Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu Malaysia 2024

Hello Excapade Japanese Cuisine lovers, are you looking for the latest Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu Malaysia
Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu Malaysia

Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Discover a taste of Japan with Excapade Japanese Cuisine’s menu in Malaysia. From their Mini Salmon Mayo at RM 25.55 to their Hana Set at RM 29.90, every dish is made with authentic flavors and fresh ingredients. Try the delicious Salmon Skin Ebiko Maki for just RM 12 or go for the Mini California Maki at RM 14.95. If you’re looking for something different, their Sandwich Sushi at RM 18.25 and Godzilla Roll at RM 48.60 are unique takes on traditional sushi. With their commitment to quality and traditional flavors, Excapade Japanese Cuisine is a must-try for sushi lovers.

Mini Salmon MayoRM 25.55
Hana SetRM 29.90
Salmon Skin Ebiko MakiRM 12
Mini California MakiRM 14.95
Sandwich SushiRM 18.25
Godzilla RollRM 48.60


Soft Shell Crab SaladRM 32.90
Shirao SaladRM 19.45
Chicken Teriyaki SaladRM 20.60
Yasai SaladRM 16.85


Excapade Japanese Cuisine offers a wide range of delicious Japanese-style dishes, from classic Gyoza Chicken and Takoyaki to the unique Natto and Kimchi. Their menu is a delicious blend of traditional and contemporary flavors, making sure there is something for everyone. From mini dishes like Haru Maki to heartier options like Niku Okonomiyaki and Gyoza Salmon, each dish is carefully crafted and full of delicious flavors. Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a full meal, you can find it at Excapade Japanese Cuisine, with prices starting from RM 10.45. So, if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, you won’t want to miss out on the delicious offerings at Excapade Japanese Cuisine.

Gyoza ChickenRM 18.70
Haru Makifrom RM 10.45
TakoyakiRM 18.70
NattoRM 14.20
Potato SaladRM 16.85
KimchiRM 12
OkonomiyakiRM 18.70
Niku OkonomiyakiRM 32.90
Shirao KaraageRM 14.95
Gyoza SalmonRM 22.45


Discover the authentic taste of Japan with the delicious soup options at Excapade Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia. From the classic miso soup to the unique okara soup, there is a soup for every taste bud. Indulge in the rich and flavorful Enoki Soup or the nutritious seaweed soup, both at just RM 11.20. The Asari Miso Soup is another must-try with its unique blend of flavors. For those looking for a lighter option, the tofu soup or nameko soup are great choices at RM 7.45. And for a touch of seafood, try the Mussel Soup at RM 11.20. Come and experience the warm and comforting soups that Excapade Japanese Cuisine has to offer.

Enoki SoupRM 11.20
Miso SoupRM 11.20
Asari Miso SoupRM 11.20
Seaweed SoupRM 7.45
Okara SoupRM 7.45
Tofu SoupRM 7.45
Nameko SoupRM 11.20
Mussel SoupRM 11.20


Ebi Tempura FuraiRM 35.55
Salmon Tempura FuraiRM 35.55
Shishamo Tempura FuraiRM 22.45

Main Dishes

Tori KaraageRM 20.60
Tori KuwayakiRM 26.15
Chicken TeriyakiRM 26.15

Teriyaki & Shio

SalmonRM 33.65
Unagi Kabayakifrom RM 31.80
SabaRM 29.90
GindaraRM 67.30
Niku ShogayakiRM 44.10
Ebi ShogayakiRM 35.55
Lamb MisoyakiRM 37.40


Shimeji BatayakiRM 18.70
Enoki BatayakiRM 13.95
Vegetable BatayakiRM 21.70
Enoki Hotate BatayakiRM 29.90
Hotate BatayakiRM 40.40


Salmon TeppanyakiRM 39.30
Yasai TeppanyakiRM 18.70
Seafood TeppanyakiRM 44.80
Chicken TeppanyakiRM 29.90
Scallop TeppanyakiRM 44.85
Saba TeppanyakiRM 37.40


Una Cheese NabeRM 40.40
Chicken Cheese NabeRM 22.45
Salmon Cheese NabeRM 29.90

Chapchae Soba

Chapchae Soba SeafoodRM 33.65
Chapchae Soba ChickenRM 26.15
Chapchae Soba BeefRM 31.75

Yaki Soba

Yaki Soba SeafoodRM 33.65
Yaki Soba ChickenRM 26.15
Yaki Soba BeefRM 31.75


Tomyam ChickenRM 26.15
Tomyam BeefRM 31.75
Tomyam SeafoodRM 33.65


Aburi Salmon BellyRM 17.95
Salmon Fire TeriyakiRM 14.95
Unagi NigiriRM 14.95
Unagi Fire CheeseRM 17.95
Salmon Fire CheeseRM 16.85
Triple S SushiRM 8.25


If you’re looking for a unique and delicious Japanese experience, be sure to check out the Inari selection at Excapade Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia. Whether you’re in the mood for something simple like the Inari Plain, or you want to try something a little more adventurous like the Inari Soft Shell Crab, there is something for everyone on this menu. The Inari Idako and Inari Masago are both delicious options, as are the Inari Tuna Salad and Inari Salmon. With prices ranging from RM 7.45 to RM 17.95, there is a delicious Inari dish for every budget.

