J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia 2024

Hello J.CO Donuts & Coffee lovers, are you looking for the latest J.CO Donuts & Coffee  Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of J.CO Donuts & Coffee  Menu 2024 Malaysia with prices.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia
J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia 2024With Prices List


J.CO Donuts & Coffee’s wide variety of flavors includes classic options like Avocado Dicaprio and Choco Caviar Chocolate, as well as more unique choices like Berry Spears and Why Nut. They also offer J. Pops Mini Donuts and J. Club Sandwich Red Velvet for a fun snack. In addition to their delicious donuts, J.CO also serves up refreshing iced chocolate drinks. With options for half a dozen or a full dozen donuts, as well as customizable donut bundles, there’s something for everyone at J.CO.

JCO Half Dozen DonutsRM 20.99
J. Pops Mini DonutsRM 25.56
JCO One Dozen DonutsRM 34.56
J. Club Sandwich Red VelvetRM 4.88
Donut Bundlefrom RM 35
Iced Chocolatefrom RM 12.10

Limited Time Offer – Donuts

Hazelnut Bombolini donutRM 3.50

Limited Time Offer – Beverages

Hot Sunny Lattefrom RM 16.80
Iced Sunny Lattefrom RM 16.80

J.Cool Frozen Yogurt

J. Cool to GoRM 23.53


J. Club Sandwich Red VelvetRM 4.88
J. Club Sandwich Cheesy RichRM 4.88

Donut Set and Bundle

JCO One Dozen DonutsRM 34.56
Donut Bundlefrom RM 35
JCO Half Dozen DonutsRM 20.99
J. Pops Mini DonutsRM 25.56


.CO Donuts & Coffee is a must-try for anyone who loves delicious and unique donuts. From the classic Blurberry More to the creamy Avocado Dicaprio, there is a flavor for every taste. The Choco Caviar Chocolate is a standout, with its rich chocolate flavor and crunchy chocolate chips. Don’t miss out on the Strawberry Fondue and Berry Spears for a fruity twist. And for something truly indulgent, try the Black Forest or Heaven Berry. Plus, with the option to buy a bundle or even just half a dozen, it’s easy to satisfy your sweet tooth at J.CO Donuts & Coffee.

Blurberry MoreRM 3.50
Avocado DicaprioRM 3.50
Cheese CakeliciousRM 3.50
Al CaponeRM 3.50
Bella DonnaRM 3.50
Choco Caviar ChocolateRM 3.50
MississippiRM 3.50
Coco LocoRM 3.50
ChoconuttzyRM 3.50
Black SwanRM 3.50
MilosaurusRM 3.50
Crunchy 2RM 3.50
Sugar AisRM 3.50
Tira Miss URM 3.50
OreologyRM 3.50
Berry SpearsRM 3.50
Choco Caviar Chocolate with StrawberryRM 3.50
Strawberry FondueRM 3.50
Copa BananaRM 3.50
Jacky ChunkRM 3.50
Green TeaseRM 3.50
Why NutRM 3.50
Black ForestRM 3.50
Don MochinaRM 3.50
Heaven BerryRM 3.50
Snow WhiteRM 3.50
GlazzyRM 3.50

Bottled Beverages

Iced Brown Sugar Latte BottledRM 25.01
Iced Americano BottledRM 25.01
Iced J. Coccino BottledRM 25.01
Iced Latte BottledRM 25.01
Iced Chocolate BottledRM 25.01
Iced Mocha Espresso BottledRM 25.01
Iced Lemon Tea BottledRM 20


J.CO Donuts & Coffee Malaysia is the place to go. With a variety of flavors like Avocado Dicaprio, Choco Caviar Chocolate, and Black Swan, there’s something for everyone. In addition to their famous donuts, J.CO also offers a range of coffee options, including hot and iced lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. And if you’re in the mood for something sweet and creamy, try their Iced Tiramisu or Iced Caramel J. Coccino.

