Johnny’s Restaurant Menu Prices 2024 Malaysia

Hello Johnny’s Restaurant lovers, are you looking for the latest Johnny’s Restaurant Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Johnny’s Restaurant Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Johnny's Restaurant Menu Malaysia
Johnny’s Restaurant Menu Malaysia

Johnny’s Restaurant Menu Malaysia 2024 with price list


Johnny’s Restaurant offers a variety of tasty and satisfying fried rice and stir-fry dishes to choose from. For seafood lovers, try their Prawn Fried Rice (FR7) or their Stir Fried Prawn (TR4). They also have a spicy option with their Hot & Spicy Fried Rice (FR3) and a sweet and savory option with their Pineapple Fried Rice (FR4). They also offer a Chicken & Chili with Rice (TR4) and a Pad Kra Paw with Rice (TR5) for those who looking for a more traditional Thai flavor. And if you’re looking for something more special, check out their Golden Mushroom Fried Rice (FR1) which is a luxurious option. Prices start at RM 8.69.

FR7.Prawn Fried Ricefrom RM 10.89
FR3.Hot & Spicy Fried Ricefrom RM 8.69
FR4.Pineapple Fried Ricefrom RM 8.69
TR4.Stir Fried Prawnfrom RM 10.89
Chicken & Chili with Ricefrom RM 9.79
TR5.Pad Kra Paw with Ricefrom RM 8.69
FR1.Golden Mushroom Fried Ricefrom RM 34.87

Johnny’s Steamboat Sets

Johnny’s Restaurant offers a wide selection of satisfying and delicious set meals to choose from. If you’re a seafood lover, check out their Seafood set 1 (SS1) or Seafood set 2 (SS2) for a variety of seafood options. They also have two ball sets to choose from, Ball Set 1 (SS3) and Ball Set 2 (SS4) for those looking for a more protein-packed meal. If you’re looking for something more veggie-heavy, try their Noodle&Tofu Set 1 (SS5), Noodle&Tofu Set 2 (SS6), Mix Vegerables Set 1 (SS7), Mix Vegerables Set 2 (SS8), or Mix Vegerables Set 3 (SS9). They also have Assorted Rolls & Ball Set (SS10) and Meat Set Mixture (SS11) for those looking for a more meat-based meal. Prices start at RM 13.67.

SS1. Seafood set 1from RM 34.87
SS2. Seafood set 2from RM 38.05
SS3. Ball Set 1from RM 28.51
SS4. Ball Set 2from RM 27.45
SS5. Noodle&Tofu Set 1from RM 13.67
SS6. Noodle&Tofu Set 2from RM 14.73
SS7. Mix Vegerables Set 1from RM 14.73
SS8. Mix Vegerables Set 2from RM 14.73
SS9. Mix Vegerables Set 3from RM 16.85
SS10. Assorted Rolls & Ball Setfrom RM 26.39
SS11. Meat Set Mixturefrom RM 34.87

Customize Your Own Steamboat

Johnny’s Restaurant offers a wide variety of ingredients to add to your soups, such as their Chicken Soup (SA13) or Tom Yum Soup (SA14) . And for those who prefer a more flavorful broth, you can find suki sauce (SA15) which is a perfect condiment for any hot pot dish. They also have a variety of seafood options like Peeled Prawn (SA1), Fresh Fish (SA2), and Salmon Slice (SA3) . They also have a variety of vegetarian and meat options like Stuffed Tofu (SA4), Fish Ball (SA5), Chicken Ball (SA7), Shrimp Ravioli (SA8), Chicken Fillet (SA9), Fresh Beef (SA10), Golden Mushroom (SA11) and Bean Curd Skin (SA12) to add to your soups or hot pot. Prices start at RM 3.19.

SA13.Chicken Soup 1Lfrom RM 4.90
SA14.Tom Yum Soup 1Lfrom RM 9.90
SA15.Suki Sauce 90mlRM 3.18
SA1.Peeled Prawn 5 PiecesRM 7.59
SA2.Fresh FishRM 8.26
SA3.Salmon SliceRM 10.45
SA4.Stuffed TofuRM 4.96
SA5.Fish BallRM 6.05
SA6.Seaweed RollRM 6.05
SA7.Chicken BallRM 5.38
SA8.Shrimp RavioliRM 6.50
SA9.Chicken FilletRM 4.29
SA10.Fresh BeefRM 6.50
SA11.Golden MushroomRM 4.29
SA12.Bean Curd SkinRM 3.19

Family Sets

FS1. Family Set A: 2 – 3paxfrom RM 41.23
FS2. Family Set B : 2 – 3paxfrom RM 41.23
FS3. Family Set C : 2 – 3paxfrom RM 41.23
FS4. Family Set D : 2 – 3paxfrom RM 41.23
FS5. Family Set E : 4 – 5paxfrom RM 57.13
FS6. Family Set F : 4 – 5paxfrom RM 57.13

