Village Grill Menu Price 2024 Malaysia

Village Grill lovers, are you looking for the latest Village Grill Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Village Grill Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Village Grill Menu Price Malaysia
Village Grill Menu Price Malaysia

Village Grill Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

Village Grill includes A07. Nasi Putih Butter Chicken A19. Nasi Goreng Kampung Ayam A27. Goreng PT03. Spaghetti Carbonara with Grilled Chicken A17. Nasi Goreng Kampung SK12. Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread Telur dadar A14. Nasi Goreng Grilled Chicken A07. Nasi Putih Butter Chicken A21. Nasi Goreng Daging A02. Nasi Putih Paprik A19. Nasi Goreng Kampung Ayam A17. Nasi Goreng Kampung A04. Nasi Putih Black Pepper Beef A01.

Village Grill Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

A07. Nasi Putih Butter Chickenfrom RM 14
A19. Nasi Goreng Kampung Ayamfrom RM 14
A27. Gorengfrom RM 13.50
PT03. Spaghetti Carbonara with Grilled ChickenRM 25
A17. Nasi Goreng Kampungfrom RM 11.90
SK12. Mushroom Soup with Garlic BreadRM 8


Telur dadarRM 0
A14. Nasi Goreng Grilled Chickenfrom RM 22.50


A07. Nasi Putih Butter Chickenfrom RM 14
A21. Nasi Goreng Dagingfrom RM 14
A02. Nasi Putih Paprikfrom RM 14.50
A19. Nasi Goreng Kampung Ayamfrom RM 14
A17. Nasi Goreng Kampungfrom RM 11.90
A04. Nasi Putih Black Pepper Beeffrom RM 14.50
A01. Nasi Putih Tom Yamfrom RM 15.90
A20. Nasi Goreng Ayamfrom RM 14
A09. Nasi Goreng Pattayafrom RM 12.90
A03. Nasi Putih Black Pepper Chickenfrom RM 14.50
A05. Nasi Putih Chicken Gingerfrom RM 14.50
A06. Nasi Putih Beef Gingerfrom RM 14.50
A08. Nasi Goreng Ayam Berladafrom RM 14
A10. Nasi Goreng Black Pepper Chickenfrom RM 13.90
A11. Nasi Goreng Black Pepper Beeffrom RM 13.90
A12. Nasi Goreng Chicken Gingerfrom RM 13.90
A13. Nasi Goreng Beef Gingerfrom RM 13.90
A15. Nasi Goreng Fried Chickenfrom RM 22.50
A16. Nasi Goreng Lamb Shoulderfrom RM 35.90
A18. Nasi Goreng Biasafrom RM 11.90
A25. Nasi Goreng Village Grillfrom RM 18.50
A27. Nasi Putih Dory Fish Sweet SourRM 15.90

Mee Kuey Teow Mee Hoon & Yee Mee

A27. Gorengfrom RM 13.50
A28. CantoneseRM 15.50
A29. SoupRM 13.50
A30. HailamRM 13.50
A33. Yee Mee CantoneseRM 15.90


PT06. Spaghetti BologneseRM 21
PT03. Spaghetti Carbonara with Grilled ChickenRM 25
PT08. Spaghetti Aglio Olio SeafoodRM 25
PT05. Spaghetti Beef CarbonaraRM 21
PT01. Spaghetti Carbonara with Lamb ShoulderRM 35.90
PT02. Spaghetti Carbonara with Fried ChickenRM 25
PT07. Spaghetti MeatballRM 21
PT04. Spaghetti Seafood CarbonaraRM 25
PT15 Samyang Original Lamb ShoulderRM 38.50
PT16 Samyang Original Fried ChickenRM 25
PT14 Samyang Original SeafoodRM 26.50
PT17 Samyang Original Grill ChickenRM 25

Western Chicken

C05. Fried Chicken ChopRM 22.50
C02. Cheezy Charcoal Grilled Chicken ChopRM 25
C06. Cheezy Fried Chicken ChopRM 25
C01. Charcoal Grilled Chicken ChopRM 22.50
C03. Charcoal BBQ Chicken ChopRM 22.50
C04. Cheezy BBQ Chicken ChopRM 25

Western Lamb

L01. Braised Lamb ShankRM 62
L02. Double Charcoal Grill Lamb ShoulderRM 51.50
L03. Single Charcoal Grill Lamb ShoulderRM 35.90
L04. Lamb Shabu-ShabuRM 35.90

Western Beef

B01. Charcoal Grilled SirloinRM 50.50
B03. Fried Beef StickRM 43.50
B04. Cheeze Fried Beef StickRM 46.50


F01. Classic Fish & ChipsRM 26.50
F02. Oven Baked SalmonRM 52.90
F03. Pan Fried SalmonRM 43.50


B04. Fried Chicken BurgerRM 22.50
B03. Grilled Chicken BurgerRM 22.50
B01. Beef Bacon Cheese BurgerRM 22.50
B02. Beef Bacon Cheese Burger Double PattyRM 30.50
B05. Village Grilled Special Beef BurgerRM 30.50
B06. Village Grilled Special Chicken BurgerRM 27.90


SW04. Tortilla Beef WrapRM 17.50
SW01. Village Chicken SandwichRM 17.50
SW03. Tortilla Chicken WrapRM 17.50
SW02. Village Beef SandwichRM 17.50


