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Rosso Vino Menu Singapore

Rosso Vino Menu Singapore With Prices List



Indulge in the mouthwatering Pizza Burrata or savor the flavorful Focaccia E Misto Di Olive. From classic Margherita to zesty Polletto Piccante, their range of pizzas has something for every palate. With prices ranging from S$13.60 to S$34, you can enjoy a delightful Italian meal without breaking the bank.


The Spaghetti Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino is a flavorful treat at just S$18.70 (original price S$22). For a taste of Italy, try the Spaghetti Al Pomodoro priced at S$20.40 (original price S$24). If you’re a fan of truffles and mushrooms, the Penne Al Tartufo E Funghi Porcini at S$25.50 (original price S$30) is a must-try. Don’t miss their creamy and satisfying Spaghetti Carbonara at S$22.95 (original price S$27), or the delectable Spaghetti Alla Pescatora at S$26.35 (original price S$31). Seafood lovers will adore the Capellini Al Granchio E Bisque Di Aragosta priced at S$27.20 (original price S$32).

Homemade Pasta

From the savory Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina to the mouthwatering Ravioli Con Gamberi in Crema Allo Zafferano, each dish showcases a perfect blend of flavors. Don’t miss their limited-time offer, with prices starting at just S$21.25.

Gluten-Free Pasta

Their GF Penne dishes are simply divine! From the zesty Aglio, Olio E Peperoncino to the rich and fresh Pomodoro Fresco, each bite takes you on a journey of flavors. Don’t miss out on the creamy Penne Al Pesto Fresco or the savory Penne Alla Bolognese. Seafood lovers will relish the GF Seafood Penne and Penne Al Granchio E Bisque. For a classic favorite, savor the mouthwatering Penne Carbonara.


From the heavenly Pane All’Aglio at just S$10.20 to the mouthwatering Burrata E Prosciutto priced at S$25.50, their menu is a celebration of delectable delights. Don’t miss their Tris Di Bruschetta, Insalata Caprese, and Fritto Di Calamari, all offering irresistible tastes at incredible prices. Treat yourself to the Parmigiana Di Melanzane or the Carpaccio Di Manzo, both priced to please at S$15.30 and S$19.55, respectively.







Red Wine

White Wine & Rosé

Sparkling Wines & Champagne

Indulge in the crisp and refreshing Prosecco Extra Dry DOC Glera from Veneto, Italy, priced at just S$55.25 (was S$65). For a sweet treat, the Moscato D’Asti Scanavino DOCG from Piedmont, Italy, is a delightful choice at S$55.25 (was S$65). For a taste of luxury, the Berlucchi Franciacorta Brut DOCG from Lombardy, Italy, blends Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, priced at S$75.65 (was S$89).






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What kind of wine is vino rosso?

Vino Rosso, also known as Italian Red Wine, hails from the picturesque region of Piedmont, Italy, and is crafted using 100% Albarossa grapes from a cooperative winery in the Monferrato district. Its delightful taste profile boasts notes of strawberries and blackberries, accompanied by earthy undertones and balanced with low tannins and delightful acidity. Perfect for any dinner occasion, this versatile wine from Bonacquisti Wine Company makes for an excellent choice throughout the week.

What is the meaning of vino rosso?

Sure, I’d be happy to help! So, the term “vino rosso” refers to red wine. It’s an Italian phrase that translates to “red wine” in English. In Italian, you can also use “vino rosso” in its plural form, which is “vini rossi.” So, whenever you encounter “vino rosso” on a wine menu or label, you can confidently understand that it means red wine. Cheers to expanding your wine vocabulary and enjoying some delightful vino rosso!

What does vino rosso wine taste like?

Vino Rosso wine offers a delightful experience with its semi-dry and fruity nature, complemented by hints of dewberry and spices that linger on the palate. Its light-bodied and harmonious profile is accompanied by a pleasant acidity. Despite its light alcoholic content, this wine has a persistent and inviting taste. For the best experience, it’s recommended to enjoy it when it’s still very young.

How much alcohol is in vino wine?

In vino wine, the alcohol content typically ranges from 12% to 15% ABV, with an average of about 13.5%. Compared to white wines, red wines generally have higher alcohol levels. This is due to their production from grapes harvested later in the season. So, if you’re sipping on a glass of red wine, you can expect it to have a moderate to slightly higher alcohol content, enhancing its richness and flavor profile.

Is vino rosso a sweet wine?

When it comes to vino rosso, you’re in for a treat with its delightful sweetness. The Cantina Gabriele Vino Rosso Mevushal is a fantastic choice, best enjoyed chilled alongside sweet cakes and appetizers. Its rich ruby red hue complements the enticing bouquet of raspberry and strawberry aromas, creating a truly enjoyable and flavorful experience.

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