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Empire Sushi Lotus's Shah Alam Menu  Malaysia
Empire Sushi Lotus’s Shah Alam Menu Malaysia

Empire Sushi Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Empire Sushi Lotus in Shah Alam offers a variety of seafood options for sushi lovers, including the luxurious Grilled Lobster, starting at RM 2.50. For something a little more unique, try the Inari + Lobster, featuring a combination of sweet tofu and lobster, starting at RM 3.20. Tempura Ebi, or fried shrimp, is another delicious option at RM 2.40, while the Ebiko, or shrimp roe, is a must-try at RM 2.10. If you’re a fan of octopus, be sure to try the Chuka Idako, starting at RM 2.20. And for a twist on a classic, try the Grilled Cheese Salmon, starting at RM 2.50.

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Grilled Lobsterfrom RM 2.50
Inari + Lobsterfrom RM 3.20
Tempura Ebifrom RM 2.40
Ebikofrom RM 2.10
Chuka Idakofrom RM 2.20
Grilled Cheese Salmonfrom RM 2.50


Black Sesame MochiRM 2.10
Pandan MochiRM 2.10
Peanut Butter MochiRM 2.10
Red Bean MochiRM 2.10


Empire Sushi has a variety of maki options including spicy tuna, kani, and tamago, there’s something for everyone on the menu. Don’t miss out on the grilled cheese salmon or tempura ebi for a unique twist on traditional sushi. And for the ultimate indulgence, try the grilled lobster or inari + lobster combo. With affordable prices starting at just RM 1.60, it’s easy to enjoy a satisfying meal at Empire Sushi Lotus.

Spicy Tuna Makifrom RM 1.60
Futo Makifrom RM 1.60
Kani Makifrom RM 1.60
Kappa Makifrom RM 1.60
Tamago Makifrom RM 1.60
Tuna Mayo Makifrom RM 1.60
Egg Mayo Makifrom RM 1.60
Spicy Futo Makifrom RM 1.60
Kani Mayo Makifrom RM 1.60


Cheese Rollfrom RM 2.80
Chicken Meat Sliced Rollfrom RM 2.80
Tempura Ebi Rollfrom RM 3.10
Unagi Cheese Rollfrom RM 3.10


From classic options like kappa maki and tuna mayo maki to more unique offerings like grilled lobster and grilled cheese salmon, there’s something for everyone. For a bit of crunch, try the tempura ebi or grilled calamari. And don’t forget to add some flavor with a side of chuka wakame or potato mayo.

Kani Mayofrom RM 1.30
Corn Mayofrom RM 1.30
Chuka Wakamefrom RM 1.30
Tuna Mayofrom RM 1.30
Egg Mayofrom RM 1.30
Chicken Flossfrom RM 1.30
Potato Mayofrom RM 1.30
Ebikofrom RM 2.10
Chuka Idakofrom RM 2.20
ES Spicy Tunafrom RM 2.40
Grilled Calamari (Idako)from RM 2.50
Grilled Lobsterfrom RM 2.50
Grilled Cheese Salmonfrom RM 2.50
Takoyakifrom RM 2.40
ES Spicy Lobsterfrom RM 2.60
Tamagoyakifrom RM 3


Empire Sushi Menu Malaysia offers a variety of sushi rolls, including Kanikama, Tamago, Chicken Meat Sliced, Cheese, Inari, Mentai Tamago, and Salmon. They also have Tempura Ebi, Aburi Kani Fumi, Saba Teriyaki, Aburi Salmon, Unagi, and Ni Idako. Prices for these items range from RM 1.30 to RM 3.20. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic sushi roll or something more unique, Empire Sushi Lotus has you covered.

Kanikamafrom RM 1.30
Tamagofrom RM 1.30
Chicken Meat Slicedfrom RM 1.30
Cheesefrom RM 1.30
Inarifrom RM 2.10
Mentai Tamagofrom RM 2.10
Salmonfrom RM 2.40
Tempura Ebifrom RM 2.40
Aburi Kani Fumifrom RM 2.40
Saba Teriyakifrom RM 2.80
Aburi Salmonfrom RM 2.80
Unagifrom RM 3.10
Ni Idakofrom RM 3.20


Empire Sushi menu offers a wide range of sushi options, including classic maki rolls, grilled seafood, and inari filled with various ingredients. Standouts include the Tempura Ebi, Grilled Lobster, and Grilled Cheese Salmon. The Inari options are also noteworthy, with fillings ranging from Spicy Tuna to Calamari (Idako). Whether you’re in the mood for something traditional or something a little more creative,

Inari + Potato Mayofrom RM 2.40
Inari + Spicy Tunafrom RM 3.10
Inari + Salmon Mayofrom RM 3.10
Inari + Kani Cheesefrom RM 3.10
Inari + Tuna Cheesefrom RM 3.10
Inari + Tempura Ebifrom RM 3.10
Inari + Calamari (Idako)from RM 3.20
Inari + Takoyakifrom RM 3.20
Inari + Idakofrom RM 3.20
Inari + Cheese Salmonfrom RM 3.20
Inari + Lobsterfrom RM 3.20
Inari + Spicy Lobsterfrom RM 3.30

Hand Rolls & Onigiri

Empire Sushi Lotus in Shah Alam offers a variety of hand rolls and onigiri, all made with fresh ingredients. Options include the Crab Hand Roll, Tempura Ebi Hand Roll, and Unagi Hand Roll for RM 5 each. Onigiri options include the Crab Onigiri, Octopus Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri, and Tuna Onigiri for RM 4.70 each, as well as the Spicy Tuna Onigiri and Lobster Onigiri for RM 4.70 and RM 5.50 respectively. The Spicy Lobster Onigiri is also available for RM 5.50. All of these dishes are sure to satisfy your sushi cravings.

Crab Hand Rollfrom RM 5
Idako Hand Rollfrom RM 5
Tempura Ebi Hand Rollfrom RM 5
Unagi Hand Rollfrom RM 5
Crab Onigirifrom RM 4.70
Octopus Onigirifrom RM 4.70
Salmon Onigirifrom RM 4.70
Tuna Onigirifrom RM 4.70
Spicy Tuna Onigirifrom RM 4.70
Lobster Onigirifrom RM 5.50
Spicy Lobster Onigirifrom RM 5.50

Empire Combo Boxes

Empire Combo 2RM 54
Empire Combo 3RM 60
Empire Combo 4RM 68
Empire Combo 5RM 68
Empire Combo 6RM 68


Coca-ColaRM 3.20
Jasmine TeaRM 3.20
Lemon TeaRM 3.20

Empire Sushi Alternative Restaurants

Who owns Empire Sushi Malaysia?

 Lim Xui Jhi is the owner of Empire Sushi Malaysia.

How many outlets have Empire Sushi in Malaysia?

Empire Sushi has more than 50 outlets in Malaysia.

What Empire Sushi is certified halal in Malaysia?

Yes! Empire Sushi claimed that they are certified halal but we are not sure.

What Empire Sushi accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Empire Sushi accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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