Warong Che Senah Menu Prices 2024 Malaysia

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Warong Che Senah Menu Malaysia
Warong Che Senah Menu Malaysia

Warong Che Senah Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


WCS Cheezy Geprekfrom RM 15


Warong Che Senah in Malaysia offers a variety of chicken, beef, seafood, or a combination of all three, they have a wide variety of options to choose from. The Tom Yam Pok Thek is a must-try, with a rich and flavorful broth that will leave you wanting more. The Tom Yam Seafood is also a crowd-pleaser, with a perfect balance of spice and sourness. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Sup Tulang or Sup Ekor for a hearty and satisfying meal.

Tom Yam Pok ThekRM 42
Tom Yam AyamRM 11.90
Tom Yam DagingRM 12.60
Tom Yam Campur MerahRM 16.80
Tom Yam Campur PutihRM 15.40
Tom Yam SeafoodRM 16.80
Tom Yam Merah SeafoodRM 21
Tom Yam Putih SeafoodRM 19.60
Sup TulangRM 21
Sup EkorRM 22.40
Sup SayurRM 12.60
Sup AyamRM 11.20
Sup DagingRM 12.60
Sup CampurRM 16.80

WCS Fried Chicken

WCS Cheezy Geprekfrom RM 15
Hot Chick FriesRM 13
Macho NachosRM 13
Magnificent Chicken Towerfrom RM 45
WCS Rich Boxfrom RM 15

Asam Laksa


Masakan Daging

, Warong Che Senah offers a variety of delicious options, including a wide range of soups and curries. The Tom Yam Pok Thek is definitely a standout dish, with a flavorful broth and plenty of ingredients. They also have a great selection of meat dishes, including Daging Masak Cili Thai, Daging Masak Sos Mangga, and Daging Goreng Kelantan. Their prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous.

Daging Masak Cili ThaiRM 12.60
Daging Masak Masam ManisRM 12.60
Daging Masak Sos ManggaRM 12.60
Daging Masak Tiga RasaRM 12.60
Daging Masak PaprikRM 12.60
Daging Masak Lada HitamRM 12.60
Daging Masak Goreng KunyitRM 12.60
Daging Masak HaliaRM 12.60
Daging Masak MerahRM 12.60
Daging Masak KicapRM 12.60
Lidah Goreng KunyitRM 14
Lidah Masak KicapRM 16.80
Daging Goreng KelantanRM 12.60

Masakan Ayam

Warong Che Senah is a place filled with a variety of dishes that are sure to please. The Tom Yam soup is a must-try, with options like Tom Yam Pok Thek, Tom Yam Ayam, Tom Yam Seafood, and more. For meat lovers, the Daging Masak Cili Thai, Daging Masak Merah, Daging Masak Tiga Rasa, and Daging Goreng Kelantan are all excellent choices. They also have a variety of Ayam Masak options such as Ayam Masak Tiga Rasa, Ayam Masak Pedas, Ayam Masak Cili Thai, Ayam Masak Butter Milk and more. The prices are also very reasonable, with most dishes ranging from RM 11.90 to RM 16.80.

Ayam Masak Tiga RasaRM 12.60
Ayam Masak PedasRM 12.60
Ayam Masak MerahRM 12.60
Ayam Masak Cili ThaiRM 12.60
Ayam Masak Butter MilkRM 15.40
Ayam Masak PaprikRM 12.60
Ayam Masak LemonRM 16.80
Ayam Masak ManggaRM 12.60
Ayam Masak Goreng HaliaRM 12.60
Ayam BlackPepperRM 12
Ayam Masak Goreng KunyitRM 12.60

Masakan Sotong

Warong Che Senah offers a wide variety of options, including their famous sotong dishes. From the classic Tiga Rasa to the unique Butter Milk and Telur Masin, there’s something for everyone. The sotong dishes are cooked to perfection and packed with bold, flavorful spices. The prices are also very reasonable, starting from RM 16.80. Not only that, but they also offer a variety of other seafood dishes such as Sotong celup tepung and Sotong kunyit.

