Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head Menu Prices Singapore 2024

Hello Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head lovers, are you looking for the latest Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head Menu 2024 Singapore with prices.

Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head Menu Singapore

Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head Menu Singapore With Prices List


A La Carte 单点

This restaurant offers an array of mouthwatering dishes, such as Kai Lan, Xiao Bai Chye, and Choy Sum, all bursting with fresh flavors priced at S$7 each. For a heartier option, savor their scrumptious Claypot Chicken Rice for S$9 or the delectable Salted Fish Beansprout for S$8. And of course, the highlight of the menu is their Claypot Curry Fish Head, available in both big (S$37) and small (S$28) sizes, guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

Sides 配菜

Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head Menu Singapore! From the delectable Onion Omelette Egg to the savory Sausage Omelette Egg and the delightful Silver Fish Omelette Egg, each dish is a burst of flavors. And don’t miss their fragrant White Rice, perfectly complementing every bite. With affordable prices starting at just S$1, this restaurant promises a memorable dining adventure that won’t break the bank. Head over to Jurong West Claypot Curry Fish Head Menu Singapore and treat your taste buds today!

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Is fish head curry Singapore?

When it comes to Fish Head Curry, Singapore proudly claims this delectable dish as its own. A delightful blend of South Indian curry spices and the Chinese delicacy of fish head, it embodies the cultural diversity of the nation. What’s fascinating is that each ethnic group in Singapore has its own take on this mouthwatering concoction, offering slight tweaks to the curry, making it a truly unique experience for anyone who savors it. So, if you’re a food enthusiast seeking a taste of Singapore’s rich culinary heritage, don’t miss out on this exceptional dish during your visit!

What is curry fish head?

“What exactly is curry fish head? Well, let me tell you about this scrumptious culinary delight from Singapore. It’s a renowned dish featuring the head of a seabream cooked in a delectable blend of spicy curry and served alongside a medley of vegetables. This dish holds immense significance as it beautifully embodies the fusion of diverse cultural influences, making it a true reflection of Singapore’s rich multicultural heritage.”

Why is fish head curry famous?

You might be wondering why fish head curry has gained such popularity. Well, the credit goes to M. J. Gomez, an ingenious Indian immigrant. Surprisingly, the idea of using fish heads in a curry wasn’t originally an Indian delicacy. Gomez, however, cleverly crafted this dish to cater to his Chinese clientele, recognizing their fondness for fish heads in their meals. And that’s how fish head curry found its way to fame!

Where is curry fish head from?

his savory delicacy traces its roots back to Singapore, where it was first crafted by a talented chef named M.J. Gomez. Hailing from the state of Kerala, India, Gomez decided to introduce the flavors of South Indian cuisine to the taste buds of Singaporean diners. Thus, fish head curry came to life, becoming a beloved dish that continues to delight food enthusiasts across the region.

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