Thai Specialty – Thai Fried Rice

Johnny’s Restaurant offers a variety of delicious fried rice options for you to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for Golden Mushroom Fried Rice (FR1), Ginger Fried Rice (FR2), Hot & Spicy Fried Rice (FR3), Pineapple Fried Rice (FR4), or Belacan Fried Rice (FR5), we’ve got you covered. For seafood lovers, our Prawn Fried Rice (FR7) is a must-try. We also have a selection of Thai-style dishes, including Thai Style Chicken Rice (TR1), Stir Fried Prawn (TR4), and Pad Kra Paw with Rice (TR5). For those looking for something different, we also offer Chicken Sweet Basil & Egg with Rice (TR7), Fish Porridge (TR8), and Chicken Porridge (TR9) at affordable prices starting from RM 8.69.

FR1.Golden Mushroom Fried Ricefrom RM 8.69
FR2.Ginger Fried Ricefrom RM 8.69
FR3.Hot & Spicy Fried Ricefrom RM 8.69
FR4.Pineapple Fried Ricefrom RM 8.69
FR5.Belacan Fried Ricefrom RM 9.79
FR6.Spicy Vegetarian Fried Ricefrom RM 8.69
FR7.Prawn Fried Ricefrom RM 10.89
TR1.Thai Style Chicken Ricefrom RM 9.79
TR4.Stir Fried Prawnfrom RM 10.89
Chicken & Chili with Ricefrom RM 9.79
TR5.Pad Kra Paw with Ricefrom RM 9.79
TR7.Chicken Sweet basil & Egg with Ricefrom RM 10.89
TR8.Fish Porridgefrom RM 8.69
TR9.Chicken Porridgefrom RM 10.89

Thai Specialty – Thai Noodles

If you’re looking for some delicious and authentic Thai-style noodles, look no further than Johnny’s Restaurant. Their menu offers a wide variety of options, including the popular Thai Kuey Teow Soup (TN1) and Thai Bee Hoon Soup (TN2) starting from RM 10.89. For those who prefer something on the spicier side, the Hot & Spicy Fried Rice (TN3) is a must-try, starting from RM 9.79. For seafood lovers, the Prawn TY with Bee Hoon (TN5) and Prawn TY with Kuey Teow (TN6) starting from RM 10.89 are great options. And for a more traditional choice, the Beef stew with Noodles (TN10) starting from RM 8.69 will not disappoint.

TN1.Thai Kuey Teow Soupfrom RM 10.89
TN2.Thai Bee Hoon Soupfrom RM 9.79
TN3.BBQ Chicken with Noodlefrom RM 10.89
TN5.Prawn TY with Bee Hoonfrom RM 10.89
TN6.Prawn TY with Kuey Teowfrom RM 9.79
TN7.Chic. TY with Bee Hoonfrom RM 9.79
TN8.Chic. TY with Kuey Teowfrom RM 11.97
TN10.Beef stew with Noodlefrom RM 8.69
TN11.Fried Bee Hoonfrom RM 8.69
TN12.Spicy Fried Kuey Teowfrom RM 9.79
TN13.Fried Glass Noodle with Prawnfrom RM 2.20

Thai Specialty – Ala Carte Dishes

Johnny’s Restaurant menu offers a wide variety of options, including traditional Thai dishes such as White Rice (TS1), Lettuce in Oyster Sauce (TS2), Chicken Tom Yum (TS4), Seafood Tom Yum (TS5), Fish Head Tom Yum (TS6) and Steamed Chicken (TS7). They also have a range of other options like BBQ Chicken (TS9), Stir Fried Prawn (TS12), Chicken & Chili (TS13), Pad Kra Paw (TS14), Chicken Sweet Basil with Eggs (TS15) and Stir Fried Enoki Mushroom (TS16). They even have a selection of Beef stew (without soup) (TS16) and Beef Stew with Soup (TS17) for those who love hearty meals. Prices for the menu start from RM 5.38.