Sotong Masak Tiga RasaRM 16.80
Sotong Masak PedasRM 16.80
Sotong Masak MerahRM 16.80
Sotong Masak Cili ThaiRM 16.80
Sotong Masak Butter MilkRM 18.20
Sotong Masak Telur MasinRM 16.80
Sotong Masak Kam HeongRM 16.80
Sotong Masak Stim LimauRM 16.80
Sotong Masak PaprikRM 16.80
Sotong Masak Goreng KunyitRM 16.80
Sotong Masak Goreng TepungRM 16.80
Sotong Masak Goreng HaliaRM 16.80
Sotong Celup TepungRM 22.40
Sotong KunyitRM 15
Sotong ButterRM 15

Masakan Udang

Warong Che Senah in Malaysia offers a variety of options for shrimp lovers, including Udang Masak Tiga Rasa (shrimp cooked in three flavors) for RM 16.80, Udang Masak Pedas (spicy shrimp) for RM 16.80, and Udang Masak Merah (shrimp cooked in red sauce) for RM 16.80. They also offer other unique options such as Udang Masak Cili Thai (shrimp cooked in Thai chili) and Udang Masak Butter Milk (shrimp cooked in buttermilk sauce) for RM 16.80 each. For a crispy option, try their Udang Celup Tepung (shrimp coated in flour) for RM 22.40.

Udang Masak Tiga RasaRM 16.80
Udang Masak PedasRM 16.80
Udang Masak MerahRM 16.80
Udang Masak Cili ThaiRM 16.80
Udang Masak ButterRM 16.80
Udang Masak Butter MilkRM 16.80
Udang Masak Telur MasinRM 16.80
Udang Masak Kam HeongRM 16.80
Udang Masak Goreng HaliaRM 16.80
Udang Masak PaprikRM 16.80
Udang Masak Goreng KunyitRM 16.80
Udang Masak Goreng TepungRM 16.80
Udang Celup TepungRM 22.40


Kailan Ikan MasinRM 11.20
Kailan GarlicRM 9.80
Kailan BelacanRM 9.80
Kailan Soya SosRM 9.80
Kailan Sayur CampurRM 11.20
Kangkung Ikan MasinRM 11.20
Kangkung GarlicRM 9.80
Kangkung BelacanRM 9.80
Kangkung Soya SosRM 9.80
Kangkung Sayur CampurRM 11.20


Kerabu SuhunRM 11.20
Kerabu ManggaRM 9.80
Kerabu SotongRM 16.80
Kerabu Ikan BilisRM 11.20
Kerabu MaggiRM 12

Mee Celup

Bihun CelupRM 11
Kueh Tiaw CelupRM 11
Mee CelupRM 11
Maggie CelupRM 11

Western Food

Grilled Chicken Chopfrom RM 23.66
Grilled Chicken Chop Specialfrom RM 26.46
Fried Chicken Chopfrom RM 20.86
Fried Chicken Chop Specialfrom RM 23.66
Lamb Shoulderfrom RM 29.26
Fish & Chipsfrom RM 21
Fried Rice & Grilled Chicken Chopfrom RM 27.86
Fried Rice & Fried Chicken Chopfrom RM 25.06
Fried Rice Lamb Chopfrom RM 32.06
Mixed Grillfrom RM 43.26
Meatballfrom RM 14
Special Sausage Wrap with Eggfrom RM 2.80

Main Dishes

Warong Che Senah offers a diverse menu of Nasi Goreng options, ranging from traditional Malaysian flavors like Nasi Goreng Kampung and Nasi Goreng Belacan, to fusion options like Nasi Goreng USA and Nasi Goreng Pattaya. The menu also includes options for seafood lovers, with Nasi Goreng Seafood and Nasi Goreng Udang, as well as options for vegetarians with Nasi Goreng Cendawan and Nasi Goreng Kerabu. Prices are affordable, with most options falling in the RM 12-16 range.

Nasi Goreng Che SenahRM 19.60
Nasi Goreng KampungRM 11.20
Nasi Goreng BelacanRM 11.20
Nasi Goreng CinaRM 10.50
Nasi Goreng Ikan MasinRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng PattayaRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng USARM 16.80
Nasi Goreng Daging MerahRM 14
Nasi Goreng Ayam MerahRM 14
Nasi Goreng PaprikRM 14
Nasi Goreng AyamRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng DagingRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng SeafoodRM 14
Nasi Goreng UdangRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng SotongRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng ThaiRM 16.80
Nasi Goreng Cili PadiRM 11.20
Nasi Goreng KerabuRM 11.20
Nasi Goreng TomyamRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng BiasaRM 9.80
Nasi Goreng PhadpauRM 16.80
Nasi Goreng KunyitRM 14
Nasi Goreng Black PepperRM 16.80
Nasi Goreng CendawanRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng Ikan RebusRM 14
Nasi Goreng NenasRM 12.60
Nasi Goreng AdibRM 14
Nasi Putih PhadpauRM 14
Nasi BujangRM 7

Masakan Ikan

Ikan BawalRM 45.50
Ikan Siakapfrom RM 58.50
Ikan KembongRM 19.50
Ikan Selayang RebusRM 2.60
Ikan Selayang GorengRM 2.60

Masakan Lala

Warong Che Senah. One of their standout menu items is the lala dishes, which include options like Lala Masak Tiga Rasa, Lala Masak Pedas, Lala Masak Merah, Lala Masak Cili Thai, and more. Each dish is priced at RM 14 and features a different flavor profile, from spicy to butter milk. The seafood options are cooked to perfection and are sure to satisfy your cravings for a flavorful and satisfying meal.

