DAUN BAKAR Menu Prices 2024 Malaysia

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DAUN BAKAR Menu Malaysia
DAUN BAKAR Menu Malaysia

DAUN BAKAR Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


DAUN BAKAR menu features a variety of dishes cooked using the traditional method of grilling on banana leaves, infusing the food with a rich and fragrant flavor. Try their Nasi Daun Bakar Ayam, a delicious and satisfying dish of grilled chicken served with rice wrapped in banana leaves. For something a little different, their Nasi Daun Bakar Sotong Petai is a must-try – grilled squid with petai beans. They also have a variety of other options such as Daun Bakar Ikan (grilled fish), Ketoprak and Gado Gado. If you’re in the mood for something simple, don’t miss their Tempeh Goreng, a traditional Indonesian dish of fried tempeh.

NDB02. Nasi Daun Bakar Ayamfrom RM 16.20
NDB04. Nasi Daun Bakar Sotong Petaifrom RM 18.30
NDB01. Daun Bakar Ikanfrom RM 16.20
SD06. Ketoprakfrom RM 13.30
SD02. Gado Gadofrom RM 13.30
J04. Tempeh Gorengfrom RM 9.40

Limited Promotion Set

MA04. Mie Medan Re Kan Mianfrom RM 14.30

Nasi Daun Bakar

NDB01. Daun Bakar Ikanfrom RM 16.20
NDB02. Nasi Daun Bakar Ayamfrom RM 16.20
NDB04. Nasi Daun Bakar Sotong Petaifrom RM 18.30

Nasi Bakar Set

NBS01. Nasi Bakar Sate Lilitfrom RM 18.30
NBS02. Nasi Bakar Ayam Gorengfrom RM 25.30
NBS03. Nasi Bakar Ayam Bakarfrom RM 25.90

Nasi Putih Set

NPS01. Nasi Putih Ayam Gorengfrom RM 19.70
NPS02. Nasi Putih Ayam Bakarfrom RM 24.60

Indo Mie Goreng

IMG01. Indomie Goreng Daun Bakar Originalfrom RM 12.40
IMG02. Indomie Goreng Daun Bakar Pedasfrom RM 13.30
IMG04. Mie Goreng Daun Bakar Doublefrom RM 17.50

Mie Ayam

MA01. Mee Ayam Masinfrom RM 15.60
MA02. Mee Ayam Manisfrom RM 15.60
MA03. Mie Ayam Pedas Manisfrom RM 17

Side Dish

SD01. Rojak Indonesiafrom RM 14.80
SD02. Gado Gadofrom RM 13.30
SD03. Karedokfrom RM 13.30
SD05. Ayam Goreng Crunchyfrom RM 15.50
SD06. Ketoprakfrom RM 13.30


J01. Tahu Gorengfrom RM 11.50
J02. Bakwan Jagungfrom RM 9.40
J03. Bala-Balafrom RM 8.90
J04. Tempeh Gorengfrom RM 9.40
J05. Gorengan Komplitfrom RM 12.10

Ala Carte

AC01. Ayam Bakar Couplefrom RM 39.20
AC02. Ayam Bareng Bakar Gorengfrom RM 37.30


D01. Ais BuahRM 16
D02. Ais Jelly Tembikai Susu KelapaRM 15.10
D08. Ais KuwutRM 12.80
D00. Pudding SuteraRM 6.40

Cold Drink

Daun Bakar With options ranging from fruity splash drinks like Bloody Red and Honeydew, to traditional favorites like Limau Kelapa and Teh Botol, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Standouts include the unique Purple Galaxy and Pink Sky drinks, as well as the refreshing Hydro Coco and Sari Kacang Hijau. And for those looking for something bubbly, there’s a variety of soda options available, including Fanta, Sprite, and Coca-cola Original. And don’t forget to stay hydrated with a cold bottle of Spritzer Mineral Water.

CD01. Bloody Red SelasihRM 10.30
CD02. Honeydew SelasihRM 10.30
CD03. Limau KelapaRM 13.10
CD04. Purple GalaxyRM 12.60
CD05. Pink SkyRM 14.80
CD06. BubblegumRM 12.60
CD07. Hydro CocoRM 8.10
CD08. Teh BotolRM 8.10
CD09. Sari Kacang HijauRM 8.10
CD10. Lemon TeaRM 8.10
CD11. FantaRM 7
CD12. SpriteRM 7
CD13. Coca-cola OriginalRM 7
CD14. Spritzer Mineral WaterRM 4.20

Premium Beverages

PD02. Marie MilkRM 14.80
PD03. Biscoff MilkRM 16.80
PD05. Teh Tarik CincauRM 14.80


C03. Kopi ArenRM 13.50
C04. Kopi O PanasRM 7

Hot Beverages

HD01. Teh Kosong PanasRM 6.80
HD02. Teh Halia PanasRM 8
HD03. Milo PanasRM 8
HD04. Coklat Hazelnut PanasRM 8

DAUN BAKAR Alternative Restaurants

Who is the owner of DAUN BAKAR in Malaysia?

 DAUN PISANG is the owner of DAUN BAKAR in Malaysia.

Is DAUN BAKAR halal in Malaysia?

Yes! DAUN BAKAR is halal in Malaysia.

What DAUN BAKAR accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! DAUN BAKAR accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

How many outlets have DAUN BAKAR in Malaysia?

DAUN BAKAR has more than 20 branches in Malaysia.

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