Inari PlainRM 7.45
Inari IdakoRM 14.20
Inari MasagoRM 12
Inari Tuna SaladRM 12
Inari Soft Shell CrabRM 17.95
Inari SalmonRM 15.20
Inari Salmon Skin SaladRM 12


Idako Gunkan SushiRM 14.20
Salmon Salad SushiRM 12
Kani Salad SushiRM 8.25
Salmon Furai Salad SushiRM 12


The Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu in Malaysia offers an impressive selection of sushi and maki rolls, including the popular Unagi Sandwich, Mini California Maki, Mini Salmon Mayo, and Soft Shell Crab Ebiko Maki. With options ranging from the classic Kappa Maki and Tamago Maki, to the creative Baby Octopus Maki and Tuna Salad Ebiko Maki, there’s something for everyone on this menu. And, with prices starting as low as RM 7.45 for an Oshinko Maki, you can enjoy a delicious and affordable sushi experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic sushi roll or a more adventurous option, the Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu is sure to impress.

Unagi SandwichRM 25.85
Mini California MakiRM 14.95
Mini Salmon MayoRM 25.55
Mini California SpecialRM 12
Sandwich SushiRM 18.25
Unagi MakiRM 13.15
Unagi Maki SpecialRM 17.95
Ebi Furai MakiRM 18.25
San Shoku MakiRM 12.20
Soft Shell Crab Ebiko MakiRM 14.95
Baby Octopus MakiRM 12
Tuna Salad Ebiko MakiRM 12
Kappa MakiRM 8.25
Wakame MakiRM 8.25
Cheese MakiRM 15.20
Kani MakiRM 8.25
Oshinko MakiRM 8.25
Tamago MakiRM 8.25
Salmon Skin MakiRM 8.25
Futo MakiRM 8.25
Tori Katsu MakiRM 12
Tempura Ebiko MakiRM 21.75
Salmon Skin Ebiko MakiRM 12
Fuji RollRM 14.95

Special Sushi

Godzilla RollRM 48.60
Hana SetRM 29.90
Phoenix RollRM 39.30
Kani Roll with Creamy SalmonRM 18
Mixed SushiRM 16.85


HotategaiRM 14.20
IdakoRM 12
EdamameRM 8.25
KuraageRM 12
WakameRM 8.25


Ten Cha SobaRM 33.65
Ten Zaru SobaRM 29.90
Cha SobaRM 22.45
Zaru SobaRM 18.70
Cha Soba SaladRM 22.45
Hiyashi RamenRM 16.85


Creamy Salmon SpaghettiRM 33.65
Creamy Chicken SpaghettiRM 29.90
Creamy Beef SpaghettiRM 33.65
Creamy Seafood SpaghettiRM 35.55


Seafood Udon RamenRM 33.65
Beef Udon RamenRM 31.75
Salmon Udon RamenRM 29.90
Chicken Udon RamenRM 25.15

Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen ChickenRM 26.15
Miso Ramen SalmonRM 32.90
Miso Ramen BeefRM 31.75

Curry Udon Ramen

Salmon Furai CurryRM 33.65
Ebi Furai CurryRM 33.65

Spicy Curry Udon Ramen

Chicken Spicy CurryRM 26.15
Beef Spicy CurryRM 31.75
Seafood Spicy CurryRM 33.65

Gochujang Ramen Udon

Gochujang BeefRM 31.75
Gochujang SeafoodRM 33.65
Gochujang ChickenRM 26.15

Ramen Udon

TempuraRM 33.65
GyozaRM 26.15
WantonRM 26.15
YasaiRM 18.70


Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu Malaysia offers a diverse range of delicious Japanese dishes at affordable prices. Their menu includes a variety of rice dishes such as Omurice Fried Rice Meshi, Tsunami Meshi, Shogun Meshi, and Yaki Meshi, all priced between RM 11.20 and RM 22.45. They also offer traditional dishes like Unagi Meshi, Ninniku Meshi, and Sushi Rice Meshi, all under RM 18.70. Whether you are in the mood for a classic Japanese dish or something new and exciting, Excapade Japanese Cuisine has you covered. With options like Tako Meshi, Kimchi Meshi, Kani Meshi, Oishi Meshi, and Takwan Meshi, there is something for everyone. Enjoy a taste of Japan with Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu Malaysia.