Lala Masak Tiga RasaRM 14
Lala Masak PedasRM 14
Lala Masak MerahRM 14
Lala Masak Cili ThaiRM 14
Lala Masak Butter MilkRM 18.20
Lala Masak Kam HeongRM 14
Lala Masak Goreng HaliaRM 14
Lala Masak KicapRM 14
Lala Masak PaprikRM 14
Lala Masak Stim LimauRM 14
Lala Masak Stim KhengsomRM 14
Lala Masak HaliaRM 13

Masakan Ketam

Ketam Masak Masam ManisRM 22.40
Ketam Masak Tiga RasaRM 22.40
Ketam Masak Telur MasinRM 22.40
Ketam Masak PedasRM 22.40
Ketam Masak Cili ThaiRM 22.40
Ketam Masak Cili KeringRM 22.40
Ketam Masak Stim HaliaRM 22.40
Ketam Masak SinggangRM 22.40
Ketam Masak TomyamRM 22.40
Ketam Masak Stim LimauRM 19


Ketamfrom RM 25.20
Mamakfrom RM 11.20
Bandungfrom RM 11.20
Ladnafrom RM 12.60
Kungfufrom RM 14
Goreng Biasafrom RM 9.80
Supfrom RM 11.20
Tom Yamfrom RM 12.60
Lauk LebihRM 2.80

Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu Ayam BerempahRM 11
Nasi Kerabu Ayam BakarRM 11
Nasi Kerabu BiasaRM 6
Nasi Kerabu Daging BakarRM 11
Nasi Kerabu Ikan RebusRM 11

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak KerangRM 11
Nasi Lemak Sambal ParuRM 11
Nasi Lemak Ayam BerempahRM 11
Nasi Ayam KicapRM 11
Nasi Lemak BiasaRM 6
Nasi Lemak Ikan RebusRM 11

Telur Foo YongRM 9.80
Telur BungkusRM 11.20
Telur BistikRM 11.20
Telur DadarRM 2.80
Telur MataRM 2.10


Popcorn Chickenfrom RM 11.20
Friesfrom RM 7
Wedgesfrom RM 9.80
Nuggetfrom RM 8.40
Keropok Lekorfrom RM 9.80


LaicikangRM 8.40
Banana SplitRM 9.80
Special Ice CreamRM 7
ABCRM 11.20


Warong Che Senah’s menu in Malaysia offers a variety of options ranging from iced drinks like Air Suam and Air Kosong, to hot drinks like Teh O and Kopi O, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. They also offer classic Malaysian drinks like Teh Tarik and Milo Tarik, as well as various flavors of Nescafe, Horlick and Sirap. For those looking for something a little more unique, try their Green Tea, Limau, Lemon and Honey Lemon drinks. And if you’re looking for a sweet treat, they also offer drinks like Barli Susu and Jagung. With prices starting from as low as RM 0.70, you can enjoy a satisfying drink without breaking the bank.

Air Suamfrom RM 0.70
Air Kosongfrom RM 0.70
Teh Ofrom RM 2.80
Teh O Limaufrom RM 3.50
Teh O Laicifrom RM 6.30
Tehfrom RM 4.20
Teh Tarikfrom RM 4.90
Kopi Ofrom RM 4.20
Kopifrom RM 4.20
Kopi Tarikfrom RM 4.90
Milofrom RM 4.90
Milo Tarikfrom RM 5.60
Milo Ofrom RM 4.20
Nescafefrom RM 4.90
Nescafe Ofrom RM 4.20
Neslofrom RM 6.30
Horlicksfrom RM 4.90
Horlicks Ofrom RM 4.20
Sirapfrom RM 2.80
Sirap Limaufrom RM 3.50
Sirap Laicifrom RM 6.30
Sirap Bandungfrom RM 4.20
Barlifrom RM 4.20
Barli Susufrom RM 4.90
Cincaufrom RM 4.20
Susufrom RM 2.80
Asam Boifrom RM 4.90
Haliafrom RM 3.50
Sunquickfrom RM 4.20
Green Teafrom RM 5.60
Limaufrom RM 3.50
Limau Asam Boifrom RM 5.60
Lemonfrom RM 5.60
Lemon Teafrom RM 6.30
Lemon Asam Boifrom RM 7
Honey Lemonfrom RM 7.70
Jagungfrom RM 4.20

Lassi Beverages

MangoRM 18.90
AppleRM 18.90
OrangeRM 18.90

Special Beverages

Warong Che Senah offers a wide variety of options to choose from, you can pick from classic drinks like Bandung Cincau, Teh O Limau, and Milo, or try something new like Bandung Lychee or Blackcurrent Ais. They also have a special Bandung Cincau and Bandung Soda, which are sure to delight your taste buds. Their 3 Layer Tea is also a must try for those who love to try new things.

