Mykori Dessert Cafe Menu Prices 2024 Malaysia

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Mykori Dessert Cafe Menu Malaysia
Mykori Dessert Cafe Menu Malaysia

Mykori Dessert Cafe Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Mykori Dessert Cafe in Malaysia One of their specialties is the Kenko Kakigori, a Japanese shaved ice dessert that comes in a variety of flavors and starts at RM 17.50. Another must-try is the Cookies & Cream Mini Kakigori, a creamy and delicious treat for RM 15.20. For those who prefer savory over sweet, the Chicken Slice & Cheese Taiyaki is a great choice at RM 10.35. The Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Kakigori is also a popular option, available for RM 17.50. And for the kids (or kids at heart), the Milo Dinosaur Mini Kakigori is a fun and tasty treat for RM 16.35. They also serve Curly fries for RM 10.35.

Kenko Kakigorifrom RM 17.50
Cookies & Cream Mini KakigoriRM 15.20
Chicken Slice & Cheese TaiyakiRM 10.35
Strawberry Cheesecake Mini KakigoriRM 17.50
Milo Dinosaur Mini KakigoriRM 16.35
Curly FriesRM 10.35

Hot Meals & Hot Snacks

Chicken LasagnaRM 15.75
NachosRM 9.80
Curly FriesRM 10.35
Popcorn ChickenRM 12.55

Signature Large Kakigori

Mykori Dessert Cafe. They offer a wide variety of kakigori (shaved ice) options, including traditional flavors like Thai Tea and Matcha, as well as unique creations like Mango Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Tiramisu. The kakigori is always made fresh and the prices are reasonable starting from RM 25.50. They also offer a Cookies & Cream Kakigori and Caramel Popcorn Large Kakigori for those who are looking for something different.

Thai Tea KakigoriRM 25.50
Matcha KakigoriRM 25.50
Mango Cheesecake KakigoriRM 26.70
Strawberry Cheesecake KakigoriRM 26.70
Mango Yogurt KakigoriRM 26.70
Strawberry Yogurt KakigoriRM 26.70
Mount Fuji KakigoriRM 26.70
Chocolate Banoffee KakigoriRM 26.70
Chocolate Tiramisu KakigoriRM 29
Mount Mauve KakigoriRM 29
Red Melon KakigoriRM 31.30
Honeydew KakigoriRM 31.30
Milo Dinosaur Large KakigoriRM 25.50
Caramel Popcorn Large KakigoriRM 24.40
Cookies & Cream KakigoriRM 24.40

Signature Mini Kakigori

Mykori Dessert Cafe in Malaysia is a must-visit destination for those with a sweet tooth. Their menu features a wide variety of delicious kakigori, or shaved ice desserts, including Thai Tea, Matcha, Mango Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt, Mount Fuji, Chocolate Banoffee, Chocolate Tiramisu, Mount Mauve, Caramel Popcorn, Cookies & Cream, Milo Dinosaur, and more. They also have a mini kakigori option, which is perfect for those who want to try a few different flavors without committing to a large portion. The prices are also very reasonable, with mini kakigori starting at RM 15.20 and large kakigori at RM 25.50.

Thai Tea Mini KakigoriRM 16.35
Matcha Latte Mini KakigoriRM 16.35
Mango Cheesecake Mini KakigoriRM 17.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Mini KakigoriRM 17.50
Mango Yogurt Mini KakigoriRM 17.50
Strawberry Yogurt Mini KakigoriRM 17.50
Mount Fuji Mini KakigoriRM 17.50
Chocolate Banoffee Mini KakigoriRM 18.65
Chocolate Tiramisu Mini KakigoriRM 18.65
Mount Mauve Mini KakigoriRM 19.80
Caramel Popcorn Mini KakigoriRM 15.20
Cookies & Cream Mini KakigoriRM 15.20
Milo Dinosaur Mini KakigoriRM 16.35

Kenko Kakigori

Kenko Kakigorifrom RM 17.50

Signature Toasts

Mykori Dessert Cafe’s menu. With options like the Classic Shibuya Honey Toast, starting at RM 19.20, to the Mango Honey Crunch Toast, at RM 24.95, there’s something for everyone. The Strawberry Chocolate Toast and Triple Chocolate with Oreo® Toast, at RM 23.80 and RM 22.65 respectively, are particularly popular choices, but don’t miss out on the Banana Chocolate Toast at RM 21.50 or the Chocolate Banana Strawberry Toast at RM 24.95. The Chocolate Honey Smores Toast is also a must-try, at RM 23.25. Mykori Dessert Cafe’s menu is sure to delight your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied..

