6.90
Kangkong Goreng BiasaRM 6.90
Kangkong Sawi GorengRM 6.90
Kangkong Cendawan GorengRM 6.90
Kangkong Sayur CampurRM 7.90

Masakan Ayam

Ayam PaprikRM 5.90
Ayam MerahRM 7.90
Ayam KicapRM 7.90
Ayam PedasRM 7.90
Ayam Goreng KunyitRM 9.50

Masakan Daging

This popular restaurant offers a wide variety of meat dishes, including Daging Paprik, Daging Merah, Daging Kicap, Daging Pedas, Daging Goreng Kunyit, and Daging Masak Sambal. All of these dishes are priced at a very reasonable RM 9.50, with the exception of the Daging Masak Sambal, which is priced at RM 10.90. The flavors of each dish are bold and delicious, making it the perfect spot for meat lovers. Additionally, the prices are very reasonable, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Daging PaprikRM 9.50
Daging MerahRM 9.50
Daging KicapRM 9.50
Daging PedasRM 9.50
Daging Goreng KunyitRM 9.50
Daging Masak SambalRM 10.90

Masakan Udang

Udang PaprikRM 10.90
Udang MerahRM 10.90
Udang KicapRM 10.90
Udang PedasRM 10.90
Udang Goreng KunyitRM 10.90
Udang TepungRM 10.90
Udang Masak SambalRM 10.90
Udang Masak LemakRM 10.90
Udang Masak KariRM 10.90

Masakan Sotong

Sotong PaprikRM 10.90
Sotong MerahRM 10.90
Sotong KicapRM 10.90
Sotong PedasRM 10.90
Sotong Goreng KunyitRM 10.90
Sotong Goreng TepungRM 5.50

Lauk Pauk

This restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional Malaysian dishes, including ikan keli sambal for RM 4.50, ikan keli goreng for RM 5.90, and ayam sambal for RM 10. They also offer a variety of seafood options such as sotong goreng kunyit for RM 5.50, sambal kerang for RM 14, and udang goreng lada for RM 5.50. For those who enjoy meat dishes, they have options such as daging palembang for RM 10, masak hati + pedal sambal for RM 4.90, and daging masak asam for RM 6.90. They also offer a variety of sambal options such as sambal bilis petai for RM 7.90 and sambal sardin for RM 10. And for those looking for a more traditional option, they have sup kaki-leher -ayam for RM 6.90 and daging salai masak lemak cili padi for RM 3.90.

Ikan Keli SambalRM 4.50
Ikan Keli GorengRM 5.90
Ayam SambalRM 10
Daging PalembangRM 10
Paru SambalRM 6.90
Masak Hati + Pedal SambalRM 4.90
Tempe SambalRM 10
Daging Masak AsamRM 6.90
Hati +Pedal Masak KicapRM 7.90
Sotong Goreng KunyitRM 5.50
Sambal Sotong KembangRM 8.30
Ikan Siakap Masak PedasRM 5.50
Sambal KerangRM 14
Udang Goreng LadaRM 5.50
Sup Kaki-Leher -AyamRM 6.90
Sambal Bilis PetaiRM 7.90
Sambal TempeRM 5.50
Sambal SardinRM 10
Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili PadiRM 3.90
Sayur Taugeh GorengRM 1.80
Ikan Kering SepatRM 5
Pekasam Talapia GorengRM 14

Menu Istimewa

Siput Sedut Masak Lemak Cili PadiRM 9.60

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng AyamRM 11.90
Nasi Goreng PaprikRM 11.90
Nasi Goreng Daging MerahRM 10
Nasi Goreng Ikan MasinRM 9.10
Nasi Goreng KampungRM 8.50
Nasi Goreng BiasaRM 10.90
Nasi Goreng SeafoodRM 11.90
Nasi Goreng CendawanRM 12.50
Nasi Goreng USARM 11.30
Nasi Goreng BelacanRM 9.10
Nasi Goreng CinaRM 9.10
Nasi Goreng TomyamRM 10
Nasi Goreng DagingRM 8.90
Nasi Goreng Cili PadiRM 12.50
Nasi Goreng Paprik DagingRM 11.90
Nasi Putih+ Ayam11 PaprikRM 8.10

Mee/Kuew Teow/Bihun/Maggie

KungfuRM 10
HailamRM 9.80
SupRM 12
TomyamRM 10
BandungRM 10
Goreng MamakRM 11
KerangRM 8.30

Bakso, Laksa & Mee

Bakso BiasaRM 7.90
LaksaRM 8.90
Laksa SarangRM 12.90

Set Nasi Campur

Nasi Ayam SambalRM 12.90
Nasi Ayam Lemak Cili PadiRM 11.80
Nasi Ayam KicapRM 12.90
Nasi Ayam PenyetRM 12.90
Nasi Keli LeleRM 11.50
Nasi Ikan Keli BerladaRM 11.80
Nasi Perut-Rebung Lemak CilipadiRM 12.90
Nasi Ikan Keli SambalRM 12.90
Nasi Paru SambalRM 11.80
Nasi Paru BerladaRM 12.90
Set Ikan Cencaru BerladaRM 11.60
Set Nasi Sambal SotongRM 11.90
Set Sambal SardinRM 20

Asam Pedas Items

Set SiakapRM 17
Set Asam Pedas CencaruRM 17
Set Asam Pedas DagingRM 2


Telur DadarRM 1.70
Telur MataRM 3.10
Telur MasinRM 3
Sambal BelacanRM 2.30
NasiRM 3.20


Air Karbonatfrom RM 2.10
Tea Ofrom RM 2.70
Teafrom RM 2.70
Tea O Limaufrom RM 2.10
Kopi Ofrom RM 2.70
Kopifrom RM 3.20
Nescafefrom RM 2.90
Nescafe Ofrom RM 2.20
Milo Ofrom RM 3.20
Milofrom RM 3.20
Radixfrom RM 3.20
Mahkota Dewafrom RM 3.20
Kopi Jantanfrom RM 2.10
Limaufrom RM 4.10
Lemonfrom RM 4
Tea O Lemonfrom RM 2.10
Sirapfrom RM 4.10
Neslofrom RM 2.10
Sirap Limaufrom RM 1.50
Air MineralRM 7.90
Jus Epal AsamboiRM 7.90
Tembikai LaiciRM 3.90
Air Kelapa BelangRM 3.10
Air Tembikai BalangRM 3.20
Air Milo BalangRM 3.60
Air JagungRM 3.90
Mahkota Dewa PanasRM 4.90
Mahkota Dewa AisRM 3.90
Kopi Jantan PanasRM 4.90
Kopi Jantan AisRM 5
Air Xtraa Joss Mangg/Anggur/ActiveRM 4.50
Air BandungRM 3.90
Air SarsiRM 10
Big Cup Beverages
CoklatRM 10
CappuccinoRM 10
Meat TeaRM 10
Green TeaRM 10
Tea Ais CincauRM 7.90
ManggaRM 7.90
EpalRM 7.90
JambuRM 7.90
Tembikai SusuRM 7.90
TembikaiRM 7.90
Jus OrenRM 7.90
Jus Epal Asam BoyRM 4.60
Laici AisRM 5.80

Sup Gear Box Alternative Restaurants

How many branches doesSup Gear Box have in Malaysia?

23 branches areSup Gear Box have in Malaysia.

Who is the owner of  Sup Gear Box Malaysia?

Sabri Salleh is the owner of  Sup Gear Box Malaysia.

Is Sup Gear Box Halal?

Sup Gear Boxhalal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

Does Sup Gear Box accept credit cards?

Yes!Sup Gear Box accepts credit cards.

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