Beruang cafe Menu Prices 2023 Malaysia

Hello Beruang cafe lovers, are you looking for the latest Beruang cafe Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists Beruang cafe Menu 2023 Malaysia with prices.

Beruang cafe Menu Malaysia
Beruang Cafe Menu Malaysia

Beruang cafe Menu Malaysia 2023 With Prices List


Beruang Cafe in Malaysia offers a delectable menu with a range of options to suit all palates. Their Nasi Lemak Ayam Crispy and Carbonara are must-tries, with prices ranging from RM 19.80 to RM 22. For those who love burgers, Beruang Cafe offers classic Cheese Burgers, Double Smashed Burgers, and Bacon Smashed Burgers at prices ranging from RM 14.49 to RM 27.80. Nasi Goreng Kambing is also a popular dish, priced at RM 26.37 to RM 29.30. If you’re looking for a satisfying meal, Beruang Cafe is the perfect place to visit.

Nasi Lemak Ayam CrispyRM 19.80RM 22
Classic Cheese Burgerfrom RM 14.49RM 16.10
Double Smashed Burgerfrom RM 22.41RM 24.90
CarbonaraRM 19.80RM 22
Nasi Goreng KambingRM 26.37RM 29.30
Bacon Smashed Burgerfrom RM 25.02RM 27.80

Smashed Burger

Beruang Cafe offers a variety of delicious burgers and sandwiches for you to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cheese burger or something a little more adventurous, like the Warrior Burger, Beruang Cafe has you covered. Prices range from RM 14.49 to RM 35.20, so you’re sure to find something that fits your budget. The menu features classic options like the Double Smashed Burger and the Bacon Smashed Burger, as well as unique offerings like the Mozzarella Crispy Chicken Burger and the Beruang Cheese Steak Sandwich. With such a diverse range of options, Beruang Cafe is a great place to stop for a quick and satisfying meal.

Classic Cheese Burgerfrom RM 14.49RM 16.10
Cheese Burger Tarikfrom RM 19.80RM 22
Mushroom Melt Burgerfrom RM 22.41RM 24.90
Double Smashed Burgerfrom RM 22.41RM 24.90
Bacon Smashed Burgerfrom RM 25.02RM 27.80
Mozzarella Crispy Chicken Burgerfrom RM 21.06RM 23.40
Mozzarella Grilled Chicken Burgerfrom RM 21.06RM 23.40
Beruang Cheese Steak Sandwichfrom RM 25.02RM 27.80
Warrior Burgerfrom RM 31.68RM 35.20

Neapolitan Pizza

“Beruang Cafe offers a delicious selection of pizzas to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for something classic like the Original pizza or looking to try something new like the Seafood or Bbq Chicken, there is something for everyone on the menu. Each pizza is made with high-quality ingredients and comes in two sizes to accommodate different appetites. With options like Pepperoni, Spicy Tuna, Vege Season, Supremo, and 4 Season, Beruang Cafe has a pizza that is sure to please any taste. Prices range from RM 36.90 to RM 55.70, making it an affordable option for families and groups. Treat yourself to a delicious pizza today at Beruang Cafe.”

OriginalRM 36.90RM 41
SeafoodRM 46.17RM 51.30
Bbq ChickenRM 46.17RM 51.30
PepperoniRM 46.17RM 51.30
Spicy TunaRM 46.17RM 51.30
Vege SeasonRM 42.21RM 46.90
SupremoRM 50.13RM 55.70
4 SeasonRM 50.13RM 55.70

Main Course

Beruang Cafe in Malaysia serves a mouth-watering menu of delicious grilled meats and seafood options. From their succulent Grilled Chicken Chop priced at RM 25.02 to RM 27.80 to their delectable Lamb Shoulder at RM 50.13 to RM 55.70, there’s something for everyone. Their Chicken Grill & Kernel Corn Sauce dish is a must-try, with its juicy chicken and savory corn sauce, priced at RM 30.33 to RM 33.70. Seafood lovers can enjoy the Dory Fish for RM 26.37 to RM 29.30, or opt for the classic Fish & Chip for RM 23.76 to RM 26.40. Whether you’re a meat-lover or a seafood fanatic, Beruang Cafe has something for everyone to enjoy!

Crispy Chicken ChopRM 25.02RM 27.80
Grilled Chicken ChopRM 25.02RM 27.80
Chicken Grill & Kernel Corn SauseRM 30.33RM 33.70
Lamb ShoulderRM 50.13RM 55.70
Lamb ShankRM 59.31RM 65.90
Dory FishRM 26.37RM 29.30
Fish & ChipRM 23.76RM 26.40


Mixed PlatterRM 92.34RM 102.60
B PlatterRM 145.08RM 161.20
Short Rib PlatterRM 204.39RM 227.10

Pasta & Spaghetti

CarbonaraRM 19.80RM 22
Seafood Oglio OlioRM 21.06RM 23.40
Beef Blackpepper PastaRM 21.06RM 23.40
Spaghetti Chicken Grill + VegeRM 26.37RM 29.30

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak Ayam CrispyRM 19.80RM 22
Nasi Lemak Telur PuyuhRM 13.23RM 14.70
Nasi Lemak KerangRM 17.10RM 19
Nasi Lemak Sambal SotongRM 17.10RM 19

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng AyamRM 21.06RM 23.40
Nasi Goreng DagingRM 21.06RM 23.40
Nasi Goreng KambingRM 26.37RM 29.30
Nasi Goreng SeafoodRM 21.06RM 23.40
Nasi Goreng KerangRM 17.10RM 19


Bbq Chicken Sliderfrom RM 17.10RM 19
Korean Chicken Sliderfrom RM 17.10RM 19
Beef Pepperoni Sliderfrom RM 17.10RM 19


Beruang cafe is a great place to go if you’re craving sweet and satisfying breakfast options. They offer an extensive selection of pancakes and waffles, including classic options like Strawberry Pancakes and Oreo Pancakes, as well as more creative options like Dip & Dip, Waffle Oreo, Waffle Peanut, and Waffle Ovamaltine. All of their breakfast options are delicious, and the prices are reasonable, starting from RM 14.49 for a classic Waffle Original, and ranging up to RM 22 for the more elaborate Dip & Dip option. Overall, Beruang cafe is a great place to start your day with a filling and delicious breakfast.