Classic Shibuya Honey Toastfrom RM 19.20
Strawberry Chocolate Toastfrom RM 23.80
Triple Chocolate with Oreo® Toastfrom RM 22.65
Banana Chocolate Toastfrom RM 21.50
Chocolate Banana Strawberry Toastfrom RM 24.95
Chocolate Honey Smores Toastfrom RM 23.25
Mango Honey Crunch Toastfrom RM 24.95

Buttermilk Waffles

Salted Caramel Banana Chocolate Wafflefrom RM 18.05
Triple Chocolate with Oreo® Wafflefrom RM 19.20
Strawberry Chocolate Wafflefrom RM 21.50
Buttermilk Ice Cream Wafflefrom RM 15.20
Mango Passion Wafflefrom RM 20.50

Croissant Taiyaki

Chicken Slice & Cheese TaiyakiRM 10.35
Chocolate Banana TaiyakiRM 9.20
Adzuki Red Bean TaiyakiRM 8.05
Gelato Taiyakifrom RM 10.35

Signature Croffles

Cheddar Cheese CroffleRM 10.60
Chicken Slice & Cheese CroffleRM 11.75
Salted Caramel Banana CroffleRM 11.75
Choco Almond Dip CroffleRM 11.75
Maple Sugar CroffleRM 10.60

Mykori Gelato

Gelato Scoopfrom RM 0
Gelato Pintsfrom RM 33.95

Signature Frappes

Mykori Dessert Cafe’s Signature Frappe menu! With options like Mango Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt, Matcha Adzuki, Cookies & Cream, Thai Tea, Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, there’s something for everyone. Each frappe is made with high-quality ingredients and expertly blended for the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor. Whether you’re looking for a classic or something unique, Mykori Dessert Cafe’s Signature Frappe menu is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Prices starting from just RM 12.65, these frappes are perfect for any budget.

Mango Yogurt Signature FrappeRM 12.65
Strawberry Yogurt Signature FrappeRM 12.65
Matcha Adzuki Signature FrappeRM 12.65
Cookies & Cream Signature FrappeRM 12.65
Thai Tea Signature FrappeRM 12.65
Chocolate Signature FrappeRM 12.65
Dark Chocolate Signature FrappeRM 12.65

Bellagio Chocolate Beverages

Bellagio Chocolatefrom RM 9.10
Brown Sugar Chocolatefrom RM 10.25
Pandan Chocolatefrom RM 10.25
Salted Caramel Chocolatefrom RM 10.25

Crafted Tea

Peach Green Sencha Teafrom RM 5.65

Sparkling Soda

Peach Lemonade Sodafrom RM 7.95
Passionfruit Sodafrom RM 7.95

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Mykori Dessert Cafe Menu Malaysia

Is Mykori Japanese or Korean?

Mykori Dessert Café is the 21st-century version of the traditional Japanese Dessert House in Malaysia.

What’s good at Mykori?

Mount Fuji Kakigori. Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori. Chocoreo Kakigori. Red Melon Kakigori. Strawberry Yogurt Kakigori.

Is it Mykori halal?

Yes! Mykori halal.All ingredients used in Mykori are from the halal certified suppliers from JAKIM.

Who is the owner of Mykori?

Jason Ong founder and chief executive of Mykori.

Does kakigori have milk?

Yes! kakigori has milk.

What does kakigori taste like?

Kakigori Flavors and Toppings Some of the more common flavored syrups include red strawberry or cherry flavors, melon flavor in green, yellow lemon or yuzu citrus flavors, and “Hawaiian blue”, which is close to a blue raspberry flavor.

What is the meaning of desert in food?

dessert. noun. des·​sert di-ˈzərt. : a course of usually sweet food, fruit, or cheese usually served at the end of a meal. 5 days ago

What are 5 popular ice cream flavors?

THE MOST POPULAR ICE CREAM FLAVORS Vanilla Ice Cream. This is a no-brainer. … Chocolate Ice Cream. Like vanilla and strawberry, you can’t compile a list of the world’s best flavors of ice cream without including chocolate. … Strawberry Ice Cream. … Chocolate Chip. … Butter Pecan. … Matcha. … Eggnog. … Teaberry.

What flavor is tigers blood water ice?

This Hawaiian Shaved Ice brand of Tiger’s Blood flavoring is a bright red color when poured over ice, and it tastes like a fruity burst of flavor. With its blend of watermelon, strawberry, and a hint of coconut you’re sure to please everyone at the next birthday pool party; both children and adults.

What Mykori Dessert Cafe accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Mykori Dessert Cafe accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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