Bandung CincauRM 6.30
Bandung Cincau SpecialRM 6.30
Bandung LycheeRM 8.40
Bandung SodaRM 6.30
Bandung Soda SpecialRM 8.40
Jagung CincauRM 6.30
Jagung Cincau SpecialRM 8.40
Blackcurrent AisRM 6.30
Blackcurrent LycheeRM 8.40
Teh Dangdut AisRM 7
3 Layer TeaRM 8.40
Milo KingRM 8.40


Oreo MilkshakeRM 15.40
Vanilla MilkshakeRM 15.40
Chocolate MilkshakeRM 15.40
Strawberry MilkshakeRM 15.40
Milo MilkshakeRM 15.40
Banana MilkshakeRM 18.20
Mango MilkshakeRM 18.20
Apple MilkshakeRM 18.20
Honeydew MilkshakeRM 18.20
Coconut MilkshakeRM 11.20

Soft Beverages

Cokefrom RM 4.20
Pepsifrom RM 4.20
Ice Cream Sodafrom RM 4.20
Spritefrom RM 4.20
Root Beerfrom RM 4.20
100 Plusfrom RM 4.20

Warong Che Senah Special Beverages

Che Senah Love YouRM 11.20
Che Senah Like YouRM 11.20
Che Senah Miss YouRM 11.20
Che Senah SpecialRM 12.60

Fruit Beverages

Warong Che Senah offers a wide variety of delicious drinks on their menu that are sure to quench your thirst. Their Che Senah Special is a must-try, only at RM 12.60. They also have a variety of fruit juices such as Apple Juice, Apple Lemon, and Dragon Fruit at an affordable price of RM 9.80. For those who are looking for something a little more unique, they have options like Fresh Orange, Iced Longan, and Honeydew Juice. They also have some special drinks such as Special Mango for RM 14, and 3 in 1 Juice for RM 11.20.

Che Senah SpecialRM 12.60
Apple JuiceRM 9.80
Apple LemonRM 11.20
Apple LycheeRM 12.60
Apple Asam BoiRM 11.20
Banana JuiceRM 9.80
Carrot SusuRM 9.80
Carrot O AisRM 9.10
Dragon FruitRM 9.80
Fresh OrangeRM 9.80
Iced LonganRM 8.40
Iced LycheeRM 8.40
Honey Lemon Fruit Beveragefrom RM 7.70
Kedondong Asam BoiRM 11.20
Kiwi JuiceRM 9.80
Water Melon JuiceRM 9.80
Water Melon LycheeRM 12.60
Mango Juice MilkRM 9.80
Mango O JuiceRM 9.10
Special MangoRM 14
Nenas JuiceRM 9.80
3 in 1 JuiceRM 11.20
HoneydewRM 9.80

Ice Blended

Mango Ice BlendedRM 12.60
Apple Ice BlendedRM 12.60
Dragon Fruit Ice BlendedRM 12.60
Kiwi Ice BlendedRM 12.60
Lychee Ice BlendedRM 12.60
Orange Ice BlendedRM 12.60
Nenas Ice BlendedRM 13.30
Strawberry Ice BlendedRM 14
Chocolate Ice BlendedRM 14

Che Senah Extra

Milo Ice BlendedRM 14
White Coffee Ice BlendedRM 14
Hazelnut Ice BlendedRM 14
Cappuccino Ice BlendedRM 14
Extra Joss Anggur Susufrom RM 6.30
Extra Joss Mangga Susufrom RM 6.30
Extra Joss Ginseng Susufrom RM 6.30
Extra Joss Biasa Semua Perisafrom RM 4.90

Warong Che Senah Alternative Restaurants

Warong Che Senah Menu Malaysia

Who owns Warong Che Senah Menu Malaysia?

Dr.Tuna Zambayu is the owner of Warong Che Senah Menu Malaysia.

IS Warong Che Senah Menu Malaysia certified halal?

Yes! Warong Che Senah Menu Malaysia certified halal .

How many outlets have Warong Che Senah in Malaysia?

Warong Che Senah has more than 30 locations in Malaysia.

What Warong Che Senah accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Warong Che Senah accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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