Strawberry PancakesRM 15.84RM 17.60
Oreo PancakesRM 15.84RM 17.60
Dip & DipRM 19.80RM 22
Waffle OriginalRM 14.49RM 16.10
Waffle OreoRM 17.10RM 19
Waffle PeanutRM 17.10RM 19
Waffle OvamaltineRM 19.80RM 22


French FriesRM 10.53RM 11.70
Curly FriesRM 10.53RM 11.70
Chicken NuggetRM 10.53RM 11.70
Keropok LekorRM 10.53RM 11.70
Seafood ChowderRM 15.84RM 17.60
Panna CottaRM 22.41RM 24.90


Beruang Cafe is a great place to enjoy a variety of delicious and refreshing beverages. Their menu includes a range of coffee options, from the classic double espresso to creative drinks like the Cinta Latte ‘Rose’ and Nutty Caramel Latte. Whether you’re looking for a strong pick-me-up or a sweet treat, Beruang Cafe has something for everyone, with prices starting from RM 6.57 for a double espresso and going up to RM 17.10 for the Nutty Caramel Latte. So why not head on over to Beruang Cafe and treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee today?

Double EspressoRM 6.57RM 7.30
Double Shaken EspressoRM 14.49RM 16.10
Americanofrom RM 7.92RM 8.80
Long Blackfrom RM 7.92RM 8.80
Lattefrom RM 9.27RM 10.30
Cappucinofrom RM 7.92RM 8.80
Flat WhiteRM 9.27RM 10.30
Mochafrom RM 10.53RM 11.70
Caramel Machiattofrom RM 10.53RM 11.70
Cinta Latte ‘Rose’from RM 11.88RM 13.20
Skinny Vanilla Lattefrom RM 14.49RM 16.10
Caramel LatteRM 15.84RM 17.60
Nutty Caramel LatteRM 17.10RM 19
Caramel Dolce LatteRM 17.10RM 19
BC SignatureRM 17.10RM 19

Oat Coffee

Cappucino Oat Milkfrom RM 9.27RM 10.30
Latte Oat Milkfrom RM 10.53RM 11.70
Caramel Machiatto Oat Milkfrom RM 11.88RM 13.20
Flat White Oat Milkfrom RM 10.53RM 11.70
Double Shaken Espresso Oat MilkRM 16.47RM 18.30


Chocolatefrom RM 9.27RM 10.30
Belgium Chocolatefrom RM 10.53RM 11.70
Matchafrom RM 10.53RM 11.70
Vanillafrom RM 10.53RM 11.70


Classic English Breakfastfrom RM 7.92RM 8.80
Jasminefrom RM 7.92RM 8.80
Peppermintfrom RM 7.92RM 8.80


Belgium Chocolate FrappeRM 21.06RM 23.40
Chocolate FrappeRM 21.06RM 23.40
Hazelnut FrappeRM 21.06RM 23.40
Mocha FrappeRM 21.06RM 23.40
Caramel FrappeRM 21.06RM 23.40
Vanilla FrappeRM 21.06RM 23.40


Mix Berry SmoothiesRM 20.43RM 22.70
Strawberry SmoothiesRM 20.43RM 22.70
Passion Fruit SmoothiesRM 20.43RM 22.70
Mango SmoothiesRM 20.43RM 22.70


Beruang cafe in Malaysia offers a refreshing variety of soda drinks for its customers. The menu includes a range of delicious options such as Blue Lemonade Soda, Mint Lemonade Soda, Mango Soda, Mint Soda, Passion Fruit Soda, Passion Fruit Mango Soda, Strawberry Mint Soda, Honey Lemon Soda and Summer Peach Soda. Prices range from RM 15.84 to RM 17.60. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet and fruity or cool and minty, Beruang cafe has you covered. These refreshing drinks are the perfect accompaniment to your meal, or a great way to beat the heat on a hot day. So why not stop by Beruang cafe and try one of their delicious soda drinks today!

Blue Lemonade SodaRM 15.84RM 17.60
Mint Lemonade SodaRM 15.84RM 17.60
Mango SodaRM 15.84RM 17.60
Mint SodaRM 15.84RM 17.60
Passion Fruit SodaRM 15.84RM 17.60
Passion Fruit Mango SodaRM 15.84RM 17.60
Strawberry Mint SodaRM 15.84RM 17.60
Honey Lemon SodaRM 17.10RM 19
Summer Peach SodaRM 17.10RM 19


AppleRM 11.88RM 13.20
WatermelonRM 11.88RM 13.20
Beruang Cafe Menu Malaysia

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Who is the owner of Beruang cafe in Malaysia?

According to some resources, Aurkezpena is the owner of Beruang cafe in Malaysia but we are not sure.

Is Beruang cafe halal in Malaysia?

No!Beruang cafe halal not halal certified in Malaysia.

What Beruang cafe accepts credit cards Menu Malaysia?

Yes! Beruang cafe accepts credit cards Menu Malaysia.

How many branches have Beruang cafe in Malaysia?

Beruang cafe has more than 20 outlets in Malaysia.

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