Mollagaa Restaurant Menu Prices Malaysia 2024

Hello Mollagaa lovers, are you looking for the latest Mollagaa Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists Mollagaa Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

Mollagaa Restaurant Menu Malaysia
Mollagaa Restaurant Menu Malaysia

Mollagaa Restaurant Menu Malaysia 2024 With Prices List


Chicken BriyaniRM 25
Mollagaa Special Chicken Fried RiceRM 17.50
Egg Fried RiceRM 12
Mutton BriyaniRM 30
Chicken LollypopRM 17
semma kozhi 65RM 21

Non Vegetarian Starters

If you’re looking for authentic, delicious South Indian cuisine, Mollagaa Restaurant is the place to be. With a wide variety of chicken dishes ranging from the spicy semma kozhi 65 to the savory Muttai Stuffed Kozhi Cutlet, there’s something for every chicken lover on the menu. Other standout dishes include the Kongu Pallipalayam Chicken and the Nattu Kozhi Perattal, as well as the Aattu Kari Sukka and Aattu Kari Idicha Perattal for seafood fans. Don’t miss out on the Karuveppilai Eral, Eral 65, and the Tempura Marina Squid for a taste of something different.

semma kozhi 65RM 21
Muttai Stuffed Kozhi CutletRM 17
Kozhi Lollypop Milagu VaruvalRM 21
Kongu Pallipalayam ChickenRM 17
Kozhi Ghee RoastRM 18.50
Nattu Kozhi PerattalRM 20
Tanjavur Kair Katty Kola UrundaiRM 27
Aattu Kari SukkaRM 27
Aattu Kari Idicha PerattalRM 23
Karuveppilai EralRM 24
Eral 65RM 24
Spiced Tempura Marina SquidRM 17
Vanjaram Masala Tawa FriedRM 13
Mollagaa Special Chicken WingsRM 16

Vegetarian Starters

Mollagaa Restaurant offers a wide range of options including semma kozhi 65, muttai stuffed kozhi cutlet, and kozhi lollypop milagu varuval, there’s something for everyone. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, try the nattu kozhi perattal or the aattu kari idicha perattal. And for those who prefer more classic dishes, the onion pakoda, gobi 65, and panner pakoda are must-tries.

Onion PakodaRM 11
Gobi 65RM 12
Panner PakodaRM 17
Mushroom 65RM 17
Corn Mushroom Milagu SukkaRM 17
Chettinad Pal Katti Varutha KariRM 17
Jaipuri Karak Murak VendaikaiRM 11

Indo-Chinese Starters

Chicken LollypopRM 17
Honey Chilli ChickenRM 17
Dragon PotatoRM 13
Honey Chilli PannerRM 17
Mushroom Salt-N-PepperRM 17
Crispy Fried Vegetable With Hot Garlic SauceRM 14
Dragon ChickenRM 17
Golden Fried PrawnRM 25

Egg Specialities

Masala OmeletteRM 7
Muttai MasalaRM 12
Single KalakiRM 6
Bulls EyeRM 6
Plain OmeletteRM 6
Chicken KalakiRM 9.50
Mutton KalakiRM 12.50
Muttai KuzhampuRM 11


lemon corriender soupRM 8
thulasai tomatar soupRM 7
Sweet Corn Vegetarian SoupRM 7
Nandu Rasam SoupRM 9
Nattu Kozhi Egg Drop SoupRM 9
sweet corn chicken soupRM 9

Vegetarian Curry

Mollagaa Restaurant included dishes like Panner Butter Masala, Malai Kofta Curry, and Palak Panner, there’s something for every taste. The Panner Tikka Masala and Mutter Panner are must-tries, and the Kadai Vegetable and Vegetarian Jalfrezi are perfect for those who love a good spicy kick. And don’t forget to try the Bhindi Masala and Aloo Gobi for some classic veggie favorites.

Panner Butter MasalaRM 20
Malai Kofta CurryRM 17.50
Palak PannerRM 17.50
Bhindi MasalaRM 12.50
Dal TadkaRM 11
Mushroom Pepper MasalaRM 17.50
Aloo GobiRM 12.50
Panner Tikka MasalaRM 21.50
Mutter PannerRM 17.50
Kadai PannerRM 17.50
Vegetarian JalfreziRM 12.50
Kadai VegetableRM 12.50

Tandoori Breads

Butter NaanRM 5
NaanRM 4
RotiRM 4
Butter RotiRM 5
Cheese NaanRM 8
Garlic Butter NaanRM 8
Kashmiri NaanRM 8

From the Tawa

Mollagaa Restaurant offers a wide range of delicious parotta dishes, including Vegetarian Kothu Parotta, Wheat Parotta, and traditional Parotta. These dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and are expertly prepared, ensuring a satisfying and tasty meal. The restaurant also serves a variety of dosai, including the classic Dosai, Onion Dosai, and Muttai Dosai. For meat lovers, the Ceylon Chicken Parotta and Ceylon Mutton Parotta are must-try options. With so many flavorful options to choose from, Mollagaa Restaurant is sure to have something for everyone.

