Arabica Coffee Menu Malaysia 2024

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Arabica Coffee Menu Malaysia
Arabica Coffee Malaysia

Arabica Coffee Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List

Arabica Coffee Malaysia Menu includes Cafe Latte Cappuccino Mocha Long Black Flat White Caramel Macchiato Toasted Almond Latte Hazelnut Latte Chocolate & Signature Shaky Boom Boom Lavendula Latte Rosa Latte Stardust.



Cafe LatteRM7.65
Long BlackRM5.95
Flat WhiteRM7.65
Caramel MacchiatoRM8.50
Toasted Almond LatteRM8.50
Hazelnut LatteRM8.50

& Signature

Shaky Boom BoomRM11.05
Lavendula LatteRM9.35
Rosa LatteRM9.35
StardustRM 9.35


Lemon TeaRM5.10
Matcha LatteRM7.65
Chocolate KawRM8.50
Hojicha LatteRM8.50

Yogurt Smoothies

Kiwi YogurtRM11.05
Strawberry YogurtRM11.05
Passion Fruit YogurtRM11.05

Fruit Smoothies

Kiwi FreshRM9.35
Passion LoveRM9.35


Chocolate FrappeRM10.20
Matcha Latte FrappeRM10.20
Mocha FrappeRM11.05
Caramel Macchiato FrappeRM11.05
Hazelnut Latte FrappeRM11.05
Toasted Almond Latte FrappeRM11.05

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Why is it called Arabica coffee?

Arabica coffee beans are widely considered to produce a superior-tasting cup of coffee. They tend to have a smoother, sweeter taste, with flavor notes of chocolate and sugar. Arabica beans also often have hints of fruits or berries, which can make for a more enjoyable cup of coffee.

Which is better Robusta or Arabica?

Coffee was first brought to Singapore by western immigrants. It became a part of the everyday life of Singaporeans through Kopitiams opened by Hainanese immigrants. Robusta Beans became the coffee bean used primarily in traditional Kopi because of a clash in taste preferences and ease in cultivation.

What is so special about Arabica coffee?

Arabica coffee beans contain more lipids and sugar than other types of beans, which gives them a better flavor, a cleaner mouthfeel, and less bitterness. The increased sugar content also makes Arabica coffee sweeter than other types of coffee.

What is the type of coffee in Malaysia?

Malaysian coffee, or “kopi,” is typically served in local coffee shops, or “kopitiams.” “Kopi” is the local word for coffee, while “tiam” is the hokkien word for shop. Kopitiams are a common sight in Malaysia and serve as popular gathering places for locals and tourists alike. Kopi is usually served black and sweetened to taste, although other variations are also available.

Which country produces the best Arabica beans?

Colombia produces some of the highest quality Arabica coffee in the world. The country generally produces coffee of different qualities, such as Supremo, Extra, and Excelso. Supremo is the highest quality coffee and is processed using the latest technology. This coffee is renowned for its excellent taste and is enjoyed by coffee lovers around the globe.

Does Malaysia have good coffee?

Though coffee plants can grow in Malaysia, the conditions are not ideal for producing high-quality Arabica beans. Arabica coffee plants are more susceptible to diseases like leaf rust in lower altitudes, and they have lower yields overall.

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