Spanish Lattefrom RM 14.10
Iced J. Coccinofrom RM 12.10
Iced Caffe Lattefrom RM 11.80
Iced Americanofrom RM 9
Iced Caramel J. Coccinofrom RM 14.10
Iced Mocha Espressofrom RM 13.80
Iced Cappuccino Tiramisufrom RM 13.50
Iced Hazelnut Lattefrom RM 14.10
Iced Tiramisufrom RM 13.60
Iced Brown Sugar Lattefrom RM 11.80
Hot Caffe Lattefrom RM 11.70
Hot Americanofrom RM 8.90
Hot Caramel J. Coccinofrom RM 14
Hot Mocha Espressofrom RM 13.70
Hot J. Coccinofrom RM 12
Hot Tiramisu Lattefrom RM 13.50
Hot Hazelnut Lattefrom RM 14
Iced Hazelnut Chocolatefrom RM 13.80


Iced Hazelnut Chocolatefrom RM 13.80
Iced Chocolatefrom RM 12.10
Iced White Chocolatefrom RM 14.10
Hot Chocolate Mintfrom RM 14
Hot Chocolatefrom RM 12
Hot White Chocolatefrom RM 14


Iced Lemon Teafrom RM 10.80
Iced Green Tea Lattefrom RM 14.15
Hot Green Tea Lattefrom RM 14.05
Mango Peach Teafrom RM 12.85


J.CO Donuts & Coffee Malaysia offers a wide range of donuts to choose from, including the popular Blurberry More and Cheese Cakelicious, there’s something for everyone. In addition to donuts, they also offer a selection of iced and hot coffee drinks, including the Iced Hazelnut Latte and Hot Mocha Espresso. And if you’re in the mood for something a little more refreshing, try one of their fruity frappes, like the Strawberry Yogurt Frappe or Blueberry Yogurt Frappe. Overall, J.CO Donuts & Coffee is a great choice for a sweet treat and a caffeine fix.

J. Coccino Frappefrom RM 13.50
Caramel Frappefrom RM 14.20
Mocha Espresso Frappefrom RM 14.60
Avocado Frappefrom RM 14
Chocolate Frappefrom RM 14
White Chocolate Frappefrom RM 14.50
Oreo Frappefrom RM 14.60
Green Tea Frappefrom RM 14.60
Choco Mint Frappefrom RM 14.60
Hazelnut Chocolate Frappefrom RM 14.50
Strawberry Yogurt Frappefrom RM 14.10
Choco Forest Frappefrom RM 14.60
Black Forest Frappefrom RM 14.70
Blueberry Yogurt Frappefrom RM 14.10

J Coffee Drip Bag

Coffee DripRM 25

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Alternative Restaurants

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia

Who owns J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia?

Johnny Andrean Group is the owner of J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia

What J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia is certified halal in Malaysia?

Yes! J.CO Donuts & Coffee Menu Malaysia is certified halal in Malaysia.

Are J Co Donuts fried or baked?

1. First, the imported special premix is mixed and thawed for two hours until it blends well to form a dough. It is then baked in the oven before it is shaped into individual donuts shape – normal, round, and crown, using a donut cutter

Do you get free donuts for every A?

10. Students get Krispy Kreme free donuts for every “A” on their report card. Students, just show your report card to the cashier and earn up to six Krispy Kreme free donuts.

What are the 2 types of donuts?

Cake doughnuts yeast doughnuts are the 2 types of donuts.

How long do donuts last in fridge?

Properly stored, freshly baked donuts (not cream-filled) will last for about 1 to 2 days at normal room temperature; cream-filled donuts should be stored in the refrigerator. Freshly baked donuts will keep well for about 1 week in the fridge when properly stored.

What are the two most popular donuts?

As National Donut day approaches, the most popular donut flavor chosen is cream-filled donuts (22%). Plain glazed donuts are the second most popular choice (18%).

What is the healthiest donut?

It may be surprising to see that the lowest calorie donut is a sugar donut. A sugar donut is a yeast-risen donut, making it light and airy and overall lower in calories than a traditional cake donut.

What is the best oil to fry donuts?

We have found that peanut oil or vegetable shortening yields the best texture for donuts, with shortening producing the crispest exteriors.

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