Mutton Kothu ParottaRM 18
Chicken Kothu ParottaRM 17
Egg Kothu ParottaRM 13
Vegetarian Kothu ParottaRM 12
wheat parottaRM 5
parottaRM 6
chappathiRM 4
PhulkaRM 4
Veechu ParottaRM 4
Ceylon Egg ParottaRM 12
Ceylon Chicken ParottaRM 17
Ceylon Mutton ParottaRM 20
DosaiRM 8
Onion DosaiRM 10
Muttai DosaiRM 10
Chicken Kari DosaiRM 17
Mutton Kari DosaiRM 20

Chicken Delicacy

Kokkarakko Kozhi VaruvalRM 13
Chicken Tikka MasalaRM 20
Madras Butter Chicken MasalaRM 20
kokkarakko kozhi kuzhampuRM 13.50
Kadai ChickenRM 17.50
Chicken ChettinadRM 17.50
Varutharacha Kerala Kozhi CurryRM 19
andra chicken curryRM 19
nattu kozhi kuzhampuRM 20

Mutton Speciality

Madurai Mutton MasalaRM 24
Madurai Mutton VaruvalRM 24
Mutton Rogan JoshRM 24
Mutton Coconut PerattalRM 26

Seafood Delicacy

Madras Meen KuzhampuRM 15
Kerala Meen KuzhampuRM 17
Punjabi Fish CurryRM 17
Nandu MasalaRM 25
Prawn MasalaRM 24


Mollagaa Restaurant offers a wide range of delicious Rice dishes, including Special Vegetarian Fried Rice to their Schezwan Mixed Fried Rice, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Their menu also includes a range of protein options, including chicken, egg, paneer, and prawns. For a spicy twist, try their Schezwan Fried Rice options. Whether you prefer vegetarian or are in the mood for seafood, Mollagaa Restaurant has a delicious fried rice option for you.

Mollagaa Special Vegetarian Fried RiceRM 13
Mollagaa Special Chicken Fried RiceRM 17.50
Mollagaa Special Egg Fried RiceRM 13
Vegetarian Fried RiceRM 12
Schezwan Chicken Fried RiceRM 17.50
Chicken Fried RiceRM 17
Egg Fried RiceRM 12
Panner Fried RiceRM 17
Prawn Fried RiceRM 22
Mixed Fried RiceRM 24
Schezwan Vegetarian Fried RiceRM 13
Schezwan Egg Fried RiceRM 13
Schezwan Panner Fried RiceRM 17.50
Schezwan Prawn Fried RiceRM 24
Schezwan Mixed Fried RiceRM 25
Mollagaa Special Panner Fried RiceRM 17.50
Mollagaa Special Prawn Fried RiceRM 24
Mollagaa Special Mixed Fried RiceRM 25


The Mollagaa Restaurant website offers a wide selection of delicious noodles dishes to choose from. Vegetarians can opt for the Vegetarian Noodles at RM 12, while meat-lovers can try the Chicken Noodles at RM 17 or the Prawn Noodles at RM 22. For those looking for something a little different, the Schezwan Vegetarian Noodles at RM 13 or the Singapore Mixed Noodles at RM 24 are sure to satisfy.

Vegetarian NoodlesRM 12
Egg NoodlesRM 12
Panner NoodlesRM 17
Chicken NoodlesRM 17
Prawn NoodlesRM 22
Mixed NoodlesRM 24
Schezwan Vegetarian NoodlesRM 13
Schezwan Egg NoodlesRM 13
Schezwan Panner NoodlesRM 17.50
Schezwan Chicken NoodlesRM 17.50
Schezwan Prawn NoodlesRM 24
Schezwan Mixed NoodlesRM 25
Singapore Vegetarian NoodlesRM 12
Singapore Egg NoodlesRM 12
Singapore Panner NoodlesRM 17
Singapore Chicken NoodlesRM 17
Singapore Prawn NoodlesRM 22
Singapore Mixed NoodlesRM 24

Briyani & Pulao

Chicken BriyaniRM 25
Prawn BriyaniRM 33
Mutton BriyaniRM 30
Vegetarian BriyaniRM 18
Plain BriyaniRM 16
Boiled RiceRM 4.50
Fish BriyaniRM 30
Jeera PulaoRM 14
Kashmiri PulaoRM 16
Steamed RiceRM 8

From the Tandoor

Chicken TikkaRM 19
Tandoori Chickenfrom RM 20
Chicken Malai KababRM 19
Tangri KababRM 20


Gulob JamunRM 7
Carrot HalwaRM 10
Wheat HalwaRM 10

Mollagaa Restaurant Alternative Restaurants

Mollagaa Restaurant Menu Malaysia

 Who owns Mollagaa Restaurant Menu Malaysia?

Sivasakthi Palanisamy owner of the Mollagaa Restaurant Menu Malaysia.

Is Mollagaa Restaurant Menu Malaysia halal?

We are not sure about if it is halal or not.

How many outlets have Mollagaa Restaurant in Malaysia?

Mollagaa Restaurant has more than 10 locations in Malaysia.

What Mollagaa Restaurant accepts credit cards in Malaysia?

Yes! Mollagaa Restaurant accepts credit cards in Malaysia.

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