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QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


Qasar Balqis Restaurant offers an impressive selection of Arabic dishes that will take you on a culinary journey to the Middle East. Their signature dishes, including Chicken Mandy and Chicken Madghout, are flavorful and cooked to perfection, leaving your taste buds craving for more. For lamb lovers, their Lamb Mandy and Lamb Kabsa are definitely a must-try. These dishes are tender and juicy, served with fragrant rice and aromatic spices that will transport you to the heart of the Arabian Peninsula. For a quick bite, their Chicken Kebab Sandwich is a perfect choice, with its succulent grilled chicken and fresh vegetables wrapped in warm pita bread. Don’t miss out on these delightful dishes when you visit Qasar Balqis Restaurant.

Chicken Mandyfrom RM 21.60
Chicken Madghoutfrom RM 20.40
Lamb MadghoutRM 36
Chicken Kebab SandwichRM 14.40
Lamb MandyRM 40.80
Lamb KabsaRM 36

Add On

Rice MandyRM 9.60
Garlic SauceRM 2
SahawiqRM 1
French FriesRM 9.60


QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT’s menu has an amazing range of appetizers and salads, from the classic Hummus and Tabbouleh to the delicious Babaganouj and Greek Salad. If you want to taste a bit of everything, their Mixed Appetizer Qasar Balqis is the perfect choice for you. Cheese Sahawiq and Garlic Sauce can be added to enhance the flavors of your dishes. All of the appetizers and salads are reasonably priced, making it easier to order a variety of dishes and share with your friends and family. Don’t forget to indulge in the Middle Eastern tradition of enjoying a plate of appetizers before your main meal!

Mixed Appetizer Qasar Balqisfrom RM 36
Grape LeavesRM 14.40
TabboulehRM 18
Olive SaladRM 19.20
Greek SaladRM 20.40
Fattoush SaladRM 18
Arabic SaladRM 15.60
BabaganoujRM 14.40
HummusRM 16.80
Hummus LambRM 20.40
MutabbalRM 14.40
YogurtRM 9.60
Cheese SahawiqRM 12
Garlic SauceRM 3


Lentil SoupRM 12
Mushroom SoupRM 12
Chicken SoupRM 14.40


Chicken Kebab SandwichRM 14.40
Lamb Kebab SandwichRM 18
Shish Tawook SandwichRM 14.40
Grilled Lamb Cube SandwichRM 18
French FriesRM 9.60


Malawahfrom RM 4.80
Soft MalawahRM 7.20


Oven Baked FishRM 48
Grilled FishRM 48
Grilled Fish FilletRM 25.20
Clay Pot FishRM 24
Salon PrawnRM 33.60

Hot Dishes

If you’re looking for authentic Arabic cuisine in Malaysia, QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. With a diverse menu that includes both meat and vegetarian options, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds. Their Oqda Lamb and Fried Lamb Meat are must-tries, while the Shakshuka and Molokhia are great vegetarian options. For those looking for something more familiar, their Spaghetti is a safe bet. Whatever you choose, be sure to leave room for their famous Saltah and Fahsah, which are sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Oqda LambRM 26.40
Fried Lamb LiverRM 19.20
Spaghettifrom RM 19.20
ShakshukaRM 15.60
Ladies Fingerfrom RM 19.20
Fried Lamb MeatRM 26.40
Oqda ChickenRM 19.20
Dry BeanRM 18
Molokhiafrom RM 19.20
Fool with CheeseRM 19.20
Fool MudammasRM 14.40
SaltahRM 21.60
FahsahRM 30


If you’re in the mood for some Middle Eastern grilled meat dishes, Qasar Balqis Restaurant has got you covered. You’ll find an excellent selection of kebabs and grilled dishes to choose from, including Lamb Kebab, Chicken Kebab, and Grilled Lamb Cube, all of which are tender and flavorful. If you’re looking to try a variety of different dishes, I highly recommend the Mix Grilled platter, which includes a selection of grilled meats and is perfect for sharing with friends or family. The Arayes, a type of grilled sandwich stuffed with spiced ground meat, is another must-try item on the menu. No matter what you order, the meat is always cooked to perfection and served with a variety of delicious sides.