SK12. Mushroom Soup with Garlic BreadRM 8
SK02. French FriesRM 10.50
SK08. Tempura NuggetsRM 10.50
SK07. Cheese MeatballsRM 17.50
SK05. Cheesy Potato WedgesRM 13.50
SK11. NachosRM 17.50
SK06. Garlic BreadRM 7.90
SK01. Mashed PotatoRM 7.90
SK10. BBQ Chicken WingRM 19.90
SK09. Chicken PopcornRM 10.50
SK04. Potato WedgesRM 10.50
SK03. Cheesy French FriesRM 13.50

Mixed Grill

MG. Mixed Grillfrom RM 70

Talam Sets

TS02. Set Combo BRM 47.50
TS01. Set Combo ARM 55.50
TS03. Set Combo CRM 71.50
TS04. Set Combo DRM 71.50


SS04. Teh Susufrom RM 4.20
SS20. Carrot Susufrom RM 8.30
SS03. Neslo Susufrom RM 4.80
SS18. Jus Tembikai Susufrom RM 8.30
PS17. Jus Fresh Orange Ofrom RM 7.70
SS08. Horlicks Susufrom RM 5.40
PS01. Milo Ofrom RM 4.90
SS01. Milo Susufrom RM 5.20
PS02. Nescafe Ofrom RM 4.90
SS02. Nescafe Susufrom RM 4.20
PS04. Teh Ofrom RM 3.50
PS05. Teh O Limaufrom RM 3.50
PS06. Teh O Laicifrom RM 5.50
PS07. Kopi Ofrom RM 3.30
SS07. Kopi Susufrom RM 4.20
PS08. Horlicks Ofrom RM 4.90
SS09. Susufrom RM 3.50
SS10. Sirap Bandung Susufrom RM 5.50
SS11. Jagung Susufrom RM 5.40
PS12. Jus Limau Ofrom RM 3.50
PS13. Jus Lemon Ofrom RM 4.90
PS14. Lemon Tea Ofrom RM 5.50
PS15. Jus Apple Ofrom RM 7.90
PS16. Apple Asam Boi Ofrom RM 8.20
PS18. Jus Tembikai Ofrom RM 7.50
PS19. Tembikai Laici Ofrom RM 8.90
PS20. Jus Carrot Ofrom RM 7.90
PS21. Jus Belimbing Ofrom RM 7.90
SS21. Belimbing Susufrom RM 8.30
PS22. Belimbing Asam Boi Ofrom RM 8.50
PS23. Asam Boi Ofrom RM 6
PS24. Laici Ofrom RM 6
SS24. Laici Susufrom RM 7
PS25. Jus Longan Ofrom RM 7.50
SS25. Longan Susufrom RM 7
SS15. Jus Apple Susufrom RM 8.30


A01 Nasi Putih Tom YamRM 15.90
A05 Nasi Putih Chicken GingerRM 14.50
A03 Nasi Putih Blackpepper ChickenRM 14.50
A02 Nasi Putih PaprikRM 14.50
A04 Nasi Putih Blackpepper BeefRM 14.50
A06 Nasi Putih Beef GingerRM 14.50
A09 Nasi Goreng PattayaRM 12.90
A11 Nasi Goreng Blackpepper BeefRM 15.90
A07 Nasi Putih Butter ChickenRM 14
A08 Nasi Goreng Ayam BerladaRM 14
A10 Nasi Gireng Blackpepper ChickenRM 15.90
A13 Nasi Goreng Beef GingerRM 15.90
A12 Nasi Goreng Chicken GingerRM 15.90
A14 Nasi Goreng Grill ChickenRM 22.50
A15 Nasi Goreng Fried ChickenRM 22.50
A16 Nasi Goreng Lamb ShoulderRM 35.90
A17 Nasi Goreng KampungRM 11.90
A18 Nasi Goreng BiasaRM 11.90
A19 Nasi Goreng Kampung AyamRM 14
A20 Nasi Goreng AyamRM 14
A22 Nasi LemakRM 5.50
A21 Nasi Goreng DagingRM 14
A23 Nasi Lemak Grilled Chicken ChopRM 22.50
A24 Nasi Lemak Lamb ShoulderRM 35.90
A25 Nasi Goreng Village GrillRM 18.50
A27 Nasi Putih DoryFish Sweet SourRM 15.90
Kuey Tiow CantoneseRM 15.50
Kuey Tiow GorengRM 13.50
Mee CantoneseRM 15.50
Mee Hoon GorengRM 13.50
Mee GorengRM 13.50
Mee Hoon CantoneseRM 15.50
Mee SoupRM 13.50
Kuey Tiow SoupRM 13.50
Mee Hoon SoupRM 13.50
Mee HailamRM 13.50
Kuey Tiow HailamRM 13.50
Mee Hoon HailamRM 13.50
Yee Mee CantoneseRM 15.90
Char Kuey TiowRM 14.50


Iced TehRM 0
Iced SirapRM 0


MeeRM 0
Kuey TeowRM 0
Mee HoonRM 0
Yee MeeRM 0

Village Grill Alternative Restaurants

Who owns Village Grill in Malaysia?

Thomas Smernaos is the owner of Village Grill in Malaysia.

Is Village Grill Malaysia halal?

Yes! Village Grill Malaysia is halal.

How many outlets have Village Grill in Malaysia?

Village Grill has more than 50 outlets in Malaysia.

What Village Grill accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Village Grill accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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