Omurice Fried Rice MeshiRM 18.70
Tsunami MeshiRM 18.70
Shogun MeshiRM 18.70
Yaki MeshiRM 13.15
Egg Fried Rice MeshiRM 11.20
Koshihikari Plain Rice MeshiRM 5.55
Unagi MeshiRM 16.85
Ninniku MeshiRM 9.35
Sushi Rice MeshiRM 6.70
Tako MeshiRM 13.15
Kimchi MeshiRM 18.70
Kani MeshiRM 22.45
Oishi MeshiRM 22.45
Takwan MeshiRM 13.15
Yasai MeshiRM 11.20

Don Buri

Excapade Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia offers a delicious and diverse menu, including popular dishes like Tori Katsu Curry Rice, Unaju, and Ten Don. Their prices range from RM 28.05 for Ebi Furai Curry Rice to RM 41.15 for Unaju. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty bowl of Sukiyaki Don or a crispy Chicken Ter Don, Excapade has something for everyone. Their menu also includes unique options like Saba Don buri and Gyu Suji Curry Beef, making it a great choice for those looking to try something new. Overall, Excapade’s menu is well-priced, tasty and offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes that will leave you satisfied.

Tori Katsu Curry RiceRM 31.75
UnajuRM 41.15
Ten DonRM 31.75
Ten Don SpecialRM 54.25
Saba Don buriRM 33.65
Salmon Teriyaki DonRM 33.65
Sukiyaki DonRM 33.65
Tori Katsu DonRM 29.90
Niku Ter DonRM 40.40
Chicken Ter DonRM 29.90
Seafood Ankake DonRM 31.75
Gyu Suji Curry BeefRM 33.65
Salmon Furai Curry RiceRM 32.90
Ebi Furai Curry RiceRM 28.05


Unagi BentoRM 51.60
Kushi Katsu BentoRM 37.40
Yasai BentoRM 29.90

Makunouchi Bento

Makunouchi Tempura BentoRM 56.10
Makunouchi Chicken Teriyaki BentoRM 51.60
Makunouchi Niku Teriyaki BentoRM 67.30

Bento B

Beef Shogayaki BentoRM 48.60
Tori Katsu BentoRM 44.85
Tori Karaage BentoRM 44.85
Tempura BentoRM 54.25
Salmon Steak BentoRM 56.10

Teriyaki Bento

Salmon Teriyaki BentoRM 46.75
Saba Teriyaki BentoRM 37.40
Chicken Teriyaki BentoRM 44.85
Gindara Teriyaki BentoRM 56.10

Kodomo No Shokuji

Nemo SetRM 20.60


Excapade Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia offers an extensive selection of tempura dishes, with options including Ebi Tempura, Salmon Tempura, Moriawase Tempura, Ika Tempura, Crab Stick Tempura, Shiitake Tempura, and Yasai Tempura. The prices range from RM 22.45 for Ika and Crab Stick Tempura to RM 39.30 for Ebi Tempura. These crispy, deep-fried delights are perfect for those who love a light and crunchy texture. The variety of ingredients used in the tempura dishes means that there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer seafood or vegetables. Overall, Excapade’s tempura menu is affordably priced and provides a delicious addition to any meal.

Ebi TempuraRM 39.30
Salmon TempuraRM 33.65
Moriawase TempuraRM 31.75
Ika TempuraRM 22.45
Crab Stick TempuraRM 22.45
Shiitake TempuraRM 22.45
Yasai TempuraRM 22.45


Tofu TeriyakiRM 8.25
Age Dashi TofuRM 16.85
Seafood Tofu AnkakeRM 22.45
Ebi Tofu FriedRM 26.90
Tofu with CheeseRM 21.70


Excapade Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia offers a range of sauces, condiments, and accompaniments to enhance your dining experience. Their Teriyaki Sauce starts at RM 2, and the Shoyu Sauce starts at RM 3, providing flavorful options for your meal. For those who like a little extra heat, Wasabi and Wasabi Sachet are available for RM 3.75 and RM 0.75 respectively. The restaurant also offers Ginger, Ginger Sachet, and Goma Sesame Sauce, starting from RM 2.50, RM 0.90, and RM 0.65 respectively. These options provide a perfect balance of flavor and heat to complete your meal. In addition to the sauces, Excapade also provides Chopsticks at a low price of RM 0.40, making it convenient and affordable to enjoy your meal. Overall, Excapade’s range of sauces, condiments, and accompaniments provides a great way to enhance your Japanese dining experience.

Teriyaki Saucefrom RM 2
Shoyu Saucefrom RM 3
Wasabifrom RM 3.75
Wasabi SachetRM 0.75
Gingerfrom RM 2.50
Shoyu Sauce SachetRM 0.50
ChopstickRM 0.40
Ginger SachetRM 0.90
Goma Sesame Saucefrom RM 0.65

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Who is the owner of Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu Malaysia?

Michael Chong Vui Shing is the owner of Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu Malaysia.

Is Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Excapade Japanese Cuisine Menu halal in Malaysia.

How many branches have Excapade Japanese Cuisine in Malaysia?

Excapade Japanese Cuisine has more than 50 outlets in Malaysia.

What Excapade Japanese Cuisine accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Excapade Japanese Cuisine accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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