Lamb KebabRM 30
Chicken KebabRM 26.40
Grilled ChickenRM 30
Mix Grilled Qasar BilqisRM 114
Mix Grilledfrom RM 38.40
Kebab HalabiRM 32.40
Shish TawookRM 26.40
Arayesfrom RM 26.40
Grilled Lamb CubeRM 30
Lamb ChopRM 36


Qasar Balqis Restaurant has a wide range of dishes that will cater to your Middle Eastern food cravings. Their Mandy dishes such as the Chicken Mandy and Lamb Mandy are sure to please your palate with their aromatic and flavourful rice dishes. You can also try their Kabsa dishes such as the Lamb Kabsa and Chicken Kabsa that come with tender and juicy meat that is cooked to perfection. For those who want to savour some soup, their Lamb Soup is a must-try that will warm your tummy. And if you’re in the mood for some Madghout, you can choose between their Chicken Madghout or Lamb Madghout, which are both popular choices. Lastly, their Lamb Haneeth is also worth a try if you’re in search of some delicious lamb dishes. Come and indulge in Qasar Balqis Restaurant’s authentic Middle Eastern cuisine today!

Chicken Mandyfrom RM 21.60
Lamb MandyRM 40.80
Lamb KabsaRM 36
Chicken Kabsafrom RM 20.40
Chicken Madghoutfrom RM 20.40
Lamb SoupRM 42
Lamb MadghoutRM 36
Lamb HaneethRM 42


Normal MasoobRM 14.40
Cream MasoobRM 18
AarekahRM 14.40
Arekah CreamRM 18
Arekah RoyalRM 26.40

Fresh Juices

Qasar Balqis Restaurant has an extensive range of refreshing and delicious beverages to choose from. Their fruit drinks are perfect for those who want to quench their thirst and enjoy a tasty drink. The menu includes a variety of fruit drinks such as Mango, Watermelon, Orange, Strawberry, Pineapple, and many more. For those who want something more exotic, they can try the Jamaica drink, which is a hibiscus flower drink. Besides fruit drinks, the restaurant also offers other options like the classic Lemon & Mint drink and the creamy Mango & Milk drink. Don’t forget to try their unique cocktail and other options like Araisi and Dragon Fruit. All drinks are reasonably priced, making them an excellent addition to your meal.

MangoRM 12
WatermelonRM 12
OrangeRM 12
AppleRM 12
StrawberryRM 12
PinappleRM 12
LemonRM 10.80
Lemon & MintRM 12
CocktailRM 18
AraisiRM 21.60
JamaicaRM 14.40
Mango & MilkRM 14.40
PapayaRM 12
Banana & MilkRM 12
CarrotRM 12
CantaloupeRM 12
Dragon FruitRM 14.40
GrapeRM 18


Iced Lemon TeaRM 7.20
VimtoRM 7.20
ChocolateRM 14.40
Nescafe IcedRM 7.20
Milo IcedRM 7.20
Tea O IcedRM 7.20

Soft Beverage

If you are looking for a refreshing drink to complement your meal at QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT, they have a great selection of beverages to choose from. You can opt for carbonated drinks like Coca Cola, 7Up, Pepsi, Sprite, and Miranda, or go for isotonic drinks like 100 Plus to quench your thirst. If you prefer something less sweet, they also serve mineral water, which you can get for as low as RM 3.60. With this variety of options, you can easily find a drink that suits your taste and mood.

PepsiRM 3.60
100 PlusRM 3.60
Mountain DewRM 3.60
7UpRM 3.60
MirandaRM 3.60
SpriteRM 3.60
Coca ColaRM 3.60
Mineral Waterfrom RM 3.60

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Who is the owner of QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT in Malaysia?

 Nurul Syazwani Is The Owner Of QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT In Malaysia.

is QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT halal in Malaysia?

Yes! QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT is halal in Malaysia.

How many branches have QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT in Malaysia?

QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT has more than 20 outlets in Malaysia.

What QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT Accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! QASAR BALQIS RESTAURANT Accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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