TS1.White Ricefrom RM 9.79
TS2.Lettuce in Oyster Saucefrom RM 11.99
TS4.Chicken Tom Yumfrom RM 16.40
TS5.Seafood Tom Yumfrom RM 15.98
TS6.Fish Head Tom Yumfrom RM 14.19
TS7.Steamed Chickenfrom RM 14.19
TS9.BBQ Chickenfrom RM 16.40
TS12.Stir Fried Prawnfrom RM 15.29
Chicken & Chilifrom RM 15.29
TS13.Pad Kra Pawfrom RM 9.79
TS14.Chicken Sweet Basil with Eggsfrom RM 15.97
TS15.Stir Fried Enoki Mushroomfrom RM 15.97
TS16.Beef stew (without soup)from RM 5.38
TS17.Beef Stew with Soupfrom RM 5.38


Johnny’s Restaurant Menu Malaysia offers a variety of iced drinks such as Iced Lemon Tea (BV1), Lime Juice (BV2), Pineapple Juice (BV3), Orange Juice (BV4), Guave De Soursop Juice (BV5), Icea Tea (BV7), Iced Coffee (BV8) and Iced Milo (BV9) all priced from RM 5.38. Perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day, these drinks are sure to hit the spot. The menu has a wide selection to choose from, whether you want something sweet or sour, cold or hot, you can find it here at Johnny’s Restaurant.

BV1.Iced Lemon Teafrom RM 5.38
BV2.Lime Juicefrom RM 5.38
BV3.Pineapple Juicefrom RM 6.50
BV4.Orange Juicefrom RM 4.29
BV5.Guave De Soursop Juicefrom RM 5.38
BV7.Icea Teafrom RM 5.38
BV8.Iced Coffeefrom RM 5.38
BV9.Iced Milofrom RM 5.38

Thai Specialty Dessert

TD1.Sago Longan with Coconut Milkfrom RM 5.38
TD2.Red Bean with Rose Syrupfrom RM 5.38
TD3.Palm Seed with Jackfruitfrom RM 5.38
TD4.Mixed Dessertfrom RM 5.38
TD5.Water Chestnut with Jackfruitfrom RM 5.38

Frozen Item – Specialty

Johnny’s Restaurant Menu Malaysia! Their extensive selection of frozen foods includes a wide variety of fish balls, dumplings, ravioli, and more. The Deep Sea Fish Ball (FZ1) and Rugby Ball (FZ2) are must-tries for seafood lovers, and for those who love a bit of heat, the Cuttlefish Ball (FZ3) is sure to satisfy. They also offer a variety of paste options, such as the Shrimp Ravioli Paste (FZ5) and Yong Tau Fu Paste (FZ6), perfect for making your own homemade dishes. They also offer a selection of marinated meats such as Sliced Siakap (FZ14), Sliced Salmon (FZ15), and Peeled Prawn (FZ16) that can be easily grilled or pan-fried at home. Johnny’s Restaurant Menu Malaysia also offers a variety of frozen seafood, chicken and beef options like BBQ Chicken wing (FZ23) and BBQ Beef (FZ24) that are perfect for a quick and easy meal. All of these options are available at affordable prices, starting from RM 4.29.

FZ1.Deep Sea Fish Ball (chilled)from RM 26.39
FZ2.Rugby Ball (chilled)from RM 26.39
FZ3.Cuttlefish Ball (chilled)from RM 42.29
FZ4.Prawn Dumplingsfrom RM 26.39
FZ5.Shrimp Ravioli Pastefrom RM 63.49
FZ6.Yong Tau Fu Pastefrom RM 25.33
FZ7.Seaweed Rollfrom RM 29.57
FZ8.Seaweed Ball Pastefrom RM 38.05
FZ9.Shrimp Ball Pastefrom RM 31.69
FZ10.Fish Ball Pastefrom RM 38.05
FZ11.Cuttlefish Ball Pastefrom RM 68.79
FZ12.Chicken Ball Pastefrom RM 33.81
FZ13.Beef Ball Pastefrom RM 21.09
FZ14.Sliced Siakap (Barramundi Fish)from RM 52.89
FZ15.Sliced Salmonfrom RM 74.09
FZ16.Peeled Prawn ( size : 31/40)from RM 74.09
FZ17.Sliced Cuttlefish (marinated)from RM 74.09
FZ18.Sliced Beef (marinated)from RM 63.49
FZ19.Chicken Fillet (marinated)from RM 20.03
FZ20.Fried Rice Chicken (marinated)from RM 20.03
FZ21.Minced Chicken (marinated)from RM 20.03
FZ22.Bonesless BBQ ChickenThighfrom RM 20.03
FZ23.BBQ Chicken Wingfrom RM 14.73
FZ24.BBQ Beef (marinated)from RM 42.29

Johnny’s Restaurant Alternative Restaurants

Johnny’s Restaurant Menu Malaysia

Who is the owner of Johnny’s Restaurant in Malaysia?

Dynasun Sdn Bh is the owner of Johnny’s Restaurant in Malaysia.

Is Johnny’s Restaurant halal in Malaysia?

No, according to some resources, Johnny’s Restaurant is not certified halal but we are not sure.

What Johnny’s Restaurant accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Johnny’s Restaurant accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

How many branches have Johnny’s Restaurant in Malaysia?

Johnny’s Restaurant has more than 35 locations